Easy Ways to Pursue Passion

Well, with the release of my first book, Northern Knights, right around the corner, I want to let you all know this whole pursuing passion thing is a) very real and b) very possible. Gone are the dreams. Gone is one day I’m going to. Gone are all the times I sat there and wishing I had a book (or book series) on the store shelves (well, online store shelves).

It happened.

Lord of Columbia, Northern Knights is out very, very soon. It’s formatted and practically uploaded to Amazon. I’ll let you all in on the details later. Anyway, if you like urban fantasy, or contemporary fantasy, or new adult, open warfare, liberty versus tyranny, and the whole fight for freedom thing, you might like Lord of Columbia.

Now, some may say I didn’t do my homework.

If I’m so Libertarian, why did I not put my protagonists in the Libertarian-Voluntarist colors of black and yellow?

Uh, that wasn’t happening, just look at the color scheme of My Freedom Flame and it’ll tell you all you need to know. That was not happening.

Also, some may call me contradictory for making the work about war when I’m hardcore against war. Well, while that may be the case, there’s a huge difference between going to war in a land oceans away and playing offense (the media somehow calls this defense) and going to war in your own land where a foreign entity is invading.

Quite a difference.

Trust me, I did my homework for this Libertarian Manifesto that’ll soon have more than one book in the series.

But, soon comes the part I’ve really been looking forward to: Getting the book in front of people. I’ll soon have links here on the site, guys, at the end of each article, so if you ever have the urge to checkout the book, it’ll lead you right where you want to be without having to search through a sea of books!

To be honest, I’m looking forward to the marketing and promoting. I’m a rookie, fresh out of marketing school which I never attended, and it’s something new. When something’s new, it’s scary as hell, but let me tell you something about something new, especially when it’s an absolute necessity for your passion: It’s freaking worth it. Not only is it freaking worth it, but you’re going to end up putting 1,000% into it.

So, when it comes to pursuing passion, I’m going to lay out a few steps that you can take to maximize your own potential and even enjoy the so-called downsides of any job.

1. Say you’re like me and writing’s your passion and you decide to become an indie-author so you have the freedom and flexibility that comes with it. However, you also have to do all the marketing, and many aren’t keen on this. But, it’s your business, something that just makes the entire process more satisfying. It’s like having a young kid, and you’re going to do everything you can do in your power to help that kid grow and be the best they can be. When put in these terms, we’re willing to do anything and everything for our business.

2. Your passion is your primary gig. I don’t care if you’re making $50,000+ per year at your day job; your passion is your primary gig. Now, if your passion is a hobby, that’s one thing, but if you’re in the crowd who just isn’t content with your job and would do anything and everything to leave it, your passion must become your primary gig. Yes, even if it affects your job performance, it matters not. Your passion should be the number one thing on your mind, day in and day out. If you want to get anywhere in your passion, it must be number one.

3. Your passion is your job. This is an extension of my second pointer; your passion is you job. Many fail because they don’t treat it as such. Hey, you go and work forty to fifty hours a week for a company you’d rather be without, so why not treat your passion the same? To me, it’s a must. You have two choices: Work hard for something pointless to be continually stressed (plus a long list of health issues that come with it) or work hard for something you’re passionate about and be continually motivated to the point to where you can’t wait for the sun to rise so you can continue your pursuit.

4. Up past midnight, up before dawn. Oh yes, there’s an old saying that goes, “You can wake up and pursue your dreams or stay asleep and keep on dreaming. The choice is yours. The only difference between realities is the dreamers talk and sleep while the go-getters act and live. I learned to be the go-getter.

5. Action each day is a must. Yep, even on those weekends and on those Friday nights. Is there a concert in town? It’s the perfect time to stay in and pursue. Is there a bar crawl on Saturday night? Yep, it’s a great time to stay in and pursue. Is football on? Hey, unless your favorite team’s playing, it’s a great time to keep the TV off and pursue. Action each day, even on weekends, is a must.

6. This ain’t a forty-hour work week. Multiply that baby by two if you really want to make things happen. Your day job? Eh, just scale back the hours and downsize some. Sure, you may be giving up a nice salary, awesome benefits, and even some status…temporarily…because if you realize the potential your passion can bring you, as in writing or anything, guess what? Maybe you’ll gain some, all, if not more of that salary, benefits, and recognition, but it’s going to take a hell of a lot of time and effort. The difference? You’re working for something you see value in and it should motivate you, it should excite you, it should keep you moving forward.

7. Did I say downsize? Yep, and I’ll give you my own example: for the past few months, I’ve been living off $1,070 a month to pursue my dream of owning my own indie-author business. $1,070. I moved back to the Ohio Valley, where the cost of living is dirt cheap, buy no more than what I need, drive no further than I need to, and spend most of my waking hours pursuing my dream. It’s also safe to say I workout twice a day because I’m an addict, but yeah, downsizing and budgeting is all about realizing what you want.

8. 1,000% day in and day out. Sorry for the hyperbole, but this is seriously what it takes. Look at the competition in the ebook market. What do I have to do in order to set myself apart? How about a kickass book cover? Okay, but what about a manuscript as close to error-free as I can make it…if not error-free? Key words, metadata, SEO? Yeah, studying all of it, and I’ve studied some already, but now that I can finally market Northern Knights, you best bet I’m going to be studying more of it. If you’re truly passionate about something and you want to make your money in your passion, you better know there’s competition out there and you’re going to have to want the prize more.

I hope you learned some of what it takes to turn dreams into reality. What’s sweet is if you put your mind to it, you will accomplish it, no matter what, you will accomplish it. It’s going to take a lot, and I mean a lot, of work, research, dedication, mistakes, failures, trials, frustrations, and ultimately…succeeding and succeeding a lot.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, and I’d just received my email that my ebook is up and running on the Amazon Kindle Store, and I’ll let everyone know about the paperback once it’s up. So, in future posts I’ll provide a link for anyone interested in checking the book out and again, if you like Libertarianism or just a good story in the urban and contemporary fantasy genre, you might just like Northern Knights.

Please come back soon.