What Makes Us Libertarian? Drawing Criticism from Republicans, Democrats, etc.

Our Mission to Revive Liberty

I have several influences that have enabled me to become much less uniformed and much more unique among writers.

For one reason or another, many brand us writers as liberal collectivists, likely because many of us tend to be bookworms and will read and study anything preached by the Left in our history texts, among others, in our educational systems.


I’ll draw more criticism from Democrats than relate to them.

Well, there are conservative, or in my case, libertarian writers out there whose goal in writing is to do a few things:


But, I’ll draw more criticism from Republicans than relate to them.


Our Mission to Revive Liberty

1) Spread the principles of liberty.

2) Expose both Democrats and Republicans for their own collectivist policy and agenda.

3) Expose the wrongdoings that all races and many ethnic groups are responsible for, not just those of the West like we’re always told.

4) Find ways for all races and religions to coexist, which is easier said than done, but can be done.

These days, my personal friends tend to have a lot of labels for me, and you may have this happen to you a few times, too, especially if you’re Libertarian.


We’re drawing criticism from Republicans, Democrats, Greens, the works!

Here’s where things get fun!

My conservative friends have called me the following:
1) Anti-American, for my non-interventionist approach and criticizing military-intervention. Also have been accused of being anti-Patriotic.

2) Russian apologist

3) Anti-cop (okay, so I am anti-cop). But hey, wasn’t this country founded on fighting cops?

4) Enemy sympathizer. I guess they mean when I say Palestine is getting an unfair treatment from Israel, and ditto for Syrian government forces.

5) Anti-military, because again, I’m against foreign intervention and also for closing down military bases.



Now for my friends on the Left. Here’s what I’ve been called.

1) Racist and bigoted, since I’ve called out blacks for their modern-day apartheid in South Africa, and since I sympathize with Tommy Robinson and the European Defense League, both of which condemn white genocide.


But I’m also against Israel doing the exact same thing to the Palestinians! And I’ve also condemned Native American genocide in North America. Obviously, skin color doesn’t mean much.


Not just that, but I’ve studied the correlation of race and violence, race and IQ, and anything related, so there disparities among all races.

2) Greedy, since I’m anti-taxation and an anti-welfare anarcho-capitalist.

3) Selfish, since I tend to put my work ahead of everything else. Yes, this is work to me, as I’ve been writing, reading, and researching since three in the afternoon, and it’s almost one in the morning as I write this.

So, what kind of conclusions can one draw?

Well, I call it uniqueness. I look at the world’s issues, find fault on all sides of the equation, and write about ways to fix the issue, but we need to talk about the issues.

We need to have an honest conversation about the issues, or else nothing gets solved.

We can’t ignore the fact each race is at fault for one type of oppression or another.

We can’t ignore the fact America’s military has become a globalist force.

We can’t ignore the fact whites in South Africa are suffering from severe mistreatment.

We can’t ignore the fact Islamic migrants into Europe are raping and kidnapping girls native to the country.



We can’t ignore the fact America’s border policies have been inhumane over the past four presidential administrations at the very least.

We can’t ignore the fact affirmative action in the United States is indeed racist, because it practically leads to percentage quotas.

We can’t ignore the fact Jim Crow Laws and segregation were racist and should never happen again.

We can’t ignore the fact the welfare state doesn’t work, nor does collectivism work, or the Soviet Union would be the world’s superpower, with North Korea, China, and Venezuela not far behind.

We can’t ignore the fact capitalism (ugh, I hate that term, classic liberalism is better), when left to the free market, has led to the greatest economic systems this world has ever seen!

We can’t ignore the fact one’s rights can be compromised only by private property rights of another.

We can’t ignore the fact that no NSA, CIA, TSA, FBI, police force, or anything related that threatens to usurp our rights should exist.

We can’t ignore the fact US intervention has led to blowback, called terrorism, overseas.

We can’t ignore the fact the Bill of Rights refers to all individuals, at any given time, in any given situation, and that it’s unlawful to detain and kill anyone without due process and their day in court, even those suspected of terrorism.

We can’t ignore the fact both the Obama and Trump administrations have dropped a total of nearly 150,000 bombs, killing thousands, and also killing a sixteen-year-old and eight-year-old American with drone strikes because they were the son and daughter of a suspected terrorist.

We can’t ignore the fact population displacement is going on in Europe, where the native population is being replaced by those being imported from the third-world, usually in the sake of votes.

We can’t ignore the fact if America fails to learn from the mistakes of Europe and South Africa, that it too will face mass population displacement.

We can’t ignore the fact America has tumbled in the rankings of economic freedom, IQ, the freedom index, and the corruption index, and is no longer the greatest nation on Earth.

We can’t ignore the fact America’s tumble is due to increased collectivism via the welfare state, and increased intervention via the warfare state, leading to increased taxation, increased printing, and destruction of the dollar.

We can’t ignore the fact sensitive issues must be addressed, in order to move forward into prosperity, and if we continue to beat around the bush and avoid speaking of them, we’re adding to the problem.

Here’s some homework for you to do. Make a list of issues you find important, issues you have to speak about. Then, research the issues, watch videos, collect evidence, and write about your findings and your take on such findings.

I use my issues listed above as an example to encourage others to write. You may be a hardcore conservative or hardcore liberal. You may disagree with everything I’ve written above, but the point of this post is simple: Make a list of what you find to be important, and pursue, pursue, pursue.

You can debunk everything I claim, and that’s okay. You can agree or disagree with me, and that’s okay. Use my list as a guide to build your own and see it through.


And I invite Republicans, Democrats, and all Parties in their criticism of Liberty. I’d be glad to hear it.
Thanks for reading.

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