Why the Self-Employed are Always Happiest

Take the Risk.

Why are you working so hard to see someone else relish in their own dreams?

Sure, they may pay you a small percentage of overall profits (bribes), receive a few perks (bribes), and maybe even a retirement plan (more bribes), but would you be there if it wasn’t for all the bribes?

Do you go to work only to come home stressed?

Do you state that nights and weekends go way too fast and the work week is way too slow?

Face it, you’re miserable.

You’re freaking miserable, so it’s time to do something about it.

Yeah, you have a dream, but the dream left somewhere between middle and high school. Well, maybe it’s time for that dream to come back.


And best yet, why not take matters into your own hands and become the ultimate entrepreneur in your game?


Take control, become self-employed, be happy again. I’ve met a lot of people, and the self-employed are always the happiest.


You should work for you. Hold yourself accountable to your own success, and the self-employed have the power to do that.


Well, to an extent, anyway. When your write as I do, you work to build a following, and a following will pay for your work.


In fact, a following is the best commodity the self-employed can have.




Because you’re providing a service where you’ll be better off with their money to pay your bills and invest in anything you deem important and they’ll be better off with your product. It’s true free-market capitalism both corporations and the government hates.

So, what do corporations and governments do to keep people under them?

1) Overregulation.

Both governments and corporations love this, because it’ll raise costs of production, which corporations can easily afford, increase barriers to entry, decrease motivation for innovation, and keep competition low, forcing consumers into buying their products.

2) Subsidies.

Who grants corporations subsidies?




What can corporations do with subsidies?


Well, unlike the Marxist lies that state they’ll just pocket the money, why not utilize the money to keep their employees sedated?


Keep them enslaved?


Yeah, give them nice bonus checks with tax cuts (they can thank Mr. Trump for that), increase benefits, invest in their employees, and essentially bribe them into false prosperity.


Whoa, false prosperity?


Yeah, Trump and co. inflated government spending while cutting taxes, therefore inflating the dollar via printing. In reality, tax cuts mean absolutely nothing when this happens.

3) Who’s up for a trade war?

Oh yes, the “good old” tariffs. They can now force Americans to pay more for steel and other products the Trump administration has put tariffs on. This will cause fewer dollars to be spent in other areas of the economy, therefore causing businesses to suffer and go under.


My Product

What I love about the internet, other than it being an endless source of information is the fact that the product can be a cyber-product. I run My Freedom Flame, an endless fountain of free information for those who are looking to pursue their true passion and make a living out of it, spreading libertarian principles, and even studying little-known conspiracy facts.

And best yet, anyone from any country can log into My Freedom Flame and when Lord of Columbia is released, can invest in the work if the feel it’s something they want to read. The internet provides endless opportunity, and there are a lot of informational sources out there that will give you advice on what you’re looking for.

For example, I’m indie-publishing Lord of Columbia, so of course, I wanted to spend a year researching indie-publishing.

I came across justpublishingadvice.com, founded by indie-author, Derek Haines. His blog has become that endless fountain of information I needed to give Lord of Columbia a fighting chance in the market. I never knew about SEO, metadata, or even where to find a book cover until coming across his site.

Another one I’m reading is the Creative Penn, plus a few more are on the way, all pointed to by none other than Derek Haines.

So, the sources are out there.

The desire to succeed, and courage to crossing the first threshold is a must. Sure, it’s scary, but it’s also well worth it. It took me months, since October last year, to cross such a threshold, and while I started My Freedom Flame in February and had been working on Lord of Columbia since 2015, I just started treating this thing like a full-time job, and I couldn’t have made a better decision.


Are you ready to become the ultimate entrepreneur?
Thanks for reading.