Post-1994 Economic Debacle in South Africa: Part II

A Snapshot of the Farmlands Documentary

I’ll post a link to the documentary itself, but I’d first like to caution all my readers before viewing the clip that it contains sensitive, graphic material. For these reasons, I figured it’d be appropriate to post a tiny summary on Farmlands before deciding to view the clip.

So, what is Farmlands?

It’s a work created by Lauren Southern showing the mass genocide going on in South Africa since 1994, where farmers are being seized of their land, burglarized, murdered (sometimes in a ritual sense), all while the government and police not only turn a blind eye and deaf ear, but in some ways encourage it.

Imagine living in South Africa, on land the last eight to nine generations of your family own, only to have it seized from you at any given time without compensation.


Of course not.

It’s social injustice, and social injustice comes in many forms.

Does it exist in America?


Does it exist in Europe?


Does it exist in Palestine?

Yes, it does.

And it exists in South Africa.

The kicker?

The races causing such injustice is not always the white race, including in America. While I do believe laws regarding guns and the War on Drugs disproportionately affect blacks and Hispanics, what’s going on in other places of the world is, well, ten times worse.

Cultural Marxism is sweeping across Europe, where Islamic immigrants are being shipped in from North Africa and the Middle East, implementing Sharia Law in places that hold strong to western values.

Those bringing attention to the situation, like Tommy Robinson, are apprehended and jailed.

Their crime?

“Disturbing” the peace.

The press cannot cover such sensitive issues like Pakistani grooming gangs in Europe, which abduct and traffic young women. They cannot cover the growing welfare state paid for at the expense of Native European citizens, given to Muslims coming into Europe in droves.

And if you speak out about it, you’re tabooed. They call you a racist for simply mentioning it.

And in Israel, where the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) have been massacring mostly unarmed Palestinians for peacefully protesting the US Embassy being moved to East Jerusalem, and a US President openly recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

And Israeli soldiers rain bullets on these people, many of whom live in camps. And many Israeli citizens justify this, claiming it was the land of their ancestors. I’ll be looking into that claim more in depth after I complete my latest projects, and I have a lot, so bear with me.

I mention these before diving into the issue regarding South Africa as a way to say in no way, shape, or form and I identifying with the alt-right, white supremacy, or Neo-Nazism. Many brand those of us bringing attention to this issue as such, and I identify as a true social justice warrior, who if I see injustice, I will speak of it, as I have spoken out about injustice in the United States in my previous blog.

This is a black versus white issue, and it’s sensitive, especially when talking about supposed post-Apartheid in South Africa, where racial profiling goes on more than any other country on Earth at this point.

Farmlands shows such injustice.

Women, working for the South African government, cleaning up crime scenes, and the horrifying scenes they’ve witnessed.

Children’s eyes being gouged out, drowned, burned, and ritually tortured and raped. Ditto for the women, before being killed.

What did the South African government say?

Burglaries gone wrong. After which they swept the issue under a mat.

Affirmative action has overtaken South Africa, where over 3,000 white workers are being cut from their jobs at Eskom, South Africa’s largest electric company, for being white, because the South African government is demanding employment equal racial demographic.

South African government officials are spearheading white genocide of farmers, sending families off their land, and taking away their former national identity, as the economy spirals into a bust, as shown in my earlier article.

Guys, South Africa has fallen, and its nature is bleak if you’re white and living in the country, many families forced into squatter camps, as access to resources and employment are at an all-time low.

Calling out racial injustice isn’t a white, black, Hispanic, Israeli, Palestinian, or one side is better than the other kind of conflict. It’s a humanity thing, and when the media and governments show the masses one side of the equation in favor of the other, to pass an agenda, but to see South Africa and the destruction caused in the nation, what will happen when it comes to America?

It’s killed South Africa.

It’s killing Europe.

It’s killed Palestine.

Don’t let it kill America.

We need to coexist without government interference. It’s not a racial thing; it’s a humanity thing.


Farmland Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fr-DWa6P2vM&t=1s


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