Opinion: Public Schools Have Become Mini-Socialist Societies

Two Classes of People: Preps Versus Everykids

Life’s funny as hell.

All the way back in 2005, I embarked on a fitness journey in high school and even became a personal trainer in 2009 and again from 2012 until today for one single reason: I thought it was important to fit in and be accepted.

Not just that, I wanted to fit in, be accepted, and be known for something. So, I became the fitness guy, and for some strange reason, we all love the fitness guy.

Yes, in high school, everyone, teachers included, noticed my progress, and soon I became the focal point of all things fitness-related.

After high school, I did the only thing that made sense and became a personal trainer, though it would be another three years before I was able to become a trainer on a permanent basis.

And now, I really don’t give a damn what people think of me. In terms of my book, Northern Knights, I provide a link after each article. If you like what the book description says, buy it. If you don’t, it’s not for you.

If you like what the book descriptions says, buy it, and love the book, great! If you hate it and leave a bad review, well at least you’re honest and I like honesty.

And now, nine years after graduating high school, Year Ten means one thing: Ten Year Reunion.

These days, I’m known for one thing more than anything else, and it’s stirring the pot.


Stirring the Pot

Well, I’m stirring the pot again, because many of you are going to love what I have to say here…unless you were a high school prep whose parents had connections to the following:

1. The School Board

2. Local Government

3. Local Churches, many of whom acted like local government

4. The Police Department

5. Chamber of Commerce

6. Athletic Boosters

7. Anything I forgot to mention


Overthrowing Preps

We all know who the preps were. You know, that group of fancy-dressed kids, some of whom athletes, some of whom just well-connected in other ways, but all of whom had an aura you can sense a mile away which would drive you absolutely insane unless you were one of them.

If you’re in the group whose parents weren’t connected to any of the above, then you know what I’m talking about.

The preps were the kids who always did a lot of work in the school’s main office, did the teachers’ bidding at times, principal’s bidding, and in some cases, hung out in the coach’s office or athletic director’s office during downtime.

Yeah, they were the ones on the Homecoming, Semi (or Winter) Formal Court, Prom Court, etc. They were also the Class Officers, and the ones in the school programs for either academics, athletics, or both.

Remember those assemblies, where the teachers, school board, principals, everyone just deified these people?

Oh, I sure do, and the district was practically forced to ooh and ahh or else you were somehow either being disruptive in the teacher’s eye, disrespectful, or were singled out for “not wanting to be there or be part of this grandeur of events.”

Homecoming assembly, and there they were, being treated like deities.

Pep rally, and the deification continued.

Votes for Class Officers or Courts, and the deification just kept pouring on.


High School Deep State

One reason I believe in the Deep State is because of the way the masses are treated in high school. Let’s face it, teachers have never treated kids like equals…unless it had to do with receiving state and federal funding in the form of passing a standardized test, which you needed like a 50% to pass.

For instance, I’m abysmal at math and always have been (unless one can put it in economic terms) and I passed it with flying colors.

So for one, every little thing we were taught in high school wasn’t to better us; it was to receive federal and state funding, and I stand by that.

Second, after four years of high school, I’m convinced all the voting for Homecoming and other Courts, plus Class Officers, was so fixed by teachers. Let’s be honest, those whose parents coached athletic teams, were teachers themselves, had parents on the school board or in the district office received all the glories and benefits.

Let’s be honest.

I don’t know about your school nor is my little article here claiming to know anything about it, but I can guarantee you, especially with an entire school voting, and seeing the same people get elected to the same positions, or voted to a Court, or the same group of people, year after year, for that matter, just looks artificial.

We need to have an honest discussion about this.


Not Lobbying for Equality

Though, I’ll be honest, I’m not lobbying for equality, and those who’ve read my blog have long known this.

What I’m simply doing is showing some huge flaws in public schools, and one sample size, this one being the Edison Local School District (I really don’t give a damn if they read this, the district couldn’t afford an attorney to sue me over such matter anyway)
But what I am saying is ‘What if?’

What if the teachers here are pre-conditioning us, as they do in the classroom with state-approved, government-funded courses that are practically compulsory, one’s place in society.

Most would somehow blame capitalism for this or even American conservatism, as many do, but the reality is, these are public sector buildings. The lessons, classes, and subjects are in the government’s hands.

You know, I highly doubt this has anything to do with free markets and free enterprise, or anything else that gets blamed for such inequalities.

Especially the fact that we’re dealing with, in terms of school, a popular, always recognized minority and an underappreciated, often-ignored minority.

Sounds socialist to me, where the 1% receive all the goods and services, which are evenly trickled down to everyone else.

And doesn’t that seem like what’s going on here?

The 1%, the prep class, in a way, the ultimate upper-class in the schoolocracy get the recognition, respect, and glorification some of Hollywood’s richest celebrities get, and anyone who tries to fight such a status-quo is hateful, a problem, treasonous, and any other derogatory term associated.


Preparing Our Futures

The teachers and schools aren’t just preparing our futures; they’re choosing our futures. They’re telling us what we can and can’t become. They’re telling us up here is their place, and down here with everyone else is your place.

They’re saying we can’t, and never will, while the small number, those preps, in other words, are being told they could, being worshipped by the teachers, principals, boards, and whomever else.

As young kids, much of our IQ (and IQ is king) is developed by the time we’re eighteen. They state these days IQ is comprised of two things: genetics and environment, but many appear to be leaning toward environment.

And most of these kids in school today, barring a few in that one-percent, are being set up in an environment to fail.

The school may state otherwise but go back to your own high school days and draw your conclusions. The problem is 99% of the students are ignored and are being trained to be ignored in their future, while being forced to submit to the ways of the state.

Statism and compulsory education caused this, and the only way out is to embrace liberty and understand freedom, and that all students possess different strengths, many of which go ignored.

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