The War on Free Speech: You’re Being Censored

Banning InfoWars and Daniel McAdams is the Beginning

The war on free speech has begun and you’re being censored. No, not if you follow mainstream media sites like CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC and share their information. Not if you’re a pro-war hawk, either.

For those of you who are pro-war hawks and talk about mainstream media, the Deep State has you right where they want you.

But for the rest of us, we’re being silenced.

What does the media fail to talk about?

Cultural Marxism in Europe. White GeNocide in South Africa.

What do public schools fail to talk about?

Cultural Marxism in Europe. White GeNocide in South Africa.

What do the media and public schools have in common?

They teach that race and income inequality is the direct result of Western Culture.

If that’s the case, why do the Jewish People and East Asians tend to have higher educational backgrounds and incomes?

Is Western Culture responsible for the mass genocide going on in South Africa? What about their systemic economic collapse?

Or, what about the African National Congress (ANC) Tweeting something about all whites being murderers before deleting it?

What about Saudi Arabia, who threatened Canada with a picture of running an airplane into Toronto yesterday, before deleting it?

Is it okay to call one group of people terrorists and threaten an entire country because of an economic spat?

But at the same time, if you’re anti-war, a defender of America’s Bill of Rights, Western Culture, and its values you’re going to be banned from social media? You can follow me at two Twitter accounts, as I have a backup in case my first one @todd_matthews_ is suspended. My second one, @LibertyKnight27, is currently on backup and I’m going to create one more to have on deck just in case.

But, does this make any sense?



Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern

Is free speech hate speech?

As Lauren Southern said in a recent interview, it depends who’s in charge. Southern is panned by mainstream media and labeled as Alt-Right, as is Stefan Molyneux, who both talk about race on their channels.

However, after watching some of Southern’s and Molyneux’s videos since February, I’ve yet to see anything Alt-Right about them, and the two frequently deny they’re Alt-Right. If one watches mainstream media, you’re going to be convinced these two are Alt-Right. If you take time to watch their videos, you’ll find, as I have, not a single thing about them that is Alt-Right.

So, what are Southern and Molyneux?

They tend to preach a side of an argument that’s routinely censored by mainstream media.

Why is it censored? What are they telling you the mainstream media is pulling out all the stops to keep your eyes and ears away from them?

They’re telling the truth. They’re telling you what the mainstream media won’t, for one reason or another.

What I love about Molyneux’s channel is that everything he talks about are backed by numbers. Muslim crisis in Europe? Molyneux has numbers to back his claims, White GeNocide in South Africa? Molyneux and Southern both have evidence, in Southern’s case visual evidence due to her documentary Farmlands.

And you know what?

Us Libertarians realize, wholeheartedly, that every race in history has been oppressed one way or another.



The Oppression of White Pagans

European Pagan Tribes were oppressed by early Christians and forced to convert. Christianity is (and this will make a lot of people angry) a Middle Eastern religion. You know, the same region Islam stems from.

So, whites were oppressed for “believing in the wrong gods” and yes, they were censored when Europe was converting from Paganism to Christianity by forceful means, long before blacks, Indigenous Tribes, or anyone in the Middle East faced any challenges.
But, when was the last time you heard about white Pagan Tribes being oppressed by migrating Christians in public school? The media?

Have whites oppressed other races in the past?


Are whites oppressed by other races in other parts of the world?




Christianity or Islam?

Look, when was the last time you saw a church being built in Saudi Arabia?


Can you name a country in the Middle East where Christians or any minority have the same rights as Muslims?

I can’t, though I will say America tends to be at odds with those Muslim countries or coalitions, (Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria) who at the very least allow Christians to practice their religion.

Many on the Left will say, “Well, that’s their culture and you need to respect it.”
I do respect it. Hey, if I went on vacation to any country in the Middle East, I would happily abide by their culture, but at the same time, if those from the Middle East are coming into the West, I expect them to abide by Western Culture.



Sharia Law Doesn’t Belong in the West

Sharia Law, for instance, is popping up all over England, Spain, France, and Italy among other nations.

But Sharia Law is incompatible with Western Culture and therefore shouldn’t be part of Western Culture.

Should Sharia Law be part of Islamic Culture?

If they want it, then yes, but they’re not to bring it with them to cultures who embrace freedom of religion, expression, and assembly.

What’s sad is, this post could be considered as racist to many on the Left, but in fact it’s not racist at all.



Challenging Mainstream Thought

Like Molyneux and Southern, I write to tell you all what the mainstream media keeps behind closed doors, and I’ll never be silenced.

Some of my favorite political icons are now being shunted from Twitter, like Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute. Alex Jones, who I’m hit or miss on in terms of being a fan, has already been banned. Jake Morphonios of Blackstone Intelligence is already seeking out new ways to broadcast to his audience, knowing his days on YouTube are numbered.

Guys, we need to realize what’s happening, and why we’re being censored. More on that in a future post. I’d like to thank all of you for coming across My Freedom Flame, and guys, please speak out on this topic, they’re systemically taking away our right to free speech. Free speech isn’t hate speech. Free speech is how ideas are spread and continue to spread the ideas. Please, come back soon.

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