The Ultimate Battle, Ultimate Sacrifice, Ultimate Means to Exist

Freedom. Liberty. Independence. All interchangeable terms, and all symbolize something worth fighting for.

Freedom for all, not just a single race or group of people, but freedom for all in all four corners of the country.

At least, this is what one of Lord of Columbia’s messages are.

It’s not just the freedom of those who wanted to break away from the Empire, as had happened in the early history of the United States. However, the Founding Fathers, contrary to much false progressive belief, stated all men are created equal.

They never specified race.

In the Bill of Rights, they never specified race, instead stating rights of men, and these days, women, too, shall not be infringed upon.

It never says rights of the ‘white man,’ which is very important, and it’s, in my opinion, why the United States Constitution is the greatest document ever created. The flag, the greatest symbol of freedom from an empire, in this case, the British Empire.

For those who live in America, but hate its guts, I sympathize with you, too. For those of you who say the flag means nothing but oppression these days, I sympathize with you, too, because it’s been stained with blood of innocent people. It’s been tainted and been set on fire by those all over the world.

And trust me, sympathize with them one-hundred percent, though I don’t agree with the claim that it oppresses. You can’t take a symbol and change its meaning. Sure, people do it all the time and the argument should be made that it can happen, but a symbol, in its purest means, is only a symbol.

Now, I don’t worship the flag and I never will, but I also don’t believe in worshipping inanimate objects, so you’ll no sooner see me pledge allegiance to anything be it a flag or a church (especially these days), or any of the above. Just for the record, I’d never worship any flag, so I probably wouldn’t last long in places that make it mandatory.

No, I’m not disrespecting anything or anyone, I just choose not to place a hand over my heart. Doesn’t mean I hate America; it just means myself, as an animate object, won’t bow down to anything inanimate. And for someone who isn’t a Christian in modern-day terms, I feel I follow the Second Commandment better than a lot of die-hard Conservative Christians who insist nothing should fly higher than the flag.

I can see “Jesus” (the sun) already saying, “Now, see, that’s going to be a problem.”
Knowing all of this, I by no means wished to set out and create a modern-day “patriotic manifesto,” which these days the very word patriotism has been interchanged with nationalism so much not a soul can tell the other apart.

So, Lord of Columbia is by no means a patriotic thing, and it’s one reason why the colors red, white, and blue occur nowhere in the text when describing factions. Lord of Columbia may hold true to American values, but what are American values?

These days, a progressive will say oppression across the globe, and while I agree this is what’s become of America, it’s by no means America in its purest sense. In fact, true American values are the exact opposite of this.

It’s why I’ve always loved the Chronicles of Narnia Series, especially Prince Caspian, because the plot really mirrors this. Old Narnia is gone and its replaced by this oppressive regime called New Narnia. Everything about Old Narnia has been forgotten and erased, and New Narnia goes the distance to ensure it stays that way.

I’ve always compared the old, US Republic to Old Narnia, as it was a trader and friend to the world. However, starting in 1898, and really kicking off post-World War I, America slowly morphed from friend of the world to policeman of the world, exploiting other nations for its resources, just like the British did in its heyday.

Now, I’m not one to apologize to others for America’s actions and I’ll never apologize to others for the actions of my European ancestors. For one, I’m also part Native American, so I’m kind of, sort of, on both sides of the equation here. And besides, saying sorry doesn’t change the past.

But, what can be done is to be friends to minorities, especially that of the black and Hispanic communities, where gun and drug laws negatively affect both communities. Ditto for the remaining Native American communities. Even the predominant Muslim communities in the Middle East and North Africa, or those who are over here from there.

Now, I’m by no means stating we need to bring these people in from the third-world (I hate that term, because not all third-world countries are poor, in fact some are richer than America) and let them live off public benefits as is going on in Europe, but to be generous in other ways.

This will unite people as one, and what’s funny is, I never once used the word ‘tolerance,’ because again, tolerance should be an individual’s choice, whether at home or even in a business. If a Christian baker refuses to bake a wedding cake, it’s their right. If a liberal owner wants to throw out a Republican who works for Donald Trump out of their restaurant, it’s their right. It’s why I love Libertarianism, it’s principle over politics.

But, we can be united, as we all have a common enemy, and it’s called the United States Government; the American Empire. The American Empire has gone on for too long and is now forcing countries like Europe to increase defense spending and to stop trading with Russia and Iran because they’re somehow enemies (ahem, competition for Saudi Arabian oil companies).

Speaking of Iran, the American Empire is threatening Iran when all Iran stated was if the United States attacks, it’ll be the mother of all wars, but it also stated it wants peace, like it has with Europe and Russia. And not only that, look at a map. There are forty-eight American bases surrounding Iran. Do they have the right to be angry? Of course! Hell, if I were the leader, I’d have declared war already and said get out of our faces.

But what happens? Donald Trump acts like it’s Iran doing the threatening. Imagine for a moment if Iran had bases on the Canadian border and warships in the Gulf of Mexico. Then, they’re a legitimate threat to national security. Until that day comes, America remains the bad guy in this scenario.

So, we have something worth fighting for, just like my little band in Lord of Columbia has something worth fighting for: To save their land against the ironclaw of an evil empire. In our case, the evil empire happens to be the United States of America, which unfortunately has to force the world to abide by its laws, or else we’ll give them the Iraq and Libyan treatment and tell our unsuspecting public we freed the country after further destabilizing it.

Something worth fighting for is to bring an empire back into the confines of its borders and re-install the old republic.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.