Alternative Viewpoint versus Mainstream Thought

I Write for the Alternative Viewpoint Contrary to Mainstream Thought

My Freedom Flame is more than a blog for dreamers and libertarians; it’s a thought blog, if there’s a proper word for it.


Because my mission is to decondition others from mainstream thought using an alternative viewpoint.



How do I define mainstream thought?

1. Those who fail to research beyond the surface, say, what the mainstream media dishes out. In other words, those who listen to the TV and fail to read and conduct real research.

2. Those who have the proactive, take what is given to them mentality. If I had to define it another way, I’d say the many who either a) accept welfare with no desire to better themselves, or b) those who work in a job they never saw themselves doing or even planned on working for salary, benefits, and pensions.



What is the alternative viewpoint?

1. People with the alternative viewpoint are anyone who thinks outside the mainstream scope. To me, alternative thought is knowing what you want, setting a plan, putting the plan to work each day, and getting another step closer to what you’ve always wanted to become.

2. In a media sense, it’s questioning what you’ve been told my mainstream media, or even public schools. What is the common denominator in their agendas? What are comparisons one can make regarding public policy in the media? Both Fox News and CNN shared a common interest in say, the false flag chemical attacks in Syria.



How do you break the mainstream thought process in which you’ve been conditioned?


Even today, I have to zero in on what I really want, and that sure, I could opt-out at any time, attain a $40,000/year job with the nine yards of benefits, and be on a thirty-five-year plan to retire in my sixties.

But why?

Why would I give up what I’ve always wanted?

Why would you give up what you’ve always wanted?


Tell yourself the buck stops here. It ends with you, and the greatest news on Earth is the only one who can stop you is you. No other human being and stop you, even if they tried.
Even if they tried. They would have to kill me to stop me from getting the alternative viewpoint out rather than conform to mainstream thought. They would have to kill me to prevent me from releasing Lord of Columbia to the world, which correlates with a lot of mainstream heartache relayed by the media to this day.

Are we pawns in the game?

Sure, we are.

We’re taxed under the threat of jail, to pay government monopolies who exist only to invade our civil liberties. Even after we buy our own property and own the deed, we’re still taxed under the threat of jail.

We’re tricked into thinking if we don’t support perpetual war, we’re anti-Patriotic, when in fact the opposite is true.

We’re led to believe America’s “enemies” hate us for freedoms, but if there are speed limits, stop signs, street cameras, secret mass surveillance, collecting of personal info, vehicle registration, national identification, social security numbers, gun regulation (oh, it’s coming), with the police and TSA, NSA, FBI, and CIA trained to believe every citizen is a criminal, and if they eliminate any citizen without due process, it’s collateral damage.


Mainstream thought poisons the mind. The alternative viewpoint serves as the cure.

What freedoms do we have under the alternative viewpoint?



See, when we engage in deep thought, doors like you’ve never seen will open up.

And what’s the big blessing in disguise?

Most will find you crazy. They’ll ridicule you for seeking and preaching different viewpoints contrary to popular thought, for criticizing militarism, what their candidate in power is doing, and will be so conditioned to the point they’ll find your views ridiculous for questioning the giving up of civil liberties for more security.

But best yet, you’ll remember something important: You’re an individual, and the thought is protected by our First Amendment Rights. Your views, your thoughts, your everything is protected, and you’ll cease collectivist thought. You’ll wonder why you haven’t pursued what you’ve always loved, but now you’ll pursue it for the good, to sell your idea, and to create a tribe of followers who will relish in your idea.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, please come back soon.

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