An Empire Begins

Once, there was a great Republic called Southland that journeyed throughout Gaia, a land much like our own, with seven continents and many oceans. In the olden days before steamships, the Republic’s mission was quite simple: To encourage free trade among all other peoples of the world, of all colors and nations.

As such, King Otto wished to keep peace and harmony throughout all subjects in this land and make alliances with such nations. His goal was simple: to deter any imperial threat.

As decades passed and Otto perished due to old age, King McBride took the throne and continued his late father’s vision.

However, the quest for Empire in two rival nations erupted. The Lourdeans sought land beyond what was believed to be the Western End of the World and sailed northwest. The Madridians, likewise, sailed southwest. Both nations conquered primitive people, and each sought to expand east. McBride, however, remained stoic and instead built defenses within Southland in case the Lourdeans and Madridians had evil ideas.

Madridia indeed saw Southland’s strength as a threat and attacked. However, Southland’s powerful naval forces proved too much for Madridia and thus, forced them out of Southland territory.

Lourdes saw Southland’s sheer strength and were deterred.

However, things came to a standstill when McBride died, and King Artie took the throne. Artie received word as a young boy that Madridian sailor, Columbo Pucci indeed reached the Western End of the World and named it Columbia. To realize his dream, Artie dispatched George Santos and his powerful crew to the New World.

Santos reached land and relayed to King Artie only primitive peoples resided in the land and there were no signs of Lourdeans or Madridians. This is because Santos landed between the Madridian south and the Lourdean north.

Immediately, Artie ordered the conquering and enslavement of the native peoples and Santos, reluctantly, obliged under the threat of death. This was the beginning of the Southpoint Empire.

A century passed, and under Artie, Southpoint, as it was now known, expanded far and wide, to every single corner of Gaia. Artie did away with Southland’s red and blue color scheme and instead created the black and yellow Southpoint Emblem as seen today, to be flown where the Southpoint Empire had landed.

King Paul took over for Artie, and King James did so afterward, expanding the Southpoint Empire but garnered a reputation for being much more lenient and friendly than Artie. However, truth is always reason in an Empire of Lies. The Southpoint Empire grew to the point that conscription all over Gaia became mandatory as the strong Southpoint Army annexed other areas and even stole land from the Lourdeans and Madridians via warfare.

Finally, King Rooney came to power and instituted harsh laws everywhere the black and yellow Southpoint Empire touched. Rooney ordered tax increases, mass surveillance, increased militarism, and exclusivity to all in the Southpoint Empire to pay for the conquest of empire.

Southpoint’s lines were stretched even further, where native peoples of all lands were conscripted merely to become fodder as the experienced Southlanders and their officers conquered more lands and stripped other once-free nations of resources.

In Columbia, however, the very first stretch of land George Santos stepped foot on over a century-and-a-quarter ago, decided it no longer wished to be part of the Southpoint Empire and to become its own free republic.

And that is where our story begins, a long time ago, in a world like our own.