My Annual NFL Predictions

How the 2018 NFL Season will Play Out

I usually talk about the Deep State, Passion Pursuit, or Libertarian Principle, but every now and again I love to break things up and make them fun. So, today, since it’s Friday, July 20th, just a week before some NFL teams open training camp, it’s time to make my predictions for every team in the NFL.

Now, I used the website playoffpredictors.com, which allowed me to pick every single game in the upcoming season. I’m a huge fan of this time of year, and also, if one reads my debut novel, Lord of Columbia closely, you may see a few NFL references in the new adult, urban fantasy.

Without further ado, let’s get my predictions on:


AFC East:

New England: 14-2: Because who else is taking the AFC East?

Buffalo: 6-10: Josh Allen enters late in the year to give Bills fans hope.

New York Jets: 3-13: Sam Darnold steps in for Josh McCown and proves he should’ve stayed in school.

Miami: 2-14: They were hit hard in free agency and have a quarterback no one in the NFL is sold on.


AFC North:

Cleveland: 11-5: I made a stupid guarantee last season and now I have to own up to it.

Pittsburgh: 11-5: They’re only here because I guaranteed the Browns would win the North in December 2017.

Baltimore: 10-6: I’m interested in seeing the Lamar Jackson-Joe Flacco two-quarterback sets.

Cincinnati: 6-10: They have young talent around them, but also very unsteady quarterback play.


AFC South:

Jacksonville: 13-3: The New Kids on the Block aren’t going anywhere.

Houston: 10-6: DeShaun Watson returns and finishes what he started in 2017.

Indianapolis: 8-8: As long as they have Andrew Luck, they’re halfway decent.

Tennessee: 5-11: Three years ago, I said Marcus Mariota is overrated. He’s going to prove me right.


AFC West:

Los Angeles Chargers: 10-6: Their record would be even better if they were still in San Diego.

Kansas City Chiefs: 10-6: Classic Andy Reid. It’ll be a strong start followed by a heartbreaking finish.

Oakland Raiders: 6-10: After a ten-year exile, Jon Gruden returns to the sidelines, but will he live up to the new NFL?


Denver Broncos: 4-12: Case Keenum won’t repeat his Minnesota magic.



NFC East:

Dallas Cowboys: 12-4: Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott won’t be distracted by a looming suspension this season.

Philadelphia Eagles: 10-6: Let’s face it. If Carson Wentz fails to come back from his ACL injury, the Eagles have a quarterback controversy.

Washington Redskins: 4-12: The Redskins have once again tried to build through free agency and trades. Dan Snyder has yet to learn.

New York Giants: 3-13: Eli Manning’s Swan Song.


NFC North

Green Bay Packers: 11-5: Aaron Rodgers returns and does his best impression of Aaron Rodgers. However, the North is far more competitive with four franchise quarterbacks.

Minnesota Vikings: 9-7: Kirk Cousins puts up pretty numbers, but he’s yet to perform well with the season on the line.

Detroit Lions: 7-9: It seems like the new norm that the Lions are always right on the cusp before things fall flat.

Chicago Bears: 3-13: I love what they’re doing, but they have a lot of work to do.


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons: 11-5: Matt Ryan and Co. pull off their usual heroics.

New Orleans Saints: 11-5: The high-powered Saints offense can score at will, but can they compete with the other teams?

Carolina Panthers: 7-9: It’s an even-number year for Carolina, which means mediocre record and no playoffs.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5-11: They’ve already lost Jameis Winston for three games. It doesn’t help that they play in one of the tougher divisions in football.


NFC West

San Francisco 49ers: 11-5: Jimmy Garoppolo went 5-0 last season. Can he bring the 49ers back?

Los Angeles Rams: 10-6: They took the league by storm last season. They’re not catching anyone off-guard in 2018.

Seattle Seahawks: 8-8: It’s a new era in Seattle, but this team’s reloading for 2019.

Arizona Cardinals: 6-10: Another team in reloading mode.


NFC Championship:

Dallas over San Francisco
Dak Prescott and the Cowboys redeem last season’s collapse.


AFC Championship:

New England over Jacksonville
One final hurrah for 41-year-old Tom Brady


Super Bowl LIII:

Dallas over New England
Tom Brady’s mediocre record against the NFC East in Super Bowls continues.

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