Is America Headed Toward Civil War II?

Threats Leading to Civil War II Are Real

America is on the brink of war with itself. Threats leading to Civil War II are real.

This article is a plea for peace.

Violence condones more violence, and we can see this throughout the world. America invades the Middle East in hopes of bringing peace to the region, and only brings more war. Neither Afghanistan, Iraq, nor Syria is better off today than before US intervention.

Why haven’t we learned?

Why haven’t we learned that the last time America was so divided, so ready to go to war with itself, that violence erupted, time and again, in the 1960’s?

Martin Luther King Jr. never condoned violence, and his civil rights followers took to Washington D.C. in a peaceful march.

So, why is the Left condoning violence?

Why is Maxine Waters leading a charge to harass Trump supporters, White House Officials, and even their own families?

Why is the Left now praising discrimination of Trump supporters in private business, but condemning a Christian baker for refusing to bake a cake for a same-sex couple?

Why is it, that if you identify as a Trump supporter, you must support all his moves or else his people brand you anti-Trump, anti-Patriotic, anti-American, anti-Semantic, and enemy sympathizers?

Why is it if you identify with the Left, you must condemn everything Donald Trump does, even if it aligns with your principle? Even if Barack Obama did it, such as coming to an agreement with Iran in 2015? But yet they condemn Trump for opening peace talks with Kim Jong-un?

We’re no longer a nation of principles; we’re a nation of politics. We no longer believe in certain principles that’ve made this country great; instead, we’re willing to put our politics before everything, even if such politics are aligned with our principle.

Well, the person in charge has a ‘R’ behind his name, so it’s a “travesty” if a Democrat agreed, simply because of the fact the man in charge is a Republican. And ditto, for the other side. Why are Republicans praising Trump for peace talks with North Korea, while condemning Obama for the Iranian deal?

We need to return to being a nation of principle, dictated by the Bill of Rights, yet Bernie Sanders will tell us, the United States is the only country without this socialist program, or that socialist program.

It’s disgusting, because if the Constitution prohibits government handouts, and shrinks government to the size of the piece of parchment it’s written on, the United States should be the only country without these socialist programs.

America is great, because it was the first country in the world founded on Reason from the Enlightenment. It became a Republic, which soon became the greatest nation on Earth.

Then, it was sold to bankers, who oversaw the beginning of a central bank, and issued government-tendered notes to the public. It’s since been used to fund perpetual warfare and welfare. It’s since been used to fund trillions of dollars of deficits, which politicians say deficits don’t matter…well, if that were the case Venezuela, the Soviet Union, and even North Korea wouldn’t have gone broke.

Government-tendered currency and hyperinflation has never worked, and never will work, and no, Donald Trump isn’t the answer (sorry, Republicans).

Trump has dropped over 44,000 bombs, has added over $1 trillion of the deficit, has started trade wars with even Canada, whereas the US held an $8.4 billion dollar surplus in trade. He’s placed steel tariffs on China, where we get 2% of our steel.

No, Trump isn’t the answer, he’s a big government continuation of the Obama administration.

But, for big government supporters on both the Left and Right to go to war with one another?

For what?

So they can claim their leader’s policies are enacted and praised?

Is this for vanity?

To fuel bloodshed in the streets, not the battlefield, but the streets, because that’s where this Civil War is taking place. In the streets. In our backyards.

For what?

For what?

So one political party can rule another?

So two big spending, big government parties can keep spending money and destroying the dollar?

To see which political party will destroy America first?

For what?

For ego.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “Is America Headed Toward Civil War II?

  1. We are already in a civil war; the bulk of the shooting just hasn’t started yet. On the bright side, however, we on the- and in the Right are far better armed and ready than our domestic enemies.

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