Taking the Risk is the First Step

You’ve been at it for some time, but your job weighs on you.

You don’t want to be there, and you know you can better maximize your time pursuing passion, doing what you’ve always dreamed of.

What if I told you today is your time?

If it’s been on your mind and if you’ve been seeing signs, perhaps it’s best you act on them.



Your Time is Now

You know the old adage, Your Future is Now?

Well, today begins a whole new chapter for your life. Today marks the first day you started pursuing passion and working your way to making a living income in your own field of dreams.

It’s been on your mind for months.

But, something may’ve held you back in the past.

Maybe it’s the thought of ‘what if?’

What if everything goes wrong?

What if the road’s rough?

What if there’s failure?

Relax your mind for a minute, because things will go wrong, the road’s going to be rough, and failure is going to happen.

It’s a cold, hard fact.

But, there’s good news. With each trial, tribulation, and setback, you can make leaps and bounds.

Mistakes will be made, but they’ll never be repeated if you learn from them.

Yes, it’s a risk, but taking the risk is the first step to success.

You’re going to succeed.

Are you putting your mind to it?

If you answered yes, success is right around the corner, regardless of previous and even current setbacks.



But, My Income

Hey, look at your savings account right now and your bills.

Do you have enough to cover for a month or two?

Perhaps longer?

If you’ve answered yes, you have time. Better yet, you just opened up your week more now than ever before.

Today is only Day One.

It’s the day you’ve declared independence.

It’s the day you broke away from what 99% of people (the 99%) dare not dream of.

It’s the day you took control, stared adversity and the unknown in the eye, smiled, winked, and declared that you are the storm and you’re stronger than any obstacle thrown your way.

Ultimately, you’re going to succeed.

But, you need to make the crucial decision today.

Not in two weeks.

Not see where you are in a month.

No, the decision comes today.

Do you want to be your own boss and fire your old boss?



Taking the Risk

I know, the risk is scary. It’s a leap of faith, a leap into the unknown, a few months of potential struggle, all the above. It’s not going to be a pretty victory by any means, but it will be worth it.

Think about all the success stories, all the case studies, all the people who put their foot down and declared the buck stops here, it’s my life, no other individual will infringe upon it and determine what I make and don’t make.

It’s my life and damn it, I’m going to live it the way I see fit, under my own control, and no one, no one, no employer, corporation, union, or government will determine my potential and my possible income for me.

It ends today, and it starts by taking the risk.

Today is Day One.

Don’t be worried. Be not concerned. Don’t give a damn what friends, family, peers, the rest of the world thinks, only give a damn about what you think because you know what’s best for you and no one can decide such for you.




Be brave, be bold. Toil away and do so like a blue-collar worker. Be creative, be intelligent. And finally, be ambitious and show that thirst for the power over your life you’ve always dreamed of.

I want to see the fire in your eyes, your spirit alive, the earth rumbling as you walk it, the wind swirling in the other direction as you walk into it, and your heart as calm as the waters in a pond.

Take the risk. Take the first step. Smile at the storm, and don’t look back. Your time is now and if they can’t see you coming, they’ll see you when you top the apex.

Thanks for reading.