Ray Bradbury, George Orwell, Plus Other Authors Were the Pioneers

If there’s one thing globalists absolutely hate, it’s books, and it’s one reason why I’m pursuing writing. Ray Bradbury predicted this when he wrote Fahrenheit 451. Heck, George Orwell saw law enforcement parties (at least that’s the way I interpret the Outer Party) make up fake books and sell them to the public.

Globalists hate books, and writers can fight big brother by releasing them to the world.

But, most choose not to and are staving off Bradbury’s prediction. Instead, writers are playing into globalist hands.

When you have these weird erotic books (not to say some erotica isn’t good) that totally distract the public, it appears Orwell’s on the right track; create books that will keep the public sedated and I believe he mentions ‘sex’ as one of the many things keeping them that way.

Orwell refers to the public as the Proles, and that any hope rests with them. However, the Proles are too distracted to realize they’ve been duped into a false sense of prosperity. It sounds eerily similar to many people today, especially when compared to corporate, banking, and government elites. People we see as rich aren’t rich.
But, this is where it lays, in George Orwell’s message.

Us writers can fight globalism, elitism, communism, and anything else they want to bestow upon us. And best yet, we can write about this stuff in just about any genre, effectively throwing Big Brother off.


Tying Some Loose Strings

Before I continue, the following is appropriate to mention.

Now, I have a lot of liberals who follow me on both my blog and Twitter, and I’m typically branded a liberal myself because I tend to be critical of Donald Trump, which he usually deserves. But for those of you who followed me on my old blog, I was also very critical, if not more so, of Barack Obama. I’m no liberal. Not in the slightest.

But communism and socialism fail. I don’t care if you put the words ‘Democratic’ in front of it, it’s going to fail. The Soviet Union and Venezuela are prime examples.

The Scandinavian countries are not socialist, that’s a lie. In fact, the US has more government interference in its economy and less economic freedom than the Scandinavian nations.

Socialism is taking the fruits of one’s labor and giving it to someone else. In doing so, force is involved, which goes against the three basic rights of a man or woman’s life, liberty, and property.


Why It Matters

Why this brief economics lesson?

Who here remembers being in public schools?

Public schools are state-run institutions. We read books approved by the state. Our class courses were approved by the state. Every little action we took was recorded on a video camera. We were taught when to change classes and when not to at the sound of a bell. We were punished if we didn’t comply. We were awarded only when we recited text from state-approved books. Big Brother starts our compliance off early.

Sounds like Defense Against the Dark Arts when Dolores Umbridge taught the class in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It’s also worth noting how concerned Hermione Granger was in this book, openly stating the Ministry of Magic was interfering at Hogwarts.

And the state’s been interfering in public schools. After twelve years of being indoctrinated in a public institution, the state feels you’re ready for the real world, where you’re to work for a living, and make these bankers, governments, and corporations a lot of money and in some cases, enforce their policies, sometimes brutally. And trust me, twelve years of cognitive conditioning is hard to break, but few of us have done it through hard work.

But, here’s what jumps out at me the most. We learned about John Maynard Keynes and Karl Marx. Two big government central-planners. We learned about Leninism. We learned about when, in times of war, we had to give up civil liberties for more security bestowed to us by government. We were made to recite these things.

We learned about FDR’s New Deal and how it supposedly saved the world. We learned of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, and how it somehow advanced humanity. We learned about Reaganomics, which was nothing more than massive government spending.

In college, I was told the government had to bail out the auto and housing industries to save jobs and keep people afloat.

It was big government after big government after big government force-fed down our throats.

But does anyone recall learning about Adam Smith? Anyone recall Ludwig von Mises? Lew Rockwell? Murray Rothbard? The Austrian School of Economics?

Think about it. We learned about Keynesianism, and how President Richard Nixon once proclaimed, “We’re all Keynesians now.” But they never told us about the original system of economics that made America great once upon a time.


Globalism and Education

It leads to globalism. Our educational system justifies American interventionism overseas to fuel the military-industrial complex. They’re molding us to think this way, that if America didn’t set up bases all over the world, the very thought makes me absolutely sick, that some evil entity is going to attack the world.

We have bases in First World Countries like those in Western Europe.


Well, until yesterday, I guess it had something to do with Russia, which I’ll never, ever, ever believe unless Vladimir Lenin or Joseph Stalin rise from the dead. Then they might have a point, because it’s why NATO was created in the first place, 70% of which comprises of US troops. It’s a world army run by the US, let’s not fool ourselves.

But there’s no reason for NATO to exist today, and America knows it. Trump knows it. Putin knows it. I know it. There’s no enemy, yet the media has people duped like they’re a bunch of Proles. People have lost the ability to speak for themselves. Fair and simple. People have lost the ability to think for themselves.

Russia has done…what, exactly?

Vladimir Putin’s crime? He’s the number one enemy of Jacob Rothschild and George Soros…globalists! Listen, a man named Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, happens to be good friends with these people. Murdoch will go out of his way to make Putin look like a violent, corrupt bastion.

Don’t you believe it for a single second.


Where Writing Comes In

It’s where writing comes in. Like I’ve said: Lord of Columbia isn’t just a series. It’s a Manifesto. It’s a Libertarian Revolution Manifesto, and though not present in Book One, subsequent books make a lot of references to Rothschild and Soros-like characters. Lord of Columbia, at the end of the day, fights the real culprits, who brand themselves as philanthropists and act like they’re doing good in the world.

Well, those of us who question their motives are the ones who’ll be branded in their media outlets as the bad guys. These people hated Orwell, Bradbury, and any other author who wants to go out of their way to tell the public about these sick people.

But, it’s where we come in as writers. We can research and see through the lies. We can craft a story that entertains yet informs. We can alert the public on who these people really are. Globalists, and in truth, men like Vladimir Putin is their number one enemy.

Thanks for reading.