Opinion: The Problems with Government Apologists

From the Infamous Waco, Texas Siege to Yemen

The Federal Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau abused their power in 1993 when they infringed on the Bill of Rights. The First, Second, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth Amendments were all abused when the ATF attacked and killed eighty-two people at the Branch-Davidians compound between February 28th and April 19th, 1993.

Some of you may have already justified the ATF’s actions regarding the Branch Davidians, stating they posed a threat to society, simply because they owned stashes of military weapons.

Are we willing to further give up our rights to bear arms and curtail the Second Amendment by stereotyping Americans who own such high-powered weapons as a threat to society?

What about the government’s abuse of such high-powered weapons, and the millions of lives lost because of such abuses around the world?

Surely government apologists would justify any lives lost serving government interests as collateral damage, but when citizens own such weapons to utilize their right to defend themselves against a dangerous, overreaching government which has been usurping our civil liberties since 9/11, somehow the citizens pose as threat to the public, despite fitting in the confines of this definition: A well-regulated militia.

Do they happen to think of US bombings in and Somalia?

Do they happen to know the US has even bombed Somalia?

What about the billions of wasted civilian tax dollars in weapons sales to the Saudis, who turn around and strike Yemenite civilians simply because the Sharia State disapproves of the Yemenite government.

In such scenarios only the weapons manufacturing companies profit at the expense of lost lives worldwide, at the expense of the US taxpayer.

Yet as Americans willingly trade in civil liberties for security, living on their knees in favor of dying on their feet, the stereotype grows that all Americans who own such militarized weapons wish for nothing more than to carry out mass shootings, even if such Americans are law-abiding.

Furthermore, the Second Amendment to the Constitution’s purpose is for a “well-regulated militia” to keep the government in check.

Weren’t the Branch Davidians, strange as their religious views were, a well-regulated militia by Constitutional standards?

These people posed zero threat to society and were turned in only when a UPS man discovered an open package containing grenades. However, the Branch-Davidians neither killed anyone nor planned on posing a threat to society.

And while David Koresh clearly believed himself to be a prophet from God and exercised hypnotic control over others, primary sources from former Branch-Davidians stated Koresh stockpiled weapons out of fear a government attack would occur at the Branch-Davidian compound.

And attack it did.

Koresh’s fears were proven correct, and a firefight ensued, despite Koresh stating he wished to go out and talk to the ATF.

To this day, the ATF claims it has zero idea as to who fired the first shot that led to a bloodbath, but numerous sources point out the ATF as the guilty party.

Yet, government apologists continually state the ATF had every right to use any force necessary, as the Branch Davidians posed a threat to the public for simply owning such high-powered weapons.

This method of thinking leads only to totalitarian police states. The fearmongering brought on by mass media, using psychological methods to play off peoples’ natural emotions, strikes such feelings of fear, leading to public demand to crack down on anyone owning such weapons.

This creates a culture of fear, which since 9/11, created demand for American intervention in the Middle East, which has taken millions of innocent lives either directly or indirectly. As the American government continues to arm Israel and Saudi Arabia with high-powered weaponry, innocent Palestinian and Yemenite lives will continue to perish.

This leads me to ask the question: Who are the true psychopaths?

A religious cult owning weapons for self-defense purposes, or an overbearing government who has proven, time and again, that spreading peace and democracy is only possible after millions of lives have been taken?

I realize David Koresh was off his rocker, and I realize the Branch-Davidians had far-out views, but at the end of the day, they never killed a single soul, tormented outsiders, or posed any threat to the public. They exercised their right to practice religious freedom, guaranteed by the First Amendment, and the US Government broke Constitutional Law when they raided the compound.

And the US Government continues in 2018 to break Constitutional, Natural, and International Law overseas to fuel only their interests, while acting under the guise they’re fighting to liberate nations, only to lead them in smoldering ash heaps.

Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself is your government the angels they claim to be by spreading democracy, a word that never appears in the Constitution, or are they demons willing to kill innocent civilians to protect oil fields in Syria, and opioid-producing poppy fields in Afghanistan.

The US has been stationed in Afghanistan for seventeen years, and it strikes me ironic that the world’s strongest and most well-trained military is incapable of defeating a third-world nation and changing what they claim to be a brutal regime.

Something else is being defended in Afghanistan, and it isn’t freedom.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for their continued readership on My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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