How Mass Media Conditions Americans. Entertain to Inform has Never Been so Important

I was listening to the Ron Paul Liberty Report yesterday and his guest was John W. Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute talking about how America has become a mass surveillance state.


John W. Whitehead’s Take

One of Whitehead’s points struck a chord when he stated how Americans are so attached to screens for entertainment purposes. They go to a restaurant, and they’re watching sports. They go home, and they’re surrounding the TV watching the latest Hollywood flick, they’re playing the latest video game, the list goes on.

Whitehead went on to say how Google, Amazon, AT&T, and several other major outlets have close ties to the government, mainly the FBI and CIA, to keep tabs on Americans. They download your phone data, Google searches, and anything digital they can get their hands on.


How Government and Media Distracts Americans

And Americans are distracted. They’re distracted by full-time jobs that only makes money for large corporations that have ties to the government (which corporation doesn’t these days?), and they’re bribed with a solid living, pensions, benefits, the works so they don’t complain. They continue to be the drone they’ve been conditioned to become in government-run schools.

Then, for those who do watch the news, they get their emotional chords struck by tragedies like suicide bombings, chemical attacks, the latest truck running into a group of citizens in Europe, and so much more.


How the Media Spreads Propaganda

And the media tells them this is why we need American troops in over one-hundred countries. This is why America needs to police the world. This is why we need a military-industrial complex, to fight the evil terrorists abroad.

And people sheepishly fall for the welfare-warfare state.

Look, if mass media’s going to entertain to inform, I’m going to entertain to inform.
Enter Lord of Columbia, an allegory to American history. At its core, Lord of Columbia serves American history from a fictional, yet real, standpoint.


Lord of Columbia Exposes

But, unlike entertainment, schools, and mass media, all of which are either government operated or need a government license to exist, Lord of Columbia gives the truth to the public. Yes, we’re exposing mass surveillance. Yes, we’re going to be honest in stating the United States of America, mainly the CIA, are responsible for creating terrorism abroad, to create a new enemy for American troops to go after.

We’re going to expose to the public that almost all of America’s wars are based on lies that have nothing to do with our national security. We’re going to tell the public that American history has been tainted with a bias of public opinion, and by carrying out a forced agenda for the common good is the greatest violation of property rights, contrary to Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes, who stated the contrary.

We’re going to expose the fact that perhaps American intervention always creates animosity toward it and Israel. We’re going to expose the fact that both Obama and Trump have murdered children simply because of their relation to suspected terrorists. We’re going to expose the fact that American intervention doesn’t protect national security but increases terrorist threats both at home and throughout the West.

We’re going to expose the fact the public is distracted and sedated into believing the government exists to look out for the common good, when in fact it does the exact opposite, spying on Americans without their knowledge or consent. We’re going to expose the fact that at any time, your house can be raided by police or a S.W.A.T team without written consent from a judge.

We’re going to expose the fact police hold children at gunpoint while their parents are beaten and tortured into confessing for a crime they at many times, hadn’t committed.
Lord of Columbia is going to do this through entertainment, utilizing the same tactics the mass media uses to play off peoples’ emotions. Entertain to inform is the game, and it’s time those of us who know several truths step up and go head to head with the elephants in the room.

Thanks for reading.