Why Generation X, Baby Boomers Love Police, Military

Fearmongering Has Done its Job

Why do our parents, grandparents, Generation X, Baby Boomers love police? Military? I’ll be real: The threat of Communism was blown so far out of proportion by news media outlets it scared them into accepting government monopolies as their Lord and Savior.

To this day, you see out parents, aunts, uncles, anyone born before 1980 supporting military and police to the point that at sporting events these people stand and remove their hats without hesitation, practically with tears in their eyes.


Because to this day we’re still having it drilled into our minds that by somehow placing military bases in over one-hundred countries worldwide it’s protecting our freedoms from evil Russians, terrorist organizations, and any dictatorial government.


Fearmongering Has Done its Job

We all know the media fearmongers such propaganda into peoples’ minds. Look at our most recent instances regarding Libya and Syria. So many Americans said they’d never support another war, but in Syria’s case, once the media used videos supplied by a force called the White Helmets (who were founded by a former British intel officer), everyone in America was up in arms.

This occurred on the eve of peace talks in both 2017 and 2018.

I remember my Facebook blowing up that day in 2017 of my friends cheering on the US military for a “job well done” in Syria, bombing the nation without a single shred of reputable evidence a chemical attack took place other than media heads drilling the idea into our minds that President Bashar Assad attacked his own people.

Doesn’t this sound eerily similar to Saddam Hussein, who was accused of gassing his own people?

What the media didn’t tell us back in 2003 was that Hussein used chemical gas on rebel Kurds in Kurdistan, a region of Iraq that wished to be independent from Hussein.

But, fast forward to today, where we’re now seeing massacres in Palestine and in Yemen by Israeli and Saudi forces, women and children, innocent civilians, being massacred. Weddings being blown up in Yemen by the Saudis. Russia Today just came out with a report that back in 2014, Israel killed four Palestinian boys they mistook for being Hamas targets.

Is the US sanctioning Israel?

Of course not.


Saudi Arabia?


They’re providing weapons to the Saudis to carry out such deeds.

Imagine had Iran, Hezbollah, or someone the United States saw as either terrorist or a state sponsor of terrorism.

The US military would be bombing Tehran tomorrow, and every single sheep in America would be lining up in droves to by yellow ribbons and literally shout at others you either support the troops or you’re an anti-American, anti-Patriotic, pro-Iranian, and terrorist apologist.


Irony at its Worst

Irony at its worst, at its freaking worst, because of the sick double standard we see both at home dealing with domestic terrorism, like the police, and global terrorism, like the US military marching into any country it’s told to march into and bomb into oblivion.

What do police and military apologists tell us?

They’ll stand proudly by their thin blue line and state whomever was told to stop by a cop should’ve stopped. They’ll proudly log onto their Facebook Account and state that if a cop tells you to stop for any reason, you stop.

These are people who need a crash course in the Bill of Rights. Look, we live in a day and age where we have information at our fingertips. Read the Constitution. Read the Declaration of Independence. If you think for one moment America’s Founding Fathers would’ve approved of global militarism and a monopolized, government-funded police force, you’re fooling yourself.

And yet, Americans, many of your older ones but also those my age, slightly older, and slightly younger, who buy into both their parents’ and the media’s propaganda that we need to be all over the globe to provide humanitarian relief and defense of other nations against the “evil” Russians and Iranians, and it’s spreading freedom.

Yet, if it’s really spreading freedom, how has Iraq fared?


Bashar Assad is a lucky man, having successfully defeated US-backed forces in Syria with Russia’s and Iran’s help (neither nation intervened in Syria as they were there on invite, unlike American forces).


Stories Regarding Syria

And if one watched real news, paid attention to Libertarian-based outlets, the stories regarding Syria couldn’t have been different.

Chemical attacks?

There’s still zero evidence to this day the Assad regime participated in any chemical attacks. The Douma attacks back in April still amaze me, as when one watched videos from journalists who were actually on the ground in Syria, the story went as followed:

Kids were being treated for smoke inhalation in the rebel-held city of Douma. Suddenly, a member of the White Helmets arrived with a camera crew and screamed chemical attack, setting off mass panic. At this point, kids are being hosed down and parents are doing all they could to help their kids after such panic had commenced.

It’s not hard to fool people, and doing so both at home and abroad gives the US military false credibility that it’s fighting against evil dictators.

I’m not saying Assad, Ghaddafi, or Hussein are/were good leaders, but what I am saying is to look at Iraq, which is still in shambles, Afghanistan, also in shambles, and Libya, which has the largest slave trade in the world today.

And look at Syria, where each time rebel forces retreat, people flock to the Syrian government.

And yet the United States media spins it, all the while aiding Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra, and ISIS, who were just a few of many rebel coalitions in Syria.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.


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