Why Sacrificing Everything is Worth It

I’m ready to sacrifice everything for my writing. A few years ago I was a serious, passionate personal trainer and today, my passion for writing has superseded everything that involved working as a trainer.

Why? Todd, it was a dream to be a trainer?

It was….in high school.

My child’s dream, the what do you want to do when you grow up dream was never fitness. It was never personal training.

Sure, I love to workout and there are days I’ll workout as much as three times and never fewer than two.

But no, writing was always it.


But, what motivates me to write?

Seeing America fall further into Stockholm Syndrome with overreliance on corporations and government.

It’s a disservice to the people for me to sit on the sidelines, stand by, and do nothing about it.

And no, I’m not a radical crazy who wants to create a violent revolution.

I’m a writer and I write about my views, which shine in Lord of Columbia, which shine in Comeback Kid. It’s Libertarianism, and perhaps the works of Ayn Rand in a way shaped my own writing.

More than just Ayn Rand; a lot of Libertarian-anarcho-capitalists have and still do to this day.

Fame and fortune?

A nice bonus, but not the key here.

Freedom and living the way I want?

Now, you’re talking.

So, what motivates you to write?

Are you like me, and have an idea you have to get out to the public?

Or, do you want to entertain others and nothing more?

Perhaps you’re an expert in a certain field and you want to inform others?

Hey, my fitness background will be perfect for future fitness-related books, which I do wish to write in due time.


Find Your Motivator

What’s the original idea, the goal, the desire, that made you pick up a pen or get behind a computer screen?

That’s your initial motivator.

Any day you feel down and out, unmotivated, or just wish to sit around, think of this original idea, goal, and desire. Remember why you started, and why you’ve sacrificed so much to release this message to the world around you.

Why is it important, and why are you the one qualified to write it?

Answer these questions honestly.

And the greatest thing about being a writers is you don’t need a degree in creative writing to write, or if on the non-fiction side, you don’t need a degree in say, economics to write about economics.

Having a degree in nonfiction certainly helps, but it’s not required. Hey, Ron Paul doesn’t have a degree in economics and he predicts economic booms and busts better than any economist out there.

So, what is it you hold close to you?

And it can be anything. Anything, any message of any issue you need to get into the public, regardless if I agree with it or not, should be out in the public. I don’t care if it’s hardcore Conservative or hardcore Liberal.

All voices deserve to be heard. No one in America should be silenced, or should be censored, on any issue. Even if such issues are eventually un-Constitutional, at least their voices on such issues should be heard.


My Motivator

For me, Libertarianism is important because everyone and their mother are either Republican or Democrat, and if you look at Republican beliefs versus Democratic beliefs, there is zero bi-partisanship, and whatever one party believes the other disagrees with.
Unless when it actually comes down to government spending or fueling the military-industrial complex.

Then, both Parties agree. Both agree to fuel the warfare-welfare state. Both agree on foreign intervention in countries that pose zero threat to US National Security, and both love domestic spending, don’t let these Parties fool you.

And President Trump signs these big government bills into law, just like President Obama did. They’re a continuation of one another’s organization. The only reason Republicans hated Obama was because he had a (D) behind his name. As for Trump, it’s because he has an ® behind his name, and that’s it.

But, if I wrote books in this manner, people wouldn’t buy, and my message would never spread.


Because both hardcore, mainstream Republicans and Democrats don’t want to hear it. They don’t want to hear they’re fueling an empire, and not fighting for freedom and democracy.

And I’ll continue to carry on the message started by America’s Founders.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.