Passion is First and Foremost, so get Rid of Plan B

You don’t need Plan B, only Plan A.


I don’t care if Plan A isn’t making a living just yet, Plan B doesn’t exist.

Do you have a current job that isn’t Plan A?


It should be nothing more than a tool for paying bills, and nothing else. Work the job just long enough to sustain a basic living, and put your efforts into Plan A, your passion.


Treat Plan A Like a Full-Time Job

Plan A is your full-time job, whether or not it pays.

To succeed with Plan A, one must be resourceful. They must continually work to reel in as much info as possible and act on it.

As a writer, this means several things:

1) The obvious, writing.


2) Work on a writer’s platform.


3) Find ways to earn an income while writing.


4) Make sure everyone you know, and their network knows about it.



For the writer, the majority of our time needs to be spent writing. We need to write to carry out points two, three, and four.

Writing is much more than just writing, it’s learning different writing styles, story structure, and how to hook a reader from beginning to end. Study, apply, repeat.

Make a habit out of writing. Set aside one hour a day for studying and another hour a day for writing. If you’re fortunate enough to have more time on your hands, do so. Set aside as much time as possible to write.


Writer’s Platform

My current step in this journey is working on a writer’s platform. This doesn’t take much. You’ll need to start a blog and focus on one to two social media outlets. I like Facebook and Twitter, especially Twitter, because each post is a fast read.

Ditto for the blog. Make it interesting, informative, and related to your writing niche. I love motivating others to pursue writing, or whatever their passion is, while showing off alternative political viewpoints. My works, the first of which will be released in September, is related to the latter.

The writer’s platform doesn’t take a long time to work on each day. In fact, it’s better to build it over time. Find like-minded people in your writing niche or writing in general and connect with them. There are millions of opportunities to build on social media and of course, a blog which you’ll dedicate a few hours each week to.


Earn an Income

I’ve seen a lot of writers state it’s not possible to earn a living writing. Per my research, it is, and I’m busy compiling a list of journals and magazines to submit work to. Nothing big, but just another way of getting others to know who I am and what I do.

There are many avenues than submissions, however. There are ways to monetize a blog, which is another step I’m taking. Open a Patreon account, which I’m getting closer to, and put some exclusive writings in it for paying patrons only. Content and freelance writing also have numerous opportunity and are in greater demand than ever before.


Everyone Should Know

Some state to keep this stuff off your personal pages. Again, I say different.
Make sure everyone knows who you are and what you do. By doing so, you’re opening up several potential pipelines.

Sure, some may not agree with what you write and their opinion of you may change.
It’s normal.

But, you need to take these proactive steps to make it in this game. It’s possible and it can happen, but for it to do so, people need to know about you.



Take action, day in and day out, and gain knowledge. Once you’ve accumulated enough knowledge, you can execute your game plan. Don’t be afraid of getting rid of any and all fallbacks. It’s proven that if you invest enough time and energy into anything, it will pay off.