Those Who Believe Their Dreams Will Become Reality Succeed

Sure, you need to put in the work. Yes, you need to stay up at least eighteen hours per day. Yes, you need to sacrifice weekends, social time, and perhaps even friendships to realize your dreams. You need to break down obstacles every single day.

But, above all else, you need to believe you can achieve. Believers are achievers, and those who believe their dreams will become reality succeed.

If you’re working toward a goal without belief it’ll happen, if you admit defeat before the battle even begins, bad things will happen. However, if you, despite the odds, realize you can achieve much more than the average person (average people are average because they choose to be), you will end up achieving more than the average person.


What Separates the Believer from the Average or Unbelievers?

It’s simple.

Believers are willing to make sacrifices. They’re not any better of people than those who are average or those who believe success won’t come their way because of some lame excuse like being a “product of circumstances;” they’re just willing to sacrifice everything including the kitchen sink.

Us believers are willing to spend all weekend long working on our craft while everyone else is out and enjoying the warm, July weather or during the cooler months, watching football or celebrating their respective holiday. We’re willing to give it all up. We aren’t going to happy hour on a Friday night. We aren’t going to a sporting event, clubbing, or watching the latest Netflix binge.


We’re Working

How many hours do we put in each week?

Well, we have one-hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week, so we’ll put in as many hours as necessary within these one-hundred and sixty-eight hours. If it means sleeping four hours a night, we’re willing. If it means spending every waking moment outside our day job, we’re willing.



We realize our goals, and we also realize the amount of work needed to achieve them. Even if we have, say, two competing passions and one must go, the one we hold closer to us will prevail.


We Begin with the End

Believers who are achievers begin with the end. In other words, we already see the final product in our minds, so all we need to do is figure out how to get there. Many claim they want this, or want that, but can’t see it. When they can’t see the final product, they’re going to get side-tracked.

Further, when one tries to add-on to their current lifestyle, they’re destined to fail. You can’t pursue a passionate goal by adding it onto what you already have. You’ll never see it through to the end.

It’s just like when I was in fitness.

Far too often, too many clients stated they wanted to change, but they never began with the end. They never visualized what they wanted. Instead, they wanted to add fitness in to their current lifestyle and no matter how often one trains, they’ll always fall short.
And as the title of this article implies: Those who want something but can’t believe in themselves enough to see it through to the end aren’t going to.

Belief in oneself is powerful, and this bodes true with everyone. I’ve tried writing many times before, as between 2005 and 2015, there were times as mentioned in previous articles, I’d write here or there. But to actually finish what I’d started? I never thought it’d be possible, because most who sit down to write a book never finish it.

But like I’ve mentioned in the past: It changed in 2015 when I saw not myself being lauded by others for a finished product, but what this product had done for others. As mentioned in a recent article, Lord of Columbia is a Manifesto for a Libertarian Revolution.



Before you embark on any journey in passion pursuit, you need to be able to see where you’re going. Begin with the end, and die empty. That’s one of the most inspiring statements I’ve ever heard in my life. It means begin by seeing the end goal in sight, and when one dies, we’ve fulfilled everything we’ve set out to do.

You need to see the end in your mind before you see it in person. To do so means to believe beyond the shadow of a doubt you can get to where you want to go. You need to know you’re destined for greater things than what you have now, and regardless of what others say, and there is going to be a lot of negativity, especially in the early stages, you need to tune it out. You must know where you’re headed, and why you’re headed in such a direction.

If you come across any naysayer, be they friend, family, co-worker, whomever, throw them to the wayside and be unapologetic about it. This is your life. Only you can control where you go. If you build or design a good enough product and do what’s required, people will buy and you’ll succeed in something you’ve always desired success in.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.