Nope, I’m Passionate. Passion over Everything

Do you know what’s funny?


Those who have the blood and guts available to spill when pursuing their deepest dreams tend to end up on top of many lists once the reach the pinnacle of success.


How many of us have ever felt down and out?


I know I have, especially when I’m forgoing a fifty-hour a week job in the field I went to school for complete with insurances and benefits.


Yeah, and everyone around me are either having kids or working such jobs in something.


I’ll stick to blogging and come September 1st, indie-publishing, as I begin gathering research for freelance articles to submit in a few weeks’ time.


Does one need a job on the side to survive?


Most definite.


But, we don’t want that job to label us.



Screw that.


In fact, it’s the way we fund our passion, and nothing else.


But wow, what if we just took the full gig, benefits, and retirement plan?


Yeah, we’d probably be set for life.


But, isn’t that what everyone does?


Crazy, but Persistent

How many of us have parents, grandparents, and even friends who think we’re crazy for not going the traditional route in life?

You know, those parents who want their kids to get a job, make a living, and, well, just work for a company you never thought you’d ever work for in your life and never planned to.

But, they pay well.

But, you get weekends off and two weeks’ vacation each year.

Todd, you’re crazy not to give up on what you’ve always wanted to take this thing.



They’ll take care of you, and any family you may have. They’ll give you everything you need to live.

See, that’s where my independent attitude contradicts corporate Stockholm syndrome. That’s exactly what happens; Stockholm syndrome. It’s not Libertarianism; it’s corporatism.

I’m sorry, but you can take your benefits, your 401(k), your retirement plan, your social security, your everything and shove it.

When you work a job you see value in, that can spread a message, can reach and change people, well, it’s worth more than anything listed above.

When you embark on your own journey (sure, working another job will fund this thing, but that’s it) you’re feeling a sense of independence, sense of self, humanitarianism, passion, desire, and anything else you can fit into that category.

When you embark on your own journey, you’re taking the road less traveled, and that’s what made all the difference.


Pitfalls and Slumps

Not to say pitfalls and slumps won’t be part of this. Again, you’re forgoing a lot here. You’re sacrificing the big position at work. You’re sacrificing higher pay by sacrificing the big position. You may be the hardest worker they got, but you have an ulterior motive.

The stress of such a decision may eat at you, and sometimes regret may step in. But you must continue to plow forward, look ahead, and seek a brighter day.

You hold your passion to a higher regard, and $30,000 per year will give you all you need to continue working toward your passion in favor of $50,000, $60,000, or $70,000 per year. Sure, everyone and their mother will find you crazy.

Except your tribe. Those followers, those awaiting your book release, those in a similar position as you and are feeling the same torment but you’re their motivator. You’re the one who stepped in and said, “Without hesitation, I didn’t take the promotion, and make this place my entire life.”



Because your day job isn’t your life. It’s a cash flow, and that’s it. I’m not branding myself as a victim to corporate America. I’m not playing the little corporate game. I handed back the $70,000 check and took $30,000 instead, because I knew what I wanted, and it’s passion, not money.

My passion, writing, defines me, and who I am. Not a corporation. Not a place that looks to bribe others out of achieving their dreams, out of pursuing their dreams. No, I’m not going to state, “I work for the greatest company ever” like so many people I know.

No, I’m not going to drop to my knees and engage in corporate worship. No, I’m not going to pledge my life to a corporation. No, I’m not going to state, “Without them, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”


Because it’s a free market, at-will society, and I’m exchanging my time for compensation. I’m exchanging my services for compensation. I’m choosing to go in there and give my services.

But, it’s all for the ulterior motive.

It’s all for my own business. It’s all for the passion, the journey I’m embarking on. That, right there, is exactly why I’ll never give up my passion, work five to six days a week for a corporation, let them rule my life, make them a lot of money, and thank them for the opportunity.



So, am I crazy?



No, I’m passionate, and so are you.



Thanks for reading.