Stop Waiting, Stop Talking, Start Doing

There is no perfect time to begin, so stop waiting, stop talking, and start doing. There will always be challenges, roadblocks, obstacles, and even negativity in your life trying to bring you down.

It’s our job to believe in our greater selves and rise above the adversity that’s sure to come our way. The journey isn’t perfect, so the first step is to stop waiting and take action.

If you’re a talker, and if you’re a future-based person like me, stop talking. We’ve all seen our talkers and waiters. Guess what, talkers and waiters tend to be the ones bringing on the negativity.

Do you really need to be associated with that crowd?

No, of course not, and I don’t want you to be there.

Why are you procrastinating?

What’s holding you back?

Why are you still waiting?

Stop waiting.


Why are you still talking?


Stop talking.

Start doing!



Take Action Today

Yeah, I know, it’s one of two Fourth of July Weekends (it’s weird when our holidays are on a Wednesday), and you might have something going on both weekends.

There are no excuses.

You need to take action today.

Do something. Conduct a Google Search right now. Read an article about what you’ve been thinking of pursuing. You might already have your phone out. Do something productive with it.

There’s no reason to be held back.


Put your phone to use and take action.




The waiters always amaze me, because they know what they want, but they wait for the opportune time.

The late Tom Petty said it best in his hit song, The Waiting is the Hardest Part.

So, for all my waiters out there, stop being so hard on yourself. It’s easy to stop waiting.



Pick up your phone and do what I recommended above.

It’s been on your mind for some time now.

You’ve already complained about how much you hate work, your boss, your co-workers, the customers, the whole nine yards. You’ve complained daily to your little co-worker faction as you talk behind the backs of the two remaining co-workers in said faction who are off today.

On the nice, sunny day in July while you toil away in your grocery store gig you’ve despised since Day One.

You know what you want, why are you waiting?

Stop waiting.


Take action, and start doing.




Oh, my talkers.

Come on, we all know at least a soul or two who’ll talk, talk, talk, talk, and talk some more about what they really want.

They don’t want to be here; they want to be there. They’ve been talking about pursuing their passion for well over a year, but they’re stuck in the same spot they were in this time last year.

And guess what?

Just wait ‘til next year.

It’s what they say in July.

Wait ‘til next year.

What about the talkers in January?

Oh, it’s a New Year, New Me!

This is the year.

Now it’s July.

Wait ‘til next year.

Didn’t they say the same thing five years ago?

This is the year.

Nah, wait ‘til next year.

Stop talking, start doing.




It’s going to be a process, and I’m a natural talker, I’ll admit it. I talked about writing a book a year before my plot came into fruition. I told everyone what I was doing back in mid-2015. Now, in mid-2018, it’s a complete work, with a cover, description, and author bio.

The next step is to release it eight weeks from today, July 1st, 2018.

I waited, too.

I spent years building a training clientele and when I burned out (it was never the same type of passion writing is), I knew what I wanted.

Complete the book.

Start a blog in the meantime and write about issues like individualism, libertarianism, and truths regarding conspiracies. Conspiracy…facts!

Take the first step.

I’m twenty-seven and I now think about what I’d still be doing had I not taken the first step.

Toiling in a profession I’d lost interest in with no hope, no future outlook.

But, instead I’m able to improve my blog, write to you all, keep building my platform (thank you all for your continued support, I mean that), and tell a tale that must be told.

So, stop waiting, stop talking, and start doing. This time next year, you’ll be glad you did.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for their readership, please come back soon.