Mid-July! Jamboree in the…Monte Rio, California?

Weaving the Spider’s Web at the Bohemian Grove

While millions assemble to celebrate the end of the World Cup and millions more celebrate the Super Bowl of Country Music called Jamboree in the Hills, in Belmont, Ohio, I’m going to give you a little information on the most mysterious, and dangerous meetings of the minds in the world today…the two-week retreat at the Bohemian Grove.

Here, the political elites, CEOs, comedians, actors, and foreign officials assemble to one of the strangest and most disturbing rituals ever seen by man.

Today, I watched a few videos on those who’ve been brave enough to infiltrate the Bohemian Grove. For the sake of safety and privacy, I won’t mention any names, but this is something I want everyone to be aware of as these elites discuss, well, how to run the world, and how to exploit you.


Police Aren’t Working for You, They Work for the Government and Elites

One of the sources of which I gathered information managed to make conversation with a few limo drivers bringing in guests. Posing as someone who was simply lost and needed to find his way to another location, he approached the drivers out of curiosity.

Here’s what they revealed:

1. Any trespasser will be put in jail without due process. And that’s if the cops are in a good mood.

2. Snipers are in the woods surrounding the grove, hiding among the trees.

3. Typically, the police and guards will shoot any trespasser first, and ask questions later.

4. Limo drivers are trained to never ask questions to those they’re chauffeuring into the grove. In return, they receive special perks if they follow the rules.

5. Freedom of Assembly is abolished by local law enforcement, state troopers, and the secret service who also present. Not only will assembly for protest be discouraged, one driver told a story on how a woman encroaching the premises with a sign had been beaten to within an inch of her life by police with metal poles. The police later stated they intended to kill the unsuspecting woman.

6. Police and sheriffs are also barred from entry unless they’re called out to assist with apprehending an infiltration.

7. K-9 units are present with snipers in the woods, and state troopers patrol the streets leading to the area.

8. If this isn’t enough, barbed wire and security cameras are everywhere.



The sources I’ve come across managed to infiltrate so far into the grove. This done by following the Russian River and entering from the side. Even then, it’s always possible to come across local law enforcement working for the political elite.

The best way to infiltrate the grove in this day and age is to fly a drone into the compound, capture footage, fly it out, and get the hell out of Dodge.

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