What You Should Know Regarding Lord of Columbia

As stated in the past, Lord of Columbia is a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution. While a compelling, complex story is definitely involved, Lord of Columbia holds a valiant message regarding liberty, freedom, and privacy, something we see being usurped time and again in America.

Yet, as we grow up America is the champion of the free world, it’s easy to overlook the sheer atrocities committed by the military-industrial complex, CIA, FBI, and even local police (If you go back to the old Mafia days, you’ll be surprised how many police chiefs aligned themselves with the Mafia).

So, while Northern Knights is a little bit on the light side of this, whole conspiracy thing, do take note of my rather Orwellian style early on. It’s most definitely something that depicts, well, what America might be heading straight into; depression of the masses who are bullied by both police and military police on street corners, reminiscent of Nazi Germany.

And I’m not quite out of my mind.

We already have in some states, and in some cases all states:

1. Drones that fly overhead to record our actions and even catch us speeding on highways.

2. Traffic cameras.

3. Mass surveillance.

4. Spy agencies that can access phone data, internet searches, and any other type of personal data upon request.

5. Security agencies that literally specialize in groping airline passengers.

6. Mandatory vaccines (I’m not one hardcore against vaccines, but I am against mandatory forced vaccinations). But the question remains, why are they mandatory?

7. State-funded compulsory education that teaches a uniformed program, even in advanced placement classes.

8. Government licensing and permission for just about everything, including activities like hunting, fishing, driving (this one really irks me), drinking (this one irks me even more and this is a guy who hasn’t picked up a drink since 2014), collecting rainwater (seriously), getting married (come again?), and I think I’ve covered the basics. Oh, and in California, say goodbye to plastic straws which never would’ve been a problem had the government stayed out of the way in the first place and let the free market go to work.

9. Quest for Empire. And hello, Lord of Columbia, because this one is the granddaddy of them all. Did you know your tax dollars have paid for weapons being sold to countries like Saudi Arabia? The Saudis used such weapons on Yemenite women and children, killing them for no apparent reason. Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the blood of these kids is on our hands. But what about military jobs and weapons manufacturing jobs? That’s what they all say, and a lot of these jobs can be created if our taxes didn’t pay over $600 billion a year via military spending.

10. Speaking of…. the media, politicians, conservatives, and even some liberals call it something else; defense spending. They love using politically correct terms for one reason: they tend to sound less harsh. You call it defense spending, people will buy it. Others will call it patriotism (which it’s not) and people will buy into it. Some will say it’s necessary, and people will go along with it. What do I call it? Military spending.

11. But it’s necessary for our freedom, right? First off, when you need government permission to even exist in this country, I’m not sure you and I have the same definition of freedom here. So I’m not sure what freedom you’re talking about. Second, if you look at history of people (mainly in the Middle East) who hate us, you’ll see we’ve been intervening in their affairs far longer than any nation should, and you’ll understand the hatred. Imagine if it were the other way around…exactly. There’d be mass protest in the streets as I write this.

12. Okay, well what about the mass uprisings over in the Middle East, like in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and other nations? Guys, you need to check the Project for a New American Century, written in the late 1990’s and it’ll tell you all you need to know. And you’ll be surprised, too. Second, if you look deeper, you’ll see someone else is behind it; the CIA, which is exactly what they did in Ukraine back in 2014. Think of the pattern: we’ve had spats with Russia and the other countries listed, mainly because they’re all losing faith in something: the US Dollar. This isn’t a coincidence.

13. A rough discussion: Not only that, but if you bite your tongue and look at the correlation between IQ rates in the Middle East, they’re very uniformed. The average IQ in the Middle East is 82-84, depending on the country you’re looking at. The CIA knows this and knows they can easily spread lies to these people about their leaders, while nowhere near perfect, aren’t crazy dictators.

14. What about Saddam Hussein gassing people in Iraq back in the day? He was using gas on the Kurds, who were fighting a civil war with Iraq because they wanted to break away from Iraq.

15. Why does foreign policy matter so much to our freedoms? One, the more foreign policy we implement while in debt, the more money that needs to be printed, borrowed, or taxed. This devalues the dollar and purchasing power at home. We’re forced to downsize our standards of living so the military can bomb civilians and our allies fighting in wars can also bomb civilians. Then when they retaliate, they’re labeled terrorists and war erupts, costing even more money.

16. What if…. what if a military draft is being planned right now? I’ve been hearing (reading) grumblings on social media. If a military draft really is being planned, our freedoms are further usurped because rich and privileged men and women in office are going to force the poor and working class kids to fight a war they should have zero stake in, sometimes for reasons unknown to them. And anyone dodging the draft would be jailed. When this happens, a country ceases to be free.

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