Entertaining Readership While Informing Go the Distance

I’ve noticed my blog traffic picks up when I write my ‘how-to’ articles, and others while sliding some of my libertarian values in with the article, most of the time, anyway.



It’s changing slightly as my following count via political profiles flock to the page, but for the most part, people love reading about how I pursue my passion, how to pursue it, and how to avoid pitfalls. And of course, to motivate them to pursue theirs, too.

Today, I’m going to talk a little about novel writing, as when others buy your novels, they’re going to buy your brand, and your message. It’s important to realize all books, even the most entertaining books, have messages and themes that run deep.


Spread Your Message Without Sounding Dry

So, when I speak of Lord of Columbia, my challenge way back when in 2015, when I started picking up steam with writing once more, was how to make the work entertaining readership while informing go the distance.

Enter contemporary fantasy, something I’ve always had an interest in. I’ve always liked fantasy, but when we think fantasy, we think fantasy in medieval terms, and I’m no exception.



Or, we think high fantasy like Harry Potter (which some may consider low fantasy or even contemporary within itself), or the Chronicles of Narnia. Both of which take place in another world.

Lord of Columbia actually takes place in the ancient world billions of years in the past, but the technology was as good as, if not better, than today. Special thanks to Ancient Aliens and the Star Wars tagline, A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy far, far away for that. I think Seth McFarlane’s tagline, A Long Time Ago, but Somehow in the Future may be more appropriate.

So, Lord of Columbia takes place in this ancient, yet technologically-advanced civilization that has its own system of magic right here on Earth. Hey, maybe one day science will theorize it did happen, and not just those crazy people on Ancient Aliens.


Entertaining Readership

The purpose is definitely to be informative by spreading the ideals of true liberty from a libertarian perspective, while being entertaining and creating an awesome story. It’s how to spread a message without sounding dry.

Any time I’ve ever read a text whose strict purpose is to inform, I’d fall asleep, or else my mind would travel far and wide. However, if I’m reading a text wrought with messages, like the Chronicles of Narnia, I’m hooked until the end.

Or even Star Wars, which if one reads the prologue written by George Lucas all the way back in the 1970’s, the prologue to the original Star Wars trilogy, they’ll see an easy connection between American imperialism and the prologue. It’s the same prologue that became the prequal trilogy.

Even in The Phantom Menace, the plot focused on this trade war with Naboo, which was under attack by the Droid Army for its resources.

Sound familiar?

Hasn’t the Middle East faced a similar attack from the West for its resources?

Just twenty-four years before the original Star Wars came out, the CIA was involved in the overthrow of the Iranian government, where the Shah was reinstated.

It’s an eerie truth, and the Middle East has been unstable ever since 1953, and it could’ve been even sooner, with the failed coups in Syria in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

But, the key is spreading the message without sounding dry.



Thanks for reading.