NFL National Anthem Protests: 2018 Edition

President Trump’s Fascism Runs Rampant

Those who know me on a personal level know I tend to be the Libertarian and therefore the one who loves to call others out when they voice hypocrisy. For instance, the Christian Baker versus the Red Hen debate exposed both the Right and Left for their own hypocrisy. This week, it’s Twitter censorship.

Per the Ron Paul Liberty Report earlier this week and Jake Morphonios’ Blackstone Intelligence, it was found in a poll where 43% of Republicans support President Donald Trump censoring news outlets or anything resembling ‘fake news.’

This of course, sets the Democratic Party off like none other, but only after the Democrats and others on the Left cheered like none other for the Twitter Purge that also occurred earlier in the week, the most notable name being Alex Jones among others, as well as Peter van Buren and Daniel McAdams, the latter of whom received a temporary ban.

Go back to the Christian Baker who refused to bake the cake, and the Republicans cheered on the private sector while the Democrats panned it. Meanwhile, the opposite occurred in the Red Hen.

It seems to me that both sides love discrimination as long as it’s their people doing the discriminating. As a Libertarian, I supported the baker (go ahead and give me a thumbs-down, Democrats) and I supported the owner of the Red Hen (give me a thumbs-down, Republicans).

Further, I never knew that Democrats were hardcore corporatists when it came to the Twitter and (to an extent) the Facebook ban. On the other side of the equation, I always thought but never knew how Fascist the Republican Party is when it comes to their “Dear Leader” censoring news outlets.

It appears neither Party has any knowledge of the Constitution, and both Parties will cite the First Amendment as only applying to government….unless they’re the ones being inconvenienced.

How nice.


My Take on the National Anthem Protests

As I stated in an earlier blog, I’m actually against the players’ protest after being hardcore for it for a time. However, it doesn’t mean I’m sitting here and saying they shouldn’t be allowed to protest.

Here’s why:

1. The protest is occurring on public property. Remember, these billionaire owners are demanding taxpayers to build these stadiums or else they’ll find another city to play in. In the past thirty years, this happened in Houston (Oilers), Cleveland (Ravens, then the Browns), Los Angeles (Rams), Los Angeles (Raiders), St. Louis (Rams going back to Los Angeles), San Diego (Chargers), and Oakland (Raiders moving to Las Vegas). If you go back one more year, some of you old timers may remember the St. Louis Cardinals moving to Phoenix to become the Phoenix Cardinals in 1987. So, that’s one strike.

2. The NFL gets massive subsidies from government, including the Department of Defense, to….put on a “Patriotic, Pregame Ceremony.” In other words, even if this is private sector, the government is involved.


How to Solve the Problem

However, owners can force players to stand for the National Anthem, but they must close several loopholes.

1. Owners must buy the playing venues and therefore private property rights take over.

2. The NFL must quit taking subsidies from government and if owners want to put on a Patriotic Display, they must be the ones paying for it.

3. The NFLPA must agree to such changes.


Right to Assembly

Yes, I get the Right to Assembly does apply to government. However, Thomas Jefferson once said free speech is an unalienable right for all men (and women). Therefore, free speech, even in private sector, cannot be taken away.

However, if this occurs on someone’s property, property rights do take effect.

For instance, say I own a house and someone’s invading my property and trying to actively push me into their own, personal propaganda. I do have the power to get them to leave and use any force I deem necessary.

For that matter, they have the right to come onto my private property to help spread an agenda, but I have the right to refuse and if need be, force them off my property. If I give them written consent to use my property, they also have the right.

However, on public grounds, such as an NFL Stadium, anyone has a right to voice their opinion and assemble in any way possible as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others. For instance, if you’re assembling and your group suddenly attacks another group, you’re infringing on the rights of others.

If you’re blocking a public highway and throwing debris at vehicles, you’re also infringing on the rights of others. If you’re protesting and destroying another’s private property while chanting death threats to anyone vocally opposing you, you’re also infringing on others’ rights.

Therefore, it’s important to remember the right to a peaceful assembly. And when it comes to the NFL National Anthem Protest, kneeling or raising a fist while saying absolutely nothing while on private property and playing in a league accepting government subsidies to stage patriotic events to recruit children and high school kids into the military to carry out the interests of weapons manufacturers, oil companies, and bankers, you’ve every right to protest, as long as it remains peaceful.

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