Truth About the Deep State: Part III

The CIA’s Long-Held Interest Regarding Syria

As the US continues its animosity toward the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad, what many may not realize is how the media plays on peoples’ emotions. One can go back and re-watch videos regarding false flag attacks in Douma back in April.
However, what many may not realize is that the Deep State has played a key role in attempted coups in Syria since the 1940’s.

This article covers the CIA’s long-held interest regarding Syria.



History of the CIA’s Long-Held Interest

For those who’ve followed my blog for some time, you might remember the name Allen Dulles, former CIA Director who worked as a front-man for David Rockefeller and laundered millions of CIA dollars in the Mary Carter Paint Company, which later became Resorts International (RI).

Well, some pretty shady things happened in the mid-to-late 1940’s under the Truman administration, where the country’s first President, Shukri al-Quwatli, was overthrown. This happened in 1949 after nearly two years of planning, since 1947.

Under Eisenhower, in 1956, Operation Straggle commenced. Helping organize the scheme were the Dulles Brothers. Allen, along with his brother, John, then US Secretary of State, publicly stated they opposed regime change, yet attempted to entice Eisenhower to sign off on the plot.

Fast forward to Operation Wappen, in 1957, when another coup was attempted, this one organized by Kermit Roosevelt, who helped successfully carry out the 1953 Iranian Coup. Before attempting the coup, the CIA bribed Syrian military officers with monies totaling $3,000,000.

To pull off the Wappen, the CIA fed the American people the story that Soviet fighter jets flew into Syria take control it and other Arab states, which “necessitated a swift US military response.”

The US deployed a naval fleet and tried to convince other Arab states of the ruse, but the truth was revealed by some officers the CIA tried to bribe, and Wappen fizzled out. As a result, CIA operatives were turned into Syrian intel, resulting in deportation of Robert Malloy Francis, Francis Jeton, and Howard E. Stow.

And remember, this was all built upon lies told from mass media to the American people, and sponsored by the CIA.



The 1990’s and 2000’s

Okay, let’s fast-forward to the 1990’s, where the CIA set up rendition centers in Syria and Thailand. A rendition center is a fancy name for a torture site, and if Thailand rings a bell, look no further into Trump’s cabinet than current CIA Director, Gina Haspel, whose nomination stirred controversy for her role in torture camps.

In the early 2000’s, the CIA, under secret orders of George W. Bush, amassed private armies to raid civilian targets.

This was confirmed in 2006 through WikiLeaks.

This Deep State program was kept secret until enough evidenced surfaced where the Obama administration was forced to address the issue, who claimed the CIA was working with the Assad-controlled Syrian government. Well, we can now see that was a lie.

The CIA opened command centers all around Syria in cooperation with other nations like Turkey, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. They provided communication tech to rebel groups to communicate with a CIA base in Turkey to coordinate attacks against Syria, which is also home to US Air Base.

Where was money coming from?

We all know of the CIA’s crimes regarding crimes like global heroin trafficking operations, which is why we’re still in Afghanistan (protecting poppy fields), among other moneymaking schemes.




In 2012, CIA smuggled air launch pads from Benghazi to bases in Turkey and given to terrorist groups.

Barack Obama authorized this after the CIA smuggled without authorization, something that costs American taxpayers a lot of money.

Here’s how.

The State Dept. allocates taxpayer money to help rebel groups, under the guise for non-lethal help. The State Dept. allocates sixteen million dollars to “humanitarian groups” like White Helmets.

John McCain and Lindsay Graham wanted Obama to arm rebel groups like the White Helmets and ISIS. McCain also traveled to Syria to meet with rebel groups and met with leaders of ISIS back in 2012.

If one searches hard enough, there’s a photo of John McCain posing with several known members of ISIS.

Included in the photo are:

1) Abu Bakr al-baghdadi: currently supreme leader of ISIS.

2) Abu Mosa- member al-Qaeda. Official press officer of ISIS. Killed by Syrian Army in 2014.

3) Mohamed Noor- Kidnapped 11 Shiites from Lebanon and was involved in production of ISIS beheading videos.

4) Ammar al-Dadikhi- Assisted Noor in kidnap. In charge of kidnap. Killed in Aleppo.

5) Muaz Mustafa- McCain’s intermediary. Head of Syrian Emergency Task Force. Site describes organization created to support demands of Syrian people for freedom and democracy. Why would he sit with ISIS and al-Qaeda with John McCain? Board members of Syrian Task Force in Muslim Brotherhood.

Okay, so that does it for a brief history concerning the Deep State and their involvement in Syria. For more articles involving the Deep State, you’ll find links below to Part I and Part II.


I’d like to thank all of my readers for their readership, please come back soon.







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