You’re Libertarian If…Part One

You’re Called Liberal, Conservative, Self-Centered, Racist, Unrealistic, Gun Freak, Leftist, Right-Wing Nutjob, and Cop-Hater Daily

It’s true. The old adage for the Libertarian is your Republican friends will brand you a Liberal Democratic Leftist while your Democratic friends will call you a Racist Republican Right-Wing Nutjob.

Others, like mainstream media will call you socially liberal and fiscally conservative. Gary Johnson, though he’s by no means the brightest bulb in the box I still voted for him in 2016, will say we’re more socially liberal than Democrats and more fiscally conservative than Republicans.

True Libertarians say Libertarian is Libertarian, and Libertarians don’t like labels. We’re socially Libertarian, which means we may not agree with things like gay marriage or transgenderism (as I don’t) but who the hell are we to tell others how to live their lives? To that extent, we don’t care if gays marry or if men want to become women or vice versa. We don’t care.

Libertarians may see the need for social safety nets and point to the Nordic Model which is often mislabeled by the Left as socialism and state that we should follow it because some people do need help for a reboot. However, we realize that if people aren’t taxed into oblivion there’s a simple charitable method that can provide social safety nets via the free market and/or voluntarism.

And just for the record, the Nordic Model is actually more Capitalist (and far less Corporatist) than the United States model. The PM of Denmark once laughed when someone credited the Danish Government for Denmark’s high minimum wage. He said Denmark’s Government doesn’t interfere with minimum wage in the workplace and it’s through collective bargaining via the private sector. Sorry, Liberals.

But, us Libertarians are blackballed as being Corporatist, which makes zero sense. We’re not against corporations, and to be honest, we believe in corporate regulation, something the Republican Party doesn’t. However, we don’t believe government should regulate corporations for quite obvious reasons…. you get the mess we have today and Democrats say there isn’t enough regulation.

Democrats are right, to an extent. Corporations need more regulation, however the government tried and failed at this, so what do we do?

Murray Rothbard has the answer. He states people must regulate corporations through the Courts. Now, this only works if the Judiciary System isn’t bought by corporations, as politicians are, but when corporations go to kill the environment, which would backfire later on, anyway, people have the right to rise against them.

It’s called private property rights. Let’s go back to 1940’s Pittsburgh, where smog was so prevalent it blocked out the sun on a daily basis. See, it also rose over peoples’ property and covered their cars and houses, leaving a strange substance sticking to them.

It’s complete invasion of private property and Rothbard states people have a reason to assemble and take it to the courts. They can use visual evidence as means to reign in corporations and therefore, they will be the ones doing the regulating, to the point to if they wanted to, could boot such corporations out.

But, it doesn’t even need to come to this. In a Libertarian society, competition is so much that corporations need to remain on top of their game or else fall into danger of losing out to a competitor. When the barriers to entry are low, politicians aren’t bought, and government regulation (which exists only to keep others from entering the playing field, which is complete anti-Capitalist) is non-existent, any industry will see a spike in competition.

Imagine that. Imagine small businesses springing up to battle corporations. Guess what? Corporations hate this. Corporations hate the free market and they love government regulation. It’s where the Bernie Sanders’ and Alexandria Oscaio-Cortez’s of the world are tricked by the very people they hate, unknowingly playing right into their hand.
It’s where Liberal America plays right into Corporate America’s hand. They demand more regulation without realizing Corporate America already has lobbyists in Washington pushing to get a bill passed in Congress for more regulation.


To deter competition, keep wages low, keep employment cheap, and hand out the bulk of their money to their lodge brothers and sisters sitting in Congress plus their lobbyists. It’s a sick game and an exclusive crowd, and you aren’t in it. Instead, you’re an employee of an employer’s property in a giant game of Monopoly.

And what’s worse is that you’ll blame corporations for having too much power (which you’re right about) and demand more laws from the people giving them power, the government (which you still need to figure out).

Okay, so in Part II, I’m covering some myths of Affirmative Action, the dangers of Cultural Marxism, and Multi-Culturalism, something Libertarians are realizing more and more. Alas, the more we realize it, the more the Left brands us as racists. However, it’s far from the case. I truly believe in Racial Pride, and it includes White, Black, Native American, Asian, Pacific Islander, and any Racial Pride I didn’t mention. All forms of Pride can be a good thing, and they don’t have to be racist or divisive. However, in many other ways, they are, and that’s what I’m going to tackle next. Love your race, hate its flaws, and call out those who give it a bad rap.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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