Make the Bold, Courageous, Daring Career Choices

Oh, our choices in life. Some smart, others bold, and even others downright outrageous.


Yet, have zero regrets, as everything you do, as long as you’re looking at the larger picture, should be cemented in reason.


So, passion or security?


The choice should be easy, as the power lies within you to achieve greatness. To achieve everything you’ve always craved. Everything you’ve always wanted.

If you’re in a pursuit to better yourself and make a living doing what you’ve always wanted, to work for yourself, then have zero regrets on any decision you make, even if it’s life-altering.


Bold, Courageous, Daring

You’re a product of your decisions, and we have many to make in life.


However, as previously mentioned, when pursuing something greater, some choices may seem irrational, outrageous, and even at the time, make zero sense, but remember something: It’s for the greater good; the higher power.



Have zero regrets.

Do you want to slave away working hard to help someone else achieve their dream, or do you wish to achieve your own?

Do you want to be in a field where you’re making a lot of money for someone else, or someone else’s company, or do you want to take control of your life and start living for you?


Passion or security?

It’s time you’ve made the choice to take control.


The easy choice. The passionate choice.

Sure, many love to relinquish control, become followers, and let others dictate their career paths by signing their paychecks, giving them bonuses only when they see fit, bribing them with incentives to work for their company, and so on.

Yet, even though many claim to love what they do and they’re grateful for the opportunity to do so, something I call ultimate Stockholm Syndrome, what do they really want?

I’ve said it in about one hundred posts: What you wanted to do when you were young is what you should strive to do in life. It’s there, you’ll find true happiness.

With the internet and mass communication, breaking into the field is easier than ever, even if the competition is tougher. Hey, you give an inch, they’ll take a mile.



Get rid of the damn security, the corporate or government umbrella you’ve been slaving away for and embark on your own hero’s journey!


All About Knowledge

So, how do we defeat or at least compete with our competition?

Well, when I looked into indie-publishing late last year, I wanted to give Lord of Columbia the best chance to succeed, so the first thing I did was set a release date at September 1st.

I set my release date back in December, almost ten months before actually going through with it, which will take place in just under two months from the time of this writing.


It was all about attaining knowledge.

I had to do the following:

1. Figure out how to get my book visible, and the first two sellers are covers and book descriptions.

2. From there, I had to figure out metadata, SEO, and what people search for. So, I compiled a list of words and phrases. My working title, Age of Columbia: Uprising, wasn’t popular in Amazon search bars. Other terms were too popular and my book would get lost. However, Lord, North, and Knights were searched enough but not too much to give my book visibility. So, Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights was born.

3. I didn’t want to get lost in a forest of books by choosing the wrong categories, so I researched ways to narrow it down to where my book could be discovered. Amazon lets you choose two.

So, for example: Kindle Store > Kindle e-books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > New Adult & College

a. 3,000 results

Books > Science Fiction & Fantasy > Fantasy > New Adult & College > Urban Fantasy

b. 1,000 results

Instead of choosing an overall genre, like Fantasy, and getting my book lost in another 50,000 to 100,000 books, simple research gave my book a much better chance at being discovered by a niche audience.

4. I had to know who my target audience is. Let’s face it, not everyone’s going to like or even be interested in Lord of Columbia. In fact, fewer than 1% of all book readers will be interested in my work, and in your work if you’re a writer. Now for the good news: people will be interested if you can make your work visible to them.



But the choice for passion over security brought me here. Had I chosen security, I’d be working toward a Master of Science in Exercise Science and probably still have not the slightest idea what the government’s going to the world and never would’ve had time to pen this.



Thousands will be interested. So for mine, those who like the following will be interested in Lord of Columbia, note my categories:


a. New Adult readers

b. Urban Fantasy readers

c. Revolutionary War or Military Fiction readers


d. Libertarian-leaning readers

e. Trilogy readers, as Lord of Columbia is comprised at two trilogies, with each book in Trilogy One being released at three-month intervals. In other words, Book II will be released in December, and Book III in February.

5. So, now that I know my target audience it’s time to list some keywords. Amazon lets you list seven, and the trick I’ve learned is to insert these keywords into your book description and to create FIVE different descriptions, each for different websites. This will up your book’s SEO and appear high in search engines. Remember, the books in the front of the bookstore sell more copies than those in the back. In the digital bookstore, SEO will get them in front.

a. My keywords for Amazon at the time of this writing are: Fight, Colonies, Freedom, corruption, warfare, police state, and government.

b. Each of these keywords garner between 120 and 650 search results, numbers that won’t lose my book in a sea of books.


Putting it all Together

Be courageous and be honest with what you really want. Take the risk and make this a full-time gig. For me, it’s writing, and be it indie-publishing, freelancing, which I started researching this week, or submitting short-stories to contests or publications, opportunity is endless.

Also, make time to build the platform, garner a following, engage with a growing audience, start your blog, increase your following, increase your platform, continue to research, continue to give your work the best chance to succeed and you will succeed.

When you put 110% into something, results are guaranteed. You just have to put in the work, stop working to help some boss who will replace you in two seconds achieve their dream, stop thanking a corporate or government overlord for your pay and benefits, make your own rules, take control of your life, and let them watch you succeed and grow.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.