242 Years Later: America’s Founding Fathers Wouldn’t Approve

Today’s America Isn’t the America the Founding Fathers Envisioned

America’s founding fathers wouldn’t approve of today’s America. America has become the very Empire the Founding Fathers wanted to break away from.


We live in a state of perpetual war, constant fear, cognitive conditioning and shaping via the media and public schools and are even spied on by the government daily.

Today’s America isn’t the America the Founding Fathers envisioned. Today, the government can detain and assassinate any American for even being suspected of wrongdoing as it relates to terrorism, a war on which will never end and has no end in sight.

Since 9/11, the Patriot Act has allowed such an overreach of spying on American citizens, including phone records, text records, emails, and even one’s own Google searches. The invasion of privacy was restrained by the Constitution just in case an event like 9-11 could happen.

However, such acts are nothing new. In the 20th Century, Americans accused of being Soviet spies were given harsh penalties. In World War II, Japanese Americans were put into concentration camps simply due to their race, no different than what Adolf Hitler did to the Jewish people in Europe.

Even as early as the late-1790’s, John Adams passed the Alien and Sedition Acts, the latter of which jailed any American or journalist who spoke ill of then-President John Adams. It was an act endorsed by George Washington and brutally demonized by Thomas Jefferson, who soon after was sworn in as President.

The Founding Fathers would be embarrassed by the nation they created if they could see it today. Perpetual war has been ongoing since the turn into the 20th century when the Spanish were wrongfully blamed for attacking the USS Maine in 1898, commencing America’s conquest of global imperialism.

Since then, all of America’s wars have been based on lies, under the guise of humanitarianism and spreading democracy to underprivileged nations. However, the word ‘democracy’ never appears in the Constitution. It’s an abomination to We, the People to even be considered a democracy, as it simply means if we wanted to, we could instill a Communist dictatorship, something prevented by the Constitution.

The United States, at its purest is a Constitutional Republic made up of laws. Not manmade laws, but Natural Law, a law which no man can break. However, throughout the two-hundred and forty-two years of American history, such laws have been broken time and again, restraining and usurping Americans’ civil liberties.

While civil liberties are being restrained at home, nations are being torn apart abroad. The ‘strongest military in the world’ has been stuck in a third-world nation for seventeen years, still fighting a war. They’ve been in Iraq for fifteen years. Both nations are no better off.

They helped overthrow the Libyan government, which is today one of the most notorious governments on Earth. They’re trying to overthrow both the Syrian and Iranian regimes, which are relatively tolerant toward the Christian population.


In Syria, the Assad government is fighting coalitions like al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS. Yet the United States, as they’ve been doing since the 1940’s, have been trying to overthrow the Syrian government with one that is pro-American by allying with the likes of al-Qaeda.

They’re demonizing Iran simply because of Iran’s interests in the region and it has nothing to do with being a military threat. It’s important to note eighty-two percent of Iran’s exports are from oil. The only threat Iran poses to the United States is threatening America’s oil interests, by wanting to sell oil to the European Union.

Ditto for Russia. Sixty-three percent of Russia’s exports included fuel product, and twenty-sox percent natural gas.


Now for the kicker. Who is Russia trading with? Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belarus, among other European nations.

Oil is the reason the US is demonizing both Iran and Russia. Guys, the real terrorists here is the United States of America.



Follow the money. It’s all about the oil. If other countries are openly trading with America’s manufactured enemies, they’re automatically branded the bad guy. It’s like being in a relationship where a man’s girlfriend is friends with someone of the opposite gender, and he’s the jealous type.



This was made apparent this week when Donald Trump threatened to pull out of NATO because European Union countries weren’t spending enough on national defense, citing Russia as a threat and playing victim, stating the United States has to come to the European Union’s aid to defend them against the Russians.

However, if Russia is truly a threat, would Germany be trading with them?

Instead, Trump acts as if Russia is forcing Germany and the EU to purchase oil from them and Iran, further making them look like the bad guy.

It’s appropriate to say here that the only nation fueling terrorists is the United States of America, who are selling billions of dollars in weapons to Saudi Arabia, a totalitarian Wahhabi state where conversion from Islam is punishable by death. A place where atheists and anyone denying the Islamic faith are killed. A place where Christians (unlike in Syria and Iran) are killed if they openly practice their faith. And, Saudi Arabia is a nation bombarding women and children each day in Yemen with weapons purchased from the United States.

The United States is also backing terrorist organizations in Syria to fight the Assad regime, including al-Qaeda and ISIS. Bashar Assad has openly stated the US needs to get out of the way, as they’re intervening in the nation un-invited, unlike Russia and Iran, who are fighting these terrorist groups receiving funding from the CIA and the Pentagon.

Yes, it’s a sad day for America, and it’s sad to realize what the Founding Fathers would be thinking right now if they saw the evil bastion America has become to the world.


Instead of becoming a friend, an example, and a viable trading partner to the world, America has become an enemy who places politics over people.

When their for-profit interests are threatened overseas, they’ll demonize anyone they feel is responsible for threatening their interests, in this case it’s Russia and Iran, two nations whose economies are built off oil sales.

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