When Writing’s Your Passion, You’re Pursuing Multiple Passions

It’s true. Writing’s where more than a few passions meet. We often write to spread a message, inform, entertain, or a combination thereof, which is what I do. Heck, this whole blog’s purpose is to spread a message, inform, and entertain.

I spread a Libertarian, individualist message.

I tell others how to pursue passion (be it writing or something else) in their hectic lives and give tips on how to write.

And, I like to entertain with my conspiracy posts, like the Deep State and these days, the Bohemian Grove.

Lord of Columbia fits the same mold. I inform others on Libertarianism while trying to persuade them into following it without sounding preachy (thank goodness for dialogue). I do this through an entertaining story with compelling characters.

It’s comparable to how C.S. Lewis spread a Christian message in Chronicles of Narnia, and though I’m not about to spread a Christian message, one of pro-liberty, reason, and enlightenment are my main goals.


Passion Meets Passion

But take this post seriously, because writing really is where passion meets passion. Make a list of three things that are very important to you right now.

Here are mine:

1. Libertarianism

2. Fitness

3. Sports (namely, the Cleveland Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers)

Only one thing combines the three passions, and that’s writing. The same can be done for you, too. And better yet, you can even, say, place all three passions into a novel…I’m giving Lord of Columbia spoilers left and right here.

But really, you can even freelance write in all these avenues. There are many places that accept freelance work from anyone, just write a solid, fact-based article.

Yes, you can literally make money off your passions, and better yet, if you do decide to write books on them, as I’m doing with Lord of Columbia and later, Comeback Kid, it’s another cash flow. Best yet, you can even write self-help or how-to books if you have expertise in a field, as I have with fitness, since I’ve worked as a personal trainer for almost six years.


Combining, Yet Dividing

Even better, if you wanted to write in multiple genres, or write in fiction and non-fiction alike, you can even adopt a pen name, as I plan on doing for my non-fiction work. Some writers do this for fiction, others non-fiction, and still others adopt several pen names if they want to distinguish different series and titles.

Keep in mind it takes multiple platforms to do so, as many who follow you in one avenue may only want to read a certain genre. For instance, I have two Twitter accounts, one under my real name and another under a pen name. The account under my real name are full of writers and readers who like fantasy, or in Lord of Columbia’s case, urban fantasy, and adult-oriented work.

It’s one of my few target markets for Lord of Columbia. Also, those who enjoy Ayn Rand’s work may be interested in Lord of Columbia, as I’ve stated it’s a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution. And of course, if you like Robert Heinlein, you may fall in love with Lord of Columbia, despite the differences in genre. Obviously, if you’re a genre-reader and you like the above works but fantasy of any kind isn’t your cup of tea, you won’t enjoy Lord of Columbia. But if you read for the messages and themes, as I tend to, Lord of Columbia may be worth looking into.

But in my experience, more readers may be genre-specific, so I’d obviously never market an informative book on liberty in the Ron Paul mold, as no one on any of my social media, or blog followers for that matter, would look into it. I’d have to rely on paid promotion, SEO and keywords to stand a chance at making sales.

Then, there’s fitness, which it seems everyone is interested in these days, at least to an extent. Not everyone, and that’s fine, but it seems everyone is at least going to embark on a health kick at one time or another. Any fitness-oriented book will be geared toward those looking for permanent lifestyle changes. Nothing crazy, like insane gym workouts, or you have to eat this way or take this supplement, but common-sense, realistic, zero-fad lifestyle changes that the health and fitness market desperately needs.

Finally, there’s my non-fiction work, one of which is…somewhere between a memoir and an autobiography…I’m still conducting research on this one and I’m very, very raw in the non-fiction scope of things. But, the premise here depicts my first six years as a trainer from 2012 to 2018.

And let me tell you, if you want to read a story that’s a work-based sitcom in the same mold as The Office or Cheers, it’s the book for you. I’m planning a 2019 release date. It’s very politically incorrect, and most of the stories are those I’d never recommend you do at your work place, as it’ll probably lay the grounds for job termination.

But, the party-like atmosphere, drinking on the job, and a few other ‘events’ I won’t mention here is worth a nice, little escape for anyone looking to take a break from their dreary, hectic lifestyles. All I’m going to say is, prepare to strap in for a wild ride.



So, make your list right now, because we all love to write, and we all have our reasons for writing. Perhaps we had a bad childhood, or problems connecting with others in grade or middle school? Maybe we were successful in school and faltered in adulthood, only to mount a comeback? Or better yet, maybe we never had a chance in life, were plunged into terrible trouble, and managed to get out of such trouble and win the day?

Something burning deep inside you is telling you to write your story and share it with the world. We all have an amazing story inside us, and contrary to what many say, I think they are all publishable. We all had something, an event, or an idea, that made us who we are today. We’ve all faced trials, we’ve all faced hardship, and we’re all imperfect.

If all of the above isn’t true, you aren’t human. But I know we can definitely relate somehow to what I’ve written, and are pursuing writing because of something that is dying to get off our chests.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.