Two Mega-Franchises That Shaped Lord of Columbia

Most will state it’s premature to place two of the bestselling franchises as comparisons to one’s own work, especially debut work.

But, here’s the truth in the matter; without Harry Potter and Star Wars, Lord of Columbia wouldn’t even have been thought of.

I guess I’d been thinking of Lord of Columbia since pre-school, when I first heard of Star Wars, and even more so since the late 1990’s, when I first picked up a Harry Potter book.
But, there have been other series that shaped Lord of Columbia, one of which is Avatar: The Last Airbender, among others.

So, when I state Lord of Columbia is where Harry Potter meets Star Wars, I’m not blowing smoke. Without them, Lord of Columbia, and probably my passion for writing, at least in present terms, wouldn’t exist.

My love for Libertarianism never would’ve happened.

An Alternate Career Path

What’s funny is, my “other” series, Comeback Kid, speculates on this. What the heck would I have been?

A trainer?

See, even then, I don’t know if I ever would’ve taken up fitness without Harry Potter and Star Wars. Sure, neither protagonist was by any means muscular with a low percentage of bodyfat, but knowing what I looked for in a protagonist sparked my love for fitness.

My fitness goal?

To look like my own protagonist in Lord of Columbia.

Again, without such epic stories, my love of fitness would’ve remained nonexistent, as it had throughout my childhood.

It’s ironic, as most of us as children (at least when I was growing up) were active and always in sports. While I realize times have changed, I was far ahead of the curve, choosing to be lazy and despising physical activity.

Fast Forward to 2018

And now, I’m the complete opposite, structuring my days around my writing and my workouts.

So, when I wrote Comeback Kid, I had some fun thinking of what might have been.

What might have been?

Ugh, nothing good. I’d have been a grocery store bagger or fast food worker. No, seriously, that would’ve been my life.

And my lifestyle is already sheltered as it is. I’m an extreme introvert who’s an extreme extrovert when it comes to writing. But, I prefer solidarity. I thrive in it. I love it. I like working and researching alone.

Where Harry Potter Meets Star Wars

But man, had J.K. Rowling never hit it big with Harry Potter and George Lucas with Star Wars, Lord of Columbia never would’ve been born. It never would’ve won the Lottery of Book Life, or Series Life. It would’ve remained deep in my mind’s files, never to have seen the light of day.

Ditto for fitness. Ditto. For. Fitness.

They go hand-in-hand, which is weird because in many cases they don’t.

It’s safe to say Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Lord of Columbia did one thing for me: They all set me on a path to be something greater than what I, and many others in their own lives, never thought possible.

But, thanks to my influences, my primary influences, and there are many, many more than just Harry Potter and Star Wars, Lord of Columbia can exist. A healthy, fit Todd Matthews can exist.

A man who looks younger than his age (seriously, I look like I’m seventeen at twenty-seven), can exist so long as he exercises and eats the right food.

So, a special thanks to both Rowling and Lucas, as my readers will know exactly what they’re getting if they choose to invest in Lord of Columbia. When I state it’s Harry Potter meets Star Wars, I’m not fooling around. I’m not kidding; I’m being dead honest. Harry Potter meets Star Wars equals Lord of Columbia.