The Happy Medium Between Cain Riscattare

People across my social media platforms love to point out the obvious:

1) Todd Matthews is a professional indie-author (well, soon to be) and blogger who has built a solid following over the past six months since starting My Freedom Flame.

2) Toddy Liberty is a loose cannon who’d probably result in Todd Matthews getting fired from his day job if people knew half of what he posts on his personal Facebook account.

Why the Toddy Liberty Character Exists

Toddy Liberty is, in all instances, an anti-hero heel who calls out America and says some nasty things about it, but is still a Libertarian, much like the real-life Todd Matthews. He usually wears a black cloak, does his hair in a messy fashion, wears black boots with shirts that usually bear messages.

*A heel is a term for the bad guy in pro wrestling.

So, why does Toddy Liberty even exist, if his message is positive?

It’s simple.

Toddy Liberty exists because with him, it’s a place where I post all of my stupid posts. You know, ones that will likely get you kicked out of your day job. If Toddy Liberty were a football player, he’d be Colin Kaepernick mixed with Dez Bryant with a little bit of Jeff George (remember him?) combined into one.

He is me, to an extent. He’s an exaggerated version of me. He and I have the same exact views, except he’s going to relay them as politically incorrect, insensitive, and borderline radical. Anyone who dares debate with him, he’s going to prove wrong, take your views, crush them, and toss them back to you, talking trash the entire time.

Though he has the ability to bring up good points and is ultimately a face, he can be the meanest, nastiest, most arrogant social media figurehead since, well, since Donald Trump ran for President.

He exists for one purpose and one purpose only: To say whatever he wants, whenever he wants.


Who am I?

I’m Todd Matthews, author of Northern Knights, Episode One in the Lord of Columbia series. While Liberty and I share many of the same views, I tend to be a lot more, well, professional. I won’t lash out at people, I don’t post random things I know will garner negative feedback (this is before I get book reviews), and I definitely won’t say half the stuff I do as Toddy Liberty.

Why am I bringing this little thing up?

Toddy Liberty and my main character from Lord of Columbia, Cain Riscattare have a lot in common. I’d love to have the reader get to know Cain a little before I release Northern Knights, so here are a few of Cain’s finer points:

1) There’s more to him than meets the eye.

2) He has a personality like Baker Mayfield (I have a little bit of fun with this in the book).

3) He can also be rather humble when held in check.

4) He can be selfish, but again, when held accountable, he can be compassionate.

5) He keeps his friends close and his enemies closer.

6) He doesn’t care who he offends.

7) He can be out for blood if he labels you an enemy.

8) He’ll shoot first and ask questions later, but only if you work for the government.

9) He absolutely loves his friends.

10) His middle and high school days mirror my own.

11) My book cover for Northern Knights is premade, not customized, but the model on the cover (and the background images) resembles him almost to a T.

12) He’ll start a bar brawl if the reasoning is good enough.

13) His primary enemies are all based off real-life people I know (I’m going to get in a lot of trouble for this).

14) His friends are all based off real-life people I know (I’m still going to get in a lot of trouble for this).

15) He’s an absolute loose cannon, just like my Toddy Liberty character who’s essentially me.

16) Despite his cocky persona, he has some confidence issues.

17) He considers his friends siblings.

18) Other than myself, Cain has traces of Dom Toretto, Luke Skywalker, Harry Potter, Samuel Adams, Avatar Aang, and James “Sawyer” Ford in him, the latter being a huge inspiration.

19) Before picturing myself as a character-model for Cain, I previously pictured a young Fred Savage and Josh Holloway when designing the character.

20) Cain inspired my Toddy Liberty personal Facebook persona.

In a way, I guess I can call myself a method writer, though I probably have some explaining to do to ex-friends and family who have shunned me from their lives as while I share the same viewpoints as Toddy Liberty, I’m nowhere near as aggressive as he is in spreading them, as they’ll see when Northern Knights is released.


Thanks for reading.