Is this the End of America?

The Never-Ending Jigsaw Puzzle Most Refuse to Address

Something must be addressed, and at times, it’s tough to talk about, but it involves the core beliefs of My Freedom Flame. We’re going to have a tough discussion regarding issues people refuse to address but must be addressed to avoid a state of collectivism.

Now, per another core value of My Freedom Flame, pursuing what you’ve always wanted is the name goal here, and by increasing our standard of living, we can and will do so, but prosperous populations are being replaced by mass immigration in both America and Europe.

Since I live in the United States, I’m going to address the US issue first, before moving on to Europe in another post.

Now, just as a disclaimer, the information I’m about to reveal are in no way, shape, or form individualized, but uniformed as a whole population cluster. For instance, when I bring up nation and IQ, or race and IQ, be assured I’m in no way, shape, or form, I want to mention it several times in this post, implying one race or region is better, or superior, to another.

We’re not talking about keeping races or people at bay, but we are going to discuss the correlation between races and regions, and their IQ levels. Again, this isn’t individualized, as there are hundreds of thousands of exceptions, I’m not promoting values of the alt-right, I’m not promoting racism in the slightest, and I’m not condoning racist laws in the past, such as Jim Crow and segregation.

The goal of this article is to spread awareness the Left doesn’t want you to know about, and by understanding such issues and predictors of outcomes, like IQ, we’re going to, hopefully in time, reverse the destructive course the US and Europe are headed for.


Misconceptions Regarding the United States

So, I looked up several statistics pitting the United States against other nations in 2017-18.


Statistics I uncovered were:
1) 2018 Economic Freedom Score
2) 2017 Corruptions Perceptions Index
3) 2017 Human Freedom Index
4) An Ongoing World Rankings IQ Score per country


So, the false claim made is the United States is the freest, most prosperous nation on Earth. As Maury Povich says, the lie detector test has determined, “That was a lie!”


Where does America rank?

Let’s find out.

Okay, among countries researched, America ranks:

1) 18th in the world in Economic Freedom Score
2) 16th in 2017 Corruptions Perceptions Index
3) 17th in 2017 Human Freedom Index
4) Tied for 9th in IQ along with Andorra, Australia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Latvia, and Spain.
5) The average ranking of the four scores is: 15th in the world overall.


Best country on Earth?

The statistics say different.

Don’t get mad at me, get mad at the statistics, and also, sources of these statistics can be found at the bottom of the article.



My Take on Mass Immigration

Before I go any further, I want to outline my own view regarding mass immigration before I share my findings. The reasons for doing so is to clarify I’m not anti-immigration, or anti-minority, nor do I want anything to do with those who identify as such.

My personal view regarding immigration is:

Borders, all borders, should be open at all times, as there are no natural boundaries created by a higher power. However, one cannot have open borders and a welfare state simultaneously. Therefore, borders may only open if America abolishes the welfare state.

This does one of a few things:

1) It allows more economic freedom regarding Americans, as welfare is, in essence, the government taking money from working Americans and redistributing it to low-income, or non-working Americans. In other words, a welfare state will cause demotivation, because if you’re being paid not to work, well, why would you work?
2) It’ll show who is here for either
a. Asylum
b. To make a better life for themselves by working to one’s full potential, perhaps, able to pursue passion?
3) For America, remember, America ranks 15th overall, its Economic, Corruptions Perception, Human Freedom, and IQ will rise.



How Do We Know?

Let’s take a look at the Top 10.
1) In IQ
a. Hong Kong, 108; Singapore, 108; Republic of Korea, 106; Japan, 105; China, 105; Taiwan, 104; Italy, 102; Iceland, 101; Mongolia, 101; Switzerland, 101.
b. Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom come in next at 100.
2) In 2017 Human Freedom Index
a. Switzerland, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and United Kingdom round out the Top Ten.
b. A quarter of the countries listed are in the Top 15.
3) In 2017 Corruption Perceptions
a. New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, Canada, Luxembourg, Netherlands.
4) In 2018 Economic Freedom
a. Hong Kong, Singapore, New Zealand, Switzerland, Australia, Ireland, Estonia, United Kingdom, Canada, United Arab Emirates.
5) Repetition
a. Hong Kong is listed in three of the four categories
b. Switzerland is listed in all four categories
c. United Kingdom is listed in three of the four
d. Netherlands is listed in three of the four
e. New Zealand is listed in three of the four
f. Norway is listed in two of the four
g. Australia is listed in two of the four
h. Finland is listed in two of the four
i. Denmark is listed in two of the four
j. Canada is listed in two of the four
k. Singapore is listed in two of the four


Keep in mind, as I stated at the beginning of this article, Europe is undergoing its own mass immigration crisis, so we’ll be studying its backslide in future articles. Also worth noting is the presence of every single Nordic nation in at least one category, and three of the five emerging in two. We’ll explore how the Nordic nations have experienced quite a capitalist renaissance in recent years.


Effects of Mass Immigration in the United States

So, what might have caused the United States to tumble in the rankings?

While I’ve been unable to locate raw numbers of the four categories listed above, my hypothesis involves several factors:

1) The US Government looking to fund a warfare-welfare state.
2) Mass immigration at the border and corresponding welfare. Again, I don’t care if you come into the country, but to come in for free stuff shouldn’t be your motive.

While I’ll continue my series about the US and its Foreign Intervention tomorrow, I want to list several startling facts regarding immigration. Keep in mind, these numbers include overall immigrants, and neither legal nor illegal. Without further ado, here are the statistics, per the article Welfare Use by Immigrant and Native Households (2015):
1) In 2012, 51% of immigrant-headed households received at least one welfare program compared to 36% by native households.
2) Welfare use was high between both new and established immigrants, as 48% still received welfare even if an immigrant lived in the US for more than two decades.
3) No single welfare program used in the study explained higher overall use.
4) Welfare varied among groups:
a. 75% of Central America and Mexican immigrants received welfare.
b. 51% hailed from the Caribbean.
c. 48% came from Africa.
d. 32% from East Asia.
e. 26% from Europe.
f. 17% from South Asia.
5) Among households without children, 30% of immigrants still received welfare versus 20% native-born.
6) 51% of immigrant households with at least one worker still received welfare versus 28% working native-born households.
7) 76% of immigrants on welfare had less than a high school education, while 63% had only a high school education.
8) As for a college education, 26% of immigrants were still on welfare compared to 13% of the native-born population.
Four states were studied regarding immigrant households receiving welfare compared to native-born.
1) California: 55% immigrant welfare to 36% native-born.
2) New York: 59% to 33%
3) Texas: 57% to 34%
4) Florida: 42% to 28%
And once again, illegals were included in the study.



Policy Implications

Such use of welfare among less educated immigrants have caused three major policy implications:
1) Illegals with less education were allowed to remain within welfare costs.
2) Those continually imported into America to join relatives tend to be much less educated, thus adding into welfare costs.
3) Proposals allowing less-educated immigrants to work less-income jobs would raise welfare costs. In other words, welfare costs wouldn’t change even if these people worked.


Where Are the Majority of Immigrants Coming From?

Per the United Nations Migrant Stock by Origin and Destination, 2017, I’ve ranked 21 nations most immigrants are coming in from. In interest of time, we’ll look at the Top 10. Let’s have a look and find some correlations here.

Again, this is going to be sensitive information, and it’s appropriate to disclose here that by no means do these numbers involve stereotype of any kind, it’s simply average regarding the population of certain areas and races as a whole.

While there is a large discrepancy in statistics like IQ, it doesn’t mean or even imply individual potential of any race, as all races have their high IQ and low IQ individuals.


Again, it’s only averages of such when we zoom out.

The Countries:
1) Mexico
a. 5.9 million coming into the country, 6.9 human freedom (higher the number, the better, Middle Ranking), 64.8 economic freedom (63rd), 29 corruption perception (135th), and IQ of 88, (out of Top 50).
2) Philippines
a. 1.3 million, 6.97 human freedom (Middle Ranking), 65 economic freedom (61st), 34 corruption perception (111th), and IQ of 86 (out of Top 50).
3) China
a. 1.2 million, 6 human freedom (Middle to Low), 57.8 economic freedom (110th), 41 corruption perception (77th), and IQ of 105 (5th).
4) India
a. 1.1 million, 6.5 human freedom (Middle Ranking), 54.5 economic freedom (130th), 40 corruption perception (81st), and IQ of 82 (out of Top 50).
5) Vietnam
a. 719,000, 6.1 human freedom (Middle to Low Ranking), 53.1 economic freedom (141st), 35 corruption perception (111th), and IQ of 94 (46th).
6) El Salvador
a. 690,000, 7 human freedom (Middle Ranking), 63.2 economic freedom (75th), 33 corruption perception (112th), and IQ of 80 (out of Top 50).
7) Cuba
a. 661,000, No Data regarding human freedom, 31.9 economic freedom (178th), 47 corruption perception (62nd), and IQ of 85 (out of Top 50).
8) Dominican Republic
a. 612,000, 7 human freedom (Middle Ranking), 61.6 economic freedom (89th), 29 corruption perception (135th), IQ of 82 (out of Top 50).
9) Republic of Korea
a. 606,000, 8.1 human freedom (High Ranking), 73.8 economic freedom (27th), 54 corruption perception (51st), and IQ of 106 (3rd).
10) Canada
a. 604,000, 8.5 human freedom (High Ranking), 77.1 economic freedom (9th), 82 corruption perception (8th), and IQ of 99 (17th).



Okay, once more, this is a zoomed-out scale, and there are hundreds of thousands of exceptions when it’s brought down to the individual level, but from a collective conclusion, and per research regarding race, region, and IQ, East Asians and Whites rank 2nd and 3rd, respectively, with IQ averages of East Asians around 103, and Whites at 100. Ashkenazi Jews have the highest as a collective group at 113.

Again, it’s a zoomed-out set of statistics, a good example would be my own personal preferences in the 2016 Election, where Dr. Ben Carson was my second choice in support next to Senator Rand Paul.

So, just because the statistics show Ashkenazi Jews, East Asians, and Whites as having the top three scores as a collective group, it by no means implies Blacks and Hispanics aren’t capable; they are.

But, on average, if you look at the top three IQ rates, China, Korea, and Canada, both Korea and Canada rank higher in freedom and corruption, on average than the others. There are exceptions, but a conclusion here is the lower the IQ rates, the lower the rankings in freedom and corruption, per this top ten.

Most of these nations that rank lower in IQ are used to a collectivist outlook.

Again, is it saying someone from Cuba is coming to the US looking for free stuff?
At the individual level, it’s irrelevant, but on a collective level, it’s relevant.


Does Immigration Cause Population Displacement?

There is more than just this basic overview. In fact, there is much more than simply IQ and freedom rankings, but they provide a nice, little base from which to work.

Where do I go from here?

In future articles, we’ll look to Cultural Marxism in Europe, how some European groups, political parties, and nations are fighting such Cultural Marxism, and what it’s done to European national identity.

As Europe fights and South Africa has already fallen, we’re going to take a nosedive into what it might mean for the United States if we continue on the same trend.

2 thoughts on “Is this the End of America?

  1. A s someone who has done research for decades I find it interesting when Europe is compared to the United States. The first flaw I have seen through the years is that people forget one fact. The United States has a larger land mass than Europe. California has the 5th largest economy in the world. The biggest fear that defense planners have is that in the United States is that 21 trillion national debt. Actually it’s the interest on that debt. The welfare state isn’t going anywhere. When looking at numbers I get really sceptical. An example is the announced unemployment rate. That number is called a U-3 but that is not the actual number. It is always higher than that number.

    1. Oh, unemployment is waaay higher than what they’re claiming it to be. And I agree with your take on welfare, I fear it’s not going anywhere any time soon, and I get the impression both major parties in the states endorse it. As a Ron Paul-loving Libertarian, I cringe at that.

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