Turn Your Passion into Income, Then Live Free

Okay, people who follow this blog are probably thinking I’m sort of conspiracy theorist who’s totally off my rocker when it comes to everything. Todd’s going to motivate me to one day firing my boss, to showing me that Libertarianism is the true way to really be free (contrary to mainstream thought), and he’s going to tell me both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are deep state assets.

Yes, yes, and yes.

But today I want to tell you how to monetize your passion and what I’ve learned over 2018.

When I first decided to embark on becoming an indie-author over one who is traditionally published, the main attraction was freedom. I have the freedom to run my own show, contrary to traditionally published authors. Furthermore, traditional publishers own less and less of the market each year, taken over by indies.

Sure, indie books can be hit or miss with homemade colors and full of textual errors with mediocre plots and characters, but even from a traditionally published standpoint, a publisher is banking on one or two books to succeed while the others go to the wayside. In other words, some weak indie books will get a makeover the second their author does research, realizes their mistake, pulls the book, and turns it into a respectable seller.


How My Writing Really Took Off

For another, I hate working for others and I hate being told what to do. Something I loved about the gym I worked at in Weirton was the owners and management giving me the freedom I wanted.

Talk about the deep state, back in Weirton, I was the deep state, the non-manager with the power to tell the managers and the owner what to do. It’s the exact reason most gyms don’t want one trainer training eighty-five percent of the client base, as I’d done in Weirton. They’ll get way too much power.

When I got into White Oak, I had considerably less power and was forced to succumb to some, but not overbearing power. It was tolerable, but I craved the days of old in Weirton, so I applied to and was hired in Wexford, a new club.

From September to February, things felt like the old days, but starting in March, I came to dislike the place, as both the owner cracked down on everything and the manager became dictatorial. The free spirit manager I’d met before was no more and in came this money-hungry tyrant who only cared about the personal training draft, and that every move geared toward the clients was to get them to purchase more training.

I tell you, my experience suffered, but it bonded me closer with my writing, so at the end of the day, it’s mission accomplished. During these stressful periods, especially after leaving Weirton and venturing into White Oak, the only thing I had to turn to was my writing.

I didn’t have enough for cable or internet, nor did I really want to invest in them anyway, as I could always go to a library for internet and cable is a distraction. So, I kept perfecting Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights, starting in January 2017. I spent the last year-and-half perfecting it over the course of the year and drafting its sequels.

My writing became my true escape and the more freedom I felt writing, and the more restraint I felt at work. Only one thing made sense: Eventually get out of the fitness industry and learn to make a living writing.


There Are Lots of Ways

There are lots of ways to make a living writing, and whatever your passion is, there are a lot of ways to monetize your passion.

This past week, I studied freelance places to submit, compiled my list, and narrowed them down. Now’s the fun part: Writing and researching sound articles! As mentioned a few days back, I came across how to submit to the Mises Institute, one of my favorite Libertarian think-tanks to read from. They don’t pay, but they give great exposure.

I found several places to submit short stories (if I ever manage to compile a story into 8,000 words or less!), philosophic articles regarding civil liberties, and other unique places. The second step to freelancing is to write the articles and provide sound research. Then, submit.

Running my own indie-author business is another dream about to come true. September 1st will see my first work, Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights get released to the public and if you’d like to purchase a copy, I’ll have links up on my site and attached to my articles. Just click the link, read the description, and if it’s something you’d be interested in, feel free to purchase!

Running one’s own indie-author business is simply another cash flow, ditto for freelancing. As stated previously, YouTube videos are coming as well, as early as next weekend, commencing with a little book trailer regarding Lord of Columbia. I promise you, it’ll be epic.


Research Your Passion and Never Stop Researching

I can’t stress enough about research. For instance, I had zero idea of all the work that goes into being an indie-author just to make a decent income. I’ve been researching nonstop since December to give myself a good idea on how the business works. And never, ever stop researching.

The more you research, the more you must implement. The more you implement, the more your name gets out into the public in your field, and the more your name gets out into the public in your field, the more success you’re going to see. Pursue this, monetize it, then make a living off your passion.

It’s not an easy path; it’s a difficult, rocky, and at times dangerous one. However, if you’re slaving away in a job you don’t want, in a job you never dreamed you’d be stuck in, if you’re at a dead end, or just want to pursue what you’ve always wanted, the choice should be easy.

You need to research and implement. Anything you learn, apply. Find creative ways to make this work. Talk to people online, build an online following, network, develop connections, talk to like-minded people, and let everyone and their mother know what you’re doing.


Cashflow, Cashflow, Cashflow

Find as many cash flows as you can. For me, it’s blog, freelance, creative writing. It’s an iron triangle, in other words. Whatever your passion is, find three ways to make a cashflow. A blog can be used in so many different areas, so by putting ads on it will be a big help for you. Also, a blog can create implicit revenue. Create relevant, up-to-date, engaging posts which others will share across social media platforms.

When someone shares to their friends or followers, your chances of being discovered by a new audience skyrocket. When this happens, make sure you have a product available that will be beneficial to your new readers. You might just make another buck or two.

Find what the people want. A great way to do this is to use Quora, a site where people ask questions and provide answers. Signing up and using the site is free, and you can also link your blog to the site. I check Quora once or twice a week to see what people are asking. Talk about being relevant and up to date.

Go where the people are. I love to utilize Twitter and Facebook as ways to spread my message and blog, but NOT to talk nonstop about my products. I find this very annoying and if I receive a DM or see a profile or two on my newsfeed constantly trying to get me to buy their product, I’m either blocking them or unfollowing their page.

People on social media don’t want to be bombarded with ads, crowdfunding campaigns, or being told to buy a product. Do you enjoy seeing endless ads? Instead, use social media to build your following, be fun, engaging, and friendly. I’m not saying to never advertise on social media but do it sparingly.

For instance, I only talk about Lord of Columbia once or twice a month. The last time I even mentioned I had a book coming out was June 28th, when I shared my book cover. The next time I talk about it will be to share my book trailer, and the time after that will be when I first set up a link for others to order the book, and that’s it.

I talked about Lord of Columbia once in June, will talk about it once in July, and once in August. I’m using paid book promotion to give it a nice, little sales boost via book promo sites so their email lists, actual readers, will see ads to the books. Hopefully, I’ll get a few sales.

If you’re asking how I expect to sell my books to my following, my tribe, those who follow me via social media, it’s to continue posting my regular Tweets, which I’ll post once every hour or two.

My following loves and have come to expect motivational Tweets with the occasional fantasy scenery pictures. I’ve found these get me the most retweets. Notice I didn’t say likes. I don’t care about likes. People like posts without reading them all the time. If a post is retweeted on Twitter or shared on Facebook, it means someone read it. If it’s a like, it’s a tossup.

Just to review, the best ways to find new cashflows is to post relevant information on relevant topics. Have something in it for the reader to the point they’re willing to share your advice to others, which will open up new audience channels and maybe a few more potential buyers.

And again, never, ever, ever tell people to constantly donate to your campaign or buy your book or product. Or if you’re talking to others on social media, never ask them if they’re considering buying your book or product. It’s a turnoff.

I’d like to thank everyone for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.