Size, Ego, Intensity, Strength, They No Longer Matter

My old fitness days bear a stark contrast from my new fitness days. Gone are the days where size, ego, intensity, strength, and anything associated are important. They no longer matter to me.

Ironically, hitting the gym still matters and a seven-day-a-week exercise routine matters even today when I’m looking to break into freelancing plus readying Lord of Columbia’s launch. Needless to say, I’ll spend eleven to twelve hours per day at the keyboard doing the following:

1) Writing a blog post for the morning and evening while researching SEO and keywords to implement to boost traffic (this extra ten minutes works).

2) Crafting an image plus my keywords included (this takes another ten minutes).

3) Hopping onto Twitter to post informative or engaging Tweets while boosting my following. Twitter is my social media platform of choice in regard to writing. Every 50-60 minutes, I’ll post new content, complying with my 25-minute rule. Work for 25 minutes, break for five, so every other break is a new Tweet.

4) Proofreading Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights (1-2 chapters per day). This will continue until its release September 1st to ensure its as close to error free as possible. When I make enough money to swing it, an editor can do this!

5) Continue my first draft of Comeback Kid. We’re 85 pages into the work, and it looks to be a short novel. Longer than a novella, but by no means as long as Lord of Columbia, where my average page count is 270.

6) Research freelance opportunities. My research phase for the time being is almost over, so pitching and writing relevant content begins in about a week.

7) Research government, military intervention, economics. You all know I’m libertarian and it’s one thing I’ll write about when I freelance. It’s also somewhat related to Lord of Columbia, remember the Libertarian message!

8) Work on book description. When you’re writing for internet book stores, this is a very underrated task that deserves a lot of attention. SEO and metadata again hold water, so take the time (and it takes time), to fit your keywords into your meta-analysis, and strategically spread them throughout your description.


Old Fitness Days Versus New Fitness Days

How does this all tie-in with fitness?

Fitness for me has taken on a new meaning. Today, fitness means getting enough physical activity in, so I can break up my time spent at the keyboard. Gone are the days where size, ego, strength, intensity, and the works matter.

They’re gone, and I hope they stay gone.

Today, fitness means staying in top shape from a strength (though not in the way it’d been before), cardio, and functional atmosphere. Seven-days-a-week still matters, though emphasis is on consistency.

Not only that, I strive to resemble my main protagonist from Lord of Columbia: Northern Knights. Almost in a way Sylvester Stallone was with Rocky, whom he clearly based off himself to the point where he refused to sell the script to movie producers unless he played Rocky.

Ditto for me.

While Lord of Columbia will likely never become a movie (Hollywood doesn’t preach such messages), if it did, I’d have to play my main protagonist, Cain. Not saying I’d be a great actor, but as Stallone said about Rocky, no one else would be capable of playing the part with the same amount of passion.

Ditto for me.

I’m no actor, and there are several experienced actors, but at the end of the day, passion defeats talent.


Conclusion: The Numbers Game

It’s funny how I can look back and laugh at how much my fitness life has changed.


During my old fitness days, I wanted to become a personal trainer and became one, but my passion for pursuing it further dwindled when I saw the kind of corporate numbers game it’d become.

People tell me everything is a numbers game, and while it’s the case, it’s not my numbers game, it’s someone else’s. Sure, I’d love to sell enough copies (or better yet, e-book files) of Lord of Columbia to make a nice income and even see a respectable sales rank on Amazon, and it’s my numbers game. It’s my business. It’s my dream. It’s my control.

I control how well Lord of Columbia will do from a numbers standpoint.

Some might argue and state buyers ultimately control.

Yes, I see their point, but if I didn’t provide a decent enough description, SEO, metadata, a fun author bio (another underrated task that took me months to get right), if I didn’t ferociously take the time and make the investment into learning how to edit and what to look for, and if people just don’t take to the plot, the buck stops with me.

So yes, everything we do for a living will always be a numbers game. But, I’m not going to slave away and satisfy someone else’s numbers for a living. It’s not who I am or what I stand for. It goes against Libertarianism because it falls into corporatism or crony capitalism.

Some may say, typically conservative Republicans, that what I do isn’t a real job and only those wearing work boots work real jobs.

Okay, great, go ahead and put in 84-90 hours a week behind a keyboard, researching everything to make your writing succeed. Mention metadata and search engine optimization. Mention show, don’t tell. Tell them about everything that goes into creating a website, and that what I’m doing is called entrepreneurship.

And guess what?

The people they’re slaving away for are entrepreneurs.

So, what’s the difference?

Because those entrepreneurs they’re working for who might be spending much of their day behind the desk, conducting business and critical thinking, are the ones making the most money, and they’re working to make a lot of money for that entrepreneur.

These people are working really hard to make someone else’s dream come true, at the expense of their own. More on this topic in another post.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, and if you find any of these articles helpful, please share them so we can reach people far and wide, from every corner of the globe. Please come back soon.