My Freelance Project: Let the Subconscious go to Work

Dreams. In this sense, dreams are, well, places you go when you’re asleep, can blossom awesome ideas for anyone who may need to get into the short story category, that being me. Now, I’ve written to you all about Lord of Columbia and Comeback Kid, two novel trilogies in the making, but I’ve yet to take the short story, or novella route.

Though I should.

And so should you.


And what’s best?


You can formulate your short stories while you sleep!


Through vivid dreams.


Let the subconscious go to work, and you can work twenty-four-seven!


And love every second of it.

I’ve researched a few literary journals and other freelance outlets this week, as I said I would, and found a few worth submitting to.

Now, the deadlines are in the near-future, but most want essays, short stories, or novellas.



So, as a few nice, little side projects, why not get the writer’s name out there?

Hopefully before I launch Lord of Columbia, but if anything, if I did so afterward I can put Lord of Columbia in an author bio.

So, either way it’s a win-win.

But let’s get back to talking about the subconscious going to work for you.



Strange Places

I’ve visited some strange places in my dreams. Here’s a small list of what I’ve compiled of recurring dreams, and some new ones. Now, feel free to use my list to influence ideas of your own, as these dreams can be used as starters to go in random directions!

1) Underground bunkers. This is like a weird, underground maze, in a deep bunker. Typically, myself and a small gang are escaping a premise, but the reason is usually unknown.

2) Run to nowhere. There’s this stretch of backroad with old strip mines, where oil companies and a distribution center now sit. It’s a straight stretch, with little hills. I’m always running through it and into the great town of Wintersville, Ohio, through the streets, usually at night, but other times during the day, searching for something.

3) House maze. This one comes to me in one of three forms. Just last night, it came to me in form one, basically a prosperous mansion, complete with a large kitchen, outdoor pool, deck, the works. The second form is always a nice house with a bit of a haunted history. Just as large, just as good looking, but full of spirits, or demons? Needless to say, there are rooms and hallways I’m a little hesitant to walk down in these dreams.

4) Back to high school! It’s either back to high school or a flashback to my early college days. I was one of those students, in high school, anyway, to have always “forgotten” to do my homework. Yes, really, unless such homework involved writing, of course. Well, I’m sitting in a classroom, just a few nights ago, it was high school, and I’m scrambling to get some much-needed homework in before the due date…on the due date!

5) Still in high school! And my second recurring high school dream, I’m back at my old stomping grounds at Edison High, but the school’s different. It’s just as old and rundown (the school was built in 1939), but much larger. Wow, the place has a few floors, huge locker rooms, a dingy, but large pool, additional hallways, and the works. However, being twenty-seven, I’m asking myself the whole time, “What am I doing back here?” Quite a nasty shock, but quite a relief when I wake up.

6) Another haunting? No, just weird, supernatural, and unexplained. I made some prewrites on this one a few months back, to get to later, and I think later has finally arrived. This one’s rather random, but a bit of fun! I’m either at home or at a relative’s house, with a large get-together and, well, let’s just say supernatural elements go down!
7) And finally, we’ve reached home invasions. Either I’m breaking into someone’s house, which I guess makes me a heroic outlaw, or someone’s breaking into mine! Either way, it’s quite a heart pounding experience when I wake up.