America’s Dying Liberties

How Americans Embrace Government Stockholm Syndrome Over Liberty

Well, America celebrated its two-hundred-and-forty-second birthday two days ago when it declared independence from England on July 4th, 1776, yet America’s dying liberties continue in every facet.

Many Loyalists (those loyal to the British crown, in case anyone’s forgotten) criticized the Patriots (those wise and brave enough to question government corruption) for making such a big deal over a war about “a few tax increases.”

Wow, have times changed.



I guess cop apologists today would say if us Libertarians don’t like the law here, we should leave, right?


Good thing the Patriots did something about it.


Embracing government Stockholm Syndrome over liberty needs to stop.


Dying Liberty

Below you’ll see a tiny list of lost liberties and laws that can be broken where there’s no victim, or the person is victimized by government:

1. Police checkpoints- So, everyone drives drunk on a Saturday night? Do they catch more drunk drivers or cite more people for expired license plate stickers? Furthermore, there is no warrant, so the 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights is violated.

2. Mass surveillance- Since 9-11 happened as retaliation because the US was incapable of keeping its nose out of other peoples’ business, it decided to stick its nose into its own citizens’ business. This violates private property and right to privacy while waging war not on terrorism, but on the American people.

3. Patriot Act- Oh yeah, so all Americans are terrorists now, correct? Hey, nothing justifies theft of phone records, cell phone records, internet searches, and social media accounts unless government does it. Is it really a war on terror or a war on the American people?

4. Speeding (It’s actually more dangerous if everyone’s going at or under the speed limit. Like that old guy who goes 50 in a 55 in the passing lane). A lot of cars are bunched up if everyone’s going the speed limit. Should we really incriminate everyone who’s driving at a sensible speed even if it’s over a government-determined limit?

5. Seatbelts- Invasion of private property rights on personal property.

6. Metal detectors in schools- The actions of a few should not incriminate the masses. Also a violation of property rights, especially since schooling is compulsory.

7. TSA full-body checks and scans- Invasion of private property rights.

8. Military conscription (though it’s not in use, it’s a contingency plan as America expands its empire).

9. Gun free zones- Mass shootings.

10. Drug possession- Invasion of private property rights.

I could write twenty blog posts about lost liberties, and this is the tip of the iceberg. In a police checkpoint, surveillance, speeding, seatbelts, and drug possession, cop apologists will argue that it’s for our own good and our own safety.

Okay, but how many drunk drivers are on the road on weekends and holidays?

Am I crazy, but in my neck of the woods there are no more alcohol-related accidents on weekends and holidays than there is any other time of the week. In fact, there are usually more on non-holidays. I’ve yet to see many news reports about alcohol-related deaths on holidays.

Know who’s involved in more accidents than anyone else on the road in my area?

Truck drivers, who are on the clock, and I’m pretty sure they haven’t been drinking.
But again, cop apologists say it’s because the checkpoints and increased patrol from our police overlords.

Argument doesn’t hold.

1) Checkpoints aren’t occurring on every road, so they’re easy to go around if you can spot one or know the location via internet search.

2) Remember what’s stated above. If cops are out in full force at a checkpoint, there are fewer of them on the road in the evening. There are only so many cops employed.

3) I couldn’t help but notice cops on the 4th sat on roadways in the morning. The morning! So, anyone using the drunk driver-safety argument are either fooling themselves or have lost touch with reality. You’re telling me there are raging drunks swerving on the highway at 9am?


Victimless Crimes, A Cop’s Influx of State Revenue

If I sound a little more aggressive in this article, forgive me. I’m not a fan of cops and what made Lord of Columbia so much fun to write was that it allowed me to go full force in my loathing of the police.

No, I’m not a career criminal.

No, I’m not one who has run-ins.

No, I’ve never been an accomplice in any scheme or have done anything illegal but break (without the State’s knowledge, of course, minor traffic laws or laws in which my crime results in no victim).

So, we have mass surveillance, seatbelt laws, speeding, and drug possession.

As I mentioned earlier, cop apologists will cry out that cops only write tickets for seatbelts and speeding to save lives.

It’s not the State’s job to save anyone’s life.

Second, the cop is initiating conflict whereas conflict could’ve otherwise been avoided, and of course, issuing a fine which if not paid will result in jail time.

So, you’re going to care for my safety by handing me a fine which if I don’t pay will result in a massive decrease in my safety and security.

Sounds like organized crime. It’s legal theft.

Look, if you’re a cop, and if you consider yourself a good cop and are disagreeing with what’s being written, I have news for you; you’re not a good cop!



There are zero good cops.



Good cops don’t endorse crime in which there is no victim. They definitely shouldn’t endorse and support anything where a fine is being issued at gunpoint to “save lives.”

Let’s move on to mass surveillance. Local, state, and federal police can now access text message data, Google searches (God, help me), phone records, medical records, places of residence, past jobs, and much more. Guys, this is scary.

Again, the bootlicking crowd will chant their support because it’s for our own good as we fight perpetual terrorism. Let me write those last three words again: Fight perpetual terrorism.

Fearmongering. It’s what’s used to sell security to the public, so they’ll demand it. But, freedom must be given up. You see this in NSA spying, TSA molestation, and it all begins with the Patriot Act.

Per a DHS study, the TSA fails to find weapons in mock smuggling between 75%-90% of the time. They’ve in the past forced mothers to drink their own breast milk, force women they found attractive to go through body scanners multiple times and have subjected children as young as three to invasive pat-downs, all without the consent of the parent.

Does the police state own our children?

Does the police state own our bodies?

Does the police state own our private property?

No, no, and no, and the fact the TSA exists is an abomination to the American people. And worse yet, and you can Google this, the TSA keeps a list of passengers they’ve found difficult to work with in the past. Passengers who’ve either stated their discontent with the TSA or tried to refuse their overly-invasive searches.

That’s right, the government keeps ties on you for questioning the TSA’s methods. If it’s not totalitarianism, I don’t know what is.


Finding a Solution

Instead of penalizing innocent Americans with mass surveillance, invasion of privacy, and invasive molestation, perhaps the American government should focus on why 9/11 happened in the first place instead of feeding the public lies that terrorist hate us for our freedoms.

They said this, despite the creation of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), signed in the late-1990’s. To be simple, PNAC was signed to justify American intervention in the Middle East, claiming they had to fight oppressive dictators like Saddam Hussein, which by the way, America allied with in Iraq’s war with Iran in the 1980’s.

America also allied with Osama Bin Laden in the 1980’s when his coalitions fought off the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was reportedly thankful for the American assistance, until they refused to leave the Middle East.

I don’t know about you, and I disagree with killing innocent Americans and innocent civilians all over the world, but I can indeed understand why Bin Laden wanted to launch an attack on American soil. If America was in such a position, we’d do the same thing. And if you don’t believe me, America launches invasions and attacks all over the world, disguised as the global force called NATO, in which 70% of the force is made up of US military personnel.

I’ll never justify killing of innocents, but it should be easy for each American to understand why 9/11 happened and being that Bin Laden had allied with America in the past, whether such a ruse was pre-orchestrated between him and the US government.
Ever since I first saw the attacks almost seventeen years ago, I saw controlled demolition.


To this day, my eyes fail to deceive me.



Americans continue to willingly give up their liberties for security. No end appears in sight, and it’s likely such usurpations of civil liberties, carried about by an invasive and unconstitutional police state will continue.

So, riddle me this. Who are cops serving and protecting?

Do they protect the individual, or are they protecting government policy and the corporate elitists, all of whom legally steal from the common American who’s lost the ability to think for themselves.

The government uses mass media, corporations, and even Hollywood to cognitively condition Americans into accepting expanded government as their Lord and Savior. America is headed down a slippery slope where no end appears to be in sight.

Americans have lost the message and principles of liberty, which once rang strong in the air, now reduced to privileges from government. In a nation built upon Natural Law, no government should’ve been able to usurp liberties, but we’re seeing them erode every single day.

People can’t even recite the Constitution. Many older Americans get the Declaration of Independence mixed up with the Constitution. People are distracted by emotional news and entertainment. Their minds are flooded with sports, and it seems they’d rather talk about LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers than worry about decreased civil liberties.

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