My Sole Purpose Behind Writing Lord of Columbia

The United States of America, once renown as the greatest country known to man, and to many here in the states, still the greatest country known to man. But to those of us who utilize just an ounce of research regretfully realize the truth: It’s simply not the case anymore.

You can look at a nation’s freedom and economic freedom index. We aren’t even in the top ten. You can look at our nation’s government corruption index. We’re nowhere near the top. In fact, there are recurring countries who rank in the top five.

Your Nordic nations and Switzerland dominate these rankings and before any progressive tries to make the case for the Nordic nations being socialist, it’s simply not the case; links provided below to support my argument.

Further, both Switzerland and Finland have among the highest percentages in rates of gun ownership in the world. Both nations use national service requirements to train ordinary civilians how to handle firearms, which if the United States wasn’t busy funding a global empire, I’d be one-hundred percent for, which usually breaks me off with other Libertarian thinkers.

However, my means of justification is simply put: Do this for defense purposes only. In other words, you can have a national service requirement that doesn’t involve invading other nations like the US did in World War I, II, and Vietnam. And what’s sad is, many conservatives still support the government’s actions in doing this, this time for Iran, under the preposterous assumption the US needs to rebuild its military. Talk to me when we aren’t spending more than the next seven largest spenders.

Now, knowing that a nation like the US has stumbled from free republic to an empire of lies where truth is treason and war is peace, the United States of America, despite many of my influences for the antagonistic Southpoint Empire in Lord of Columbia coming from the British and Napoleonic Empires, was my primary influence. By making a connection between the black and yellow (gold for some) uniforms of Southpoint, it coincides with the official colors of the United States Army.

Now, don’t think for one second I’m unpatriotic, because it can’t be further from the case. Instead, our oppressed colonials were inspired by, well, Colonial America, just set in a modern-day fantasy.

So, claims made by some of my former friends, family (extended family), and even former co-workers that I’m an Iranian or Russian apologist, anti-Patriot, and anti-American is plain garbage. I’m a Constitutional (especially Bill of Rights loving) Libertarian who has based his political views similar to that of the Founding Fathers.

Would the Founding Fathers have approved America’s role in the world today? Let me tell you this: They would be siding with Iran right now in this little spat America has with them. Sure, Iran isn’t the freest government, but they’re sure as hell better than Saudi Arabia, who will kill you in two seconds if you deny Allah. They’re better than nations like the UK, where it’s considered a crime to broadcast something, even independently, if the government issues an order of silence and will throw you in jail without due process.

And Iran recognizes Christianity. No, they don’t have the same rights and yes, conversion from Islam may result in the death penalty, but you can look this up on your own time; it’ll take two seconds. There are several Christian denominations in Iran. Therefore, while it’s by no means perfect, there is some freedom of religion in Iran.

The US has historically allied with Saudi Arabia, and I’m sure they aren’t building any churches anytime soon. So, even though Christians may face discrimination and even harassment for their beliefs in Iran, it certainly contains a much higher degree of religious freedom than the Wahhabi Saudi Arabia. So, this alone should tell you America is certainly NOT the world’s capital of freedom (nor is Iran, for that matter) if they claim to fight for freedom and democracy, the latter of which appears nowhere in the Constitution, when their best friends in the Middle East next to Israel is Saudi Arabia.

Enter Lord of Columbia, a modern-day allegory of the American Revolution. Well, modern-day fantasy allegory of the American Revolution. Except now, it’s America versus America. The Empire versus a Budding Republic. A rich and powerful military-industrial complex claiming it’s intervening in other areas in Gaia (including Columbia) for liberation and humanitarian purposes, when all it’s doing is usurping civil liberties of colonists and stripping the lands of resources while fighting with perceived “threats” to its imperial national security.

Sound familiar?

To Libertarian America, most definitely. To Conservative and in some cases, Liberal America, they’ll go with the old story that all these nations we’re fighting hate us for our freedoms. Yet, when one puts two-and-two together, they realize the obvious: Our freedoms are being and have been usurped directly due to the conflicts America finds itself in. Therefore, American civilians are no better off today than they were pre-9/11, as invasion of personal rights, privacy, and even usurpation of the Bill of Rights in some instances, has reigned supreme since 9/11.

Lord of Columbia’s purpose is simple: It’s to make others aware of the Empire that is, and the Republic that once was. That America today is far worse than America of yesterday and it’s my dream to take part in this debate on hopefully bringing America back to what it used to be prior to 1898: A friend to all (well, most) and a non-interventionist approach to foreign policy.

I’d like to thank all of my readers, please come back soon.