The Greatest Risk You’ll Ever Take

For me, it’s ultimatum time. I could continue to train and put all my energies into it or I could devote myself to running a writing business full-time and getting it off the ground.

The choice was easy.

Though people long thought of me as the fitness guy, my little shift over past year-and-a-half made people realize I was something else, someone new, to them, anyway.


Always a Writer

Deep down I’d always been a writer but had run away from the craft back in 2005 as I didn’t think it was masculine enough for some strange reason. Going to a small, public school where at least half the kids were athletes didn’t help, coupled with the fact we had very few clubs other than athletics or music-based clubs to choose.

When you went to Edison High School and you were a writer, you were an outcast. When you’re fourteen-year-old and you’re an outcast, you strive to make things right with yourself, so you fit in.


Fitting In

So, I did just that, and from 2005 to 2015, fitness became my number one thing. From 2012 to 2015, it became my obsession, until I started writing again for a hobby. Little did I know three years later the tide would’ve shifted so much that I’d be faced with the ultimate ultimatum. Fitness or writing? They’re both businesses that need more than forty-hours a week’s worth of attention, at least off the bat.

I made decent money living as a personal trainer, and while I shifted my focus to creative writing, I took three years to really hone it down, the last eight months even more so. By doing so, it became an obsession all over again, and fitness (though I do workout twice a day) faded away.


Cost Versus Benefits

I knew what I wanted, and it’d be one hell of a risk.

So here I am, using My Freedom Flame to document my journey in…pursuing passion.
To help you all build the courage to…pursue passion.

To tell you that sometimes to achieve a great benefit, you must pay a hefty cost.
I’ve had people tell me, and maybe you’ve had similar experiences, that they had a passion for something and would love to pursue it, but the cost of doing so outweighed the benefit of their current job.

Why not strive to be different?

Why join and be a part of the drones who all think, act, and portray life in an identical way?

Do you know what’s more sickening about these people?

They’ll tell you this stuff with a smile and a bow, as if they’re the enlightened ones in society. Oh, I have a good-paying job with benefits, so I’m set for the rest of muh life when I can collect muh retirement and muh social security.


Speaking of Social Security

Too bad social security is the biggest government social welfare program ever made.
How many of us had parents or grandparents stating, “You need to start collecting social security, you need to start collecting social security. If you aren’t collecting social security, you’re going to affect muh social security.”

Oh, it’s the biggest public scam in existence today and if anyone wants to be on the social security dole when they’re in their sixties or late-sixties, it means after all this long time of hating on government welfare programs, I am talking to you, Republicans, I guess you were all frauds the entire time.

Because they have that good-old retirement check going for them while making a living in something they never thought they’d do until they reached high school or even college.

And I briefly fell into that trap when I spurned writing and started insisted on taking up fitness as a career in…high school and college.


First Love

My view on fitness in grade school and middle school?

Never thought of it as a career.

Sometimes, I feel like a recovering drug addict.

But now, guess what, we’re taking the plunge into darkness. By doing so, it’s the greatest risk you’ll ever take, but from those who’ve taken such a risk, they’ll tell you it’s the greatest decision they’ve ever made in their lives.

Yes, the road’s dark.

Yes, you may have to slave away at a warehouse job or something like that as you’re building your dynasty that you’ve always dreamed of, just to fund it. And yes, you might look back and ask yourself why you didn’t just take the green in a job you liked, never loved, but liked, while the going was still good.

But in time, you’ll be much better off.

Hey, I’m twenty-seven and I can attest it’s best to start this now, while you’re still young, rather than wait. Here I am, putting in three-quarters of my waking hours into doing what I’ve always dreamed of as a kid.

Seventy-seven hours per week.

Right now, I’m currently looking for a gig to fund such a passion, such an addiction, until this little love affair I have with writing pays off.

It’s worth forgoing a training career.

Writing was my first love, and I never should’ve abandoned it (for the most part, I did write from time to time between 2005 and 2015) for ten years.


Ten wasted years?

I can’t say that, as fitness should be an important part of everyone’s life, even those who hate exercise, because it’s the greatest thing you can do for your body.

And for those who are trainers, you’re working to change others, which is rewarding. I can attest to that, too.

But writing, oh, writing will help change the masses. Training will help change the group of individuals you have time to train, no more than twenty to thirty people at a time unless you’re a tourist trainer who puts everyone through cookie-cutter workouts, then I guess you can train one hundred people at a time.

So, are you ready to take the plunge into darkness?

Are you ready to take the greatest risk of your life?

I can tell you right now, by embarking on your own, becoming your own boss, and eventually turning a passion into the only thing you do for a living will pay its dividends to the point to where five years from today, you’ll be glad you took the plunge.

It’s time to risk everything, and what’s life without a little risk?


And one day you’ll be able to Fire Your Boss.