Standing up to Bullies

Because Their Friend Said You Threatened to Beat Them Up


Standing Up to Bullies Scenario

I want you all to imagine something. Imagine if some dude just wanted to beat you up. He wanted to beat you up, he wanted his kids to beat your kids up, and he was going to encroach on your property to do so.

Imagine if a bully had several good friends living all around you. And imagine if those friends of this bully took to social media and spread fibs about you. That they said you just wanted to beat up everyone, and one friend of this bully’s in particular. Imagine if the bully’s and his friends’ kids did the same thing to your kids at school. Just spread lies, that your kids wanted to beat up these other kids, and said that they need to be bullied so they can’t beat anyone up.

Just imagine that, for a minute. Okay, you’re getting threatened by this bully, your kids are getting threatened by this bully’s kids, and the bully’s friends are threatening you and their kids are threatening yours.

They’re just going to beat you all up.


I don’t know, maybe they started some rumor that you were going to beat one of them up. Maybe they think, in all terms of drama, you wanted to beat up one of the bully’s friends, and the friend of this bully who said you wanted to beat them up for no reason whatsoever went to the bully because he’s bigger and stronger than the others. Then, the bully and his friends spread it all over social media.

This bully also has a lot of influence in the community. He’s friends with the county commissioners, the police force, and many local entrepreneurs and is part of the chamber of commerce. He’s friends with all of them and he’s just saying how badly you want to beat everyone up, so he’s going to teach you a lesson. Him and his toughest friends are just going to teach you a lesson.

Just imagine this scenario for a moment.

Now, imagine if you said to this bully that you want nothing more than to be friends and have peace with this bully and his clique. You’d like nothing more than your kids to be friends with their kids, but if this bully and possibly his friends are going to come over to your house, bring it on.

Maybe you’re saying you’re going to flatten every single one of them and use any means necessary to defend your property. You have a right to your life, your liberty, your property, and the right to self-defense, and by God you’re going to use every single resource and such a fight will be talked about throughout the ages.

Now, what if this bully took to social media and wrote to you, in all caps, for the world to see, to NEVER THREATEN HIM EVER AGAIN OR PAY THE CONSEQUENCES.


Donald Trump’s Latest Blunder

Sound familiar?

Earlier in the week, this is exactly what Donald Trump did to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. See, what many articles we read about “forgot” to mention, was that Rouhani wants nothing more than peace, but if the US starts a war with Iran, it’ll be the mother of all wars.

Can anyone blame him?

There are forty-eight US military bases surrounding Iran.

For what?

Look, Iran’s values aren’t the greatest, but they’re a much freer nation than say, Saudi Arabia, where it’s punishable by death to worship outside the Muslim faith. It’s freer than say, Israel, where if you’re of Arab descent you can be shot and killed at any given time and forced to leave a land you’ve lived in, and your family’s lived in, for millenniums.

There’s an official Church of Iran, and I don’t see an official Church of Saudi Arabia happening anytime soon. Both Christians and Jews are recognized faiths in Iran. Saudi Arabia can’t say that. The only official religion in Saudi Arabia is Islam and if you become an official citizen of Saudi Arabia, you must convert to Islam.

While Iran has strict laws against converting to Christianity or Judaism from Islam, Rouhani is actively working to lessen the penalties, which even at present, don’t involve death sentences.

Let’s shift gears and fast-forward to what Mike Pompeo wants; to cut off Iran’s oil exports.

For what?

What about Donald Trump threatening the European Union for trading with Iran, as he did with Russia. “Oh, the evil Russians and Iranians are controlling you guys; you better bolster your military spending so the US doesn’t have to use all theirs to protect you against the evil Russians and Iranians.”

Too bad Iran has complied with every single measure of the 2015 nuclear agreement, contrary to what the bully’s friend, Ben Netanyahu stated. However, and I wrote an article on this months ago, Netanyahu also stated Iran’s 3-5 years away from blowing up the world since 1992….the guy’s got zero credibility these days.

Not only that, if Iran is trading with the European Union, I don’t see much sense in neither they nor Russia (a known nuclear power) looking to blow up their customers who they depend on to buy over half their exports.

Isn’t it strange that Northern Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Russia all have rich oil fields?

Isn’t strange that Israel illegally occupies Syria’s Golan Heights, as they’ve done since 1967, an oil rich region?

Isn’t it weird that the United States has good relations with oil giants like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates?

Yet when it comes to Iran, Iraq, Russia, and Syria, they want to start a war with all of them?

And with the little myth of “American Exceptionalism,” something everyone and their mother play upon to provide means of justification for so much foreign intervention, America can do whatever they want?

What is American Exceptionalism?

It basically means that America can invade whomever they want, can attack whomever they want, can bomb whomever they want, and if the country being invaded, attacked, or bombed retaliates in any way, shape, or form, America will just give them the “Libyan treatment.”

So, who’s the real bully in this scenario?

The United States or Iran?

Whose side am I on?

The same side I was on during our spats with North Korea and Russia.

Call me a traitor, Mr. John Brennan, I’m siding with Iran.

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