Why I’m Calling Lord of Columbia, Episode II ‘Swords of Destiny’

Okay, fun fact, I completed the first three manuscripts in the Lord of Columbia trilogy, the first in the series can be bought by clicking the link at the bottom of this post for anyone interested (I swear I won’t advertise the hell out of it!).

But, I want to release the second title and tell you all why I’m calling it Swords of Destiny. For one, I had several different names for the Lord of Columbia series before deciding on Lord of Columbia.

Ditto for Book One, Northern Knights.

I’ll be honest, I had not a clue on how to select sound book titles until I researched SEO. Yes, it’s that important. And early returns on my first book, Northern Knights in Amazon’s rankings tend to dictate that, too, as my key words have the book appearing within the top forty in all my categories. This is out of a few thousand when narrowed down.


How to Select Sound Book Titles

Research, research, research the hell out of the books that are in your genre. The two best places to go are Google and Amazon. Type in several words or phrases that fit your book title or series title and compile a list.

For instance, I did this when selecting my series title. I saw the words Age of didn’t match well with anything and no one was searching for it. The results were in the lower-triple digits. Not a good sign. However, I dug deeper and continued until Lord of garnered decent results. I want to say it was in the upper triple-digits.

Ditto for Northern Knights. So, my initial title for Northern Knights was this: Age of Columbia: Uprising. Again, Uprising didn’t grant me decent results.

So, I typed in Northern and Northern Knight was the first result in the drop-down on Amazon’s search menu. Hence, Northern Knights fit. Now, I wanted to get my book as much visibility as possible, so choosing Lord of Columbia as the series name and Northern Knights as the first book, I was able to do just that.


About Key Words

So, Amazon only allows you to pick two categories and I’ll be honest, the book will get lost in a sea of books. What are there, four-million books on Amazon these days? So, if I merely put my book in urban fantasy and contemporary fantasy, I’d have done very poorly early on.

So, in my book cover’s subtitle, I decided to add in the phrase, ‘A new adult, urban fantasy.’ Upon typing new adult into the search engine, badabing-badaboom, Northern Knights was right there, meaning my book is essentially in three categories as opposed to two. So, now I’m in urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, and new adult.

I’ve heard there are ways to get into as many as five categories, and it’s what I’m going to try with Swords of Destiny. Being a rookie at this, I’ve a lot to learn, but I’m also relaying what I do learn onto you guys, who are giving My Freedom Flame more and more traffic each day, so thank you very much for that, it literally means everything.


About Swords of Destiny

Being that I’m a new indie-author with one measly book on the market means I’m looking to publish quickly, so Swords of Destiny is being edited as we speak. While I still don’t have enough green to swing an editor, I have to ferociously self-edit this cat, but thanks to what I’ve learned at the Jerry Jenkins’ Writers’ Guild, it’s saved me from embarrassing myself and making a lot of errors.

I’m hoping to have the book up and running sometime between October and November 2018, so if you enjoy Northern Knights, get ready for Book Two. If you didn’t enjoy Northern Knights, maybe you know someone that will or you might just be a Steelers fan! Either way, guys, as always, I’d like to thank you all for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

Amazon Link to Northern Knights: amzn.to/2KkkyOZ