Cold Case on Working Fulfilling Careers

Creativity goes a long way.

In fact, creativity is the key to a successful future, which is why I love writing so much.
But, creativity is sucked out of us when we enter school. Here, non-compliance is punished, truth comes from authority, intelligence is reciting given material, accurate memory is rewarded, intellectual and social conformity is required.

Sounds like a prison to me.

In other words, creativity, for the most part, is squeezed out of us in government schools as we’re forced to adhere to a common curriculum where teachers are required to pass a certain number of students, or else the state brands them bad teachers, more on that in a later article.

Okay, back to the subject.

People, as I’ve mentioned several times before on My Freedom Flame will become “set for life” when they’re given a job with all the benefits, as if they’ve hit the lottery jackpot.
Only issue is they were just bribed out of pursuing something worthwhile, as many end up regretting later in life.


Wintersville, Ohio Stories

I love reminiscing to my Riesbecks days, because the place holds a primary example of what happens to those who may receive a dose of corporate Stockholm Syndrome.
A former boss of mine we’ll just call Lance, whose character will appear in my upcoming book, Comeback Kid, to be released in December, stated to me that he’d been with the company for thirty-one years and never once stopped.

Why were we talking about starting and stopping?

Ah, let’s just say I used to take my last half-hour each day to hang out in the store and unfortunately got caught and written up to corporate. Good days, good days.

So, of course, I did the math, the guy had been there since 1979.

I’m sure this is what he saw himself doing all along.

Hey, being the store manager at this place is a good job, no doubt, and it pays well, but again, can I see myself managing a grocery store?

Heck no.

Can you?

I’m guessing no, because if you’re reading this you’re likely a creative mind looking for ways to boost your creativity in favor of slaving away for a bribe all your life.


Why Corporate Stockholm Syndrome?

How do we get here?

I’ve spoken about public schools and gave you one of my many experiences regarding my observations in my short work life (I’m twenty-seven).

Well, when you’re in public school, or private school, I’m not letting them off the hook, you’re subject to the following:

1) Speak when spoken to.
2) Eat when permitted.
3) Walk in a straight, single-file line to and from classes (at least it’s the case in middle school).
4) School is a one-way street, so if you’re walking in the wrong direction, teachers will turn you around and force you the other way. No, seriously, this actually happened in my old high school.
5) And of course, never question the material being taught, or you’ll just get branded as being disruptive.
6) Be politically-correct at all-times, when much of the time, political-correctness may be more derogatory than actual terms if you’re going out of your way not to offend someone.
7) And even if the teacher’s wrong on any subject matter, they’re correct. Ooh, I’m not hot on that last one.


Beginning at A Young Age

So, this little episode of corporate Stockholm Syndrome begins…wait for it…with the state, as public schools are state-run institutions that rely on tax dollars, state and federal funding, and passing a certain curriculum with quotas of passing a number of students. Again, I’ll get to the numbers at a later date.

But, the purpose of this article is how creativity is forced out.

And it’s, quite frankly, it’s educating students in a uniformed way.

Sure, as I’ve stated in the past, there’s advanced placement, honors, and accelerated classes, but aren’t they just faster versions of basic classes?

Do students learn anything different, or is the class just a bit more challenging?

Being that certain units of certain subjects, plus a uniformed state exam, like the Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) must be passed, are teachers playing to the students’ strengths?

Are the students learning anything different?


A List of What I’ve Never Learned

Being a Libertarian, here’s a list of important philosophies and people I’ve never learned about in school:
1) Austrian Economics
2) Ludwig von Mises
3) Murray Rothbard
4) Lysander Spooner
5) F.A. Hayek
6) Frederic Bastiat
7) Third Political Parties, except I once had a teacher mention them in passing, stating we never speak of the candidates because they don’t have a chance in winning an election. Wonder why?
8) War of Northern Aggression, more commonly known as the Civil War.
9) The truth behind US foreign intervention
10) Dangers of the Patriot Act and mass surveillance
11) Nikola Tesla
12) Failed Syrian coups in the 1940’s and 50’s.
13) CIA human experimentation
14) How to begin an internet business

15) Adam Smith

16) FBI staging fake terror plots to gain recognition
There are others, but these fifteen jump out at me more than anything else. Imagine if we were taught these in school?

Imagine if we were taught both sides of one subject, so we can draw our own conclusions, other than being subject to psychological conditioning public schools put us, our parents, grandparents, and future generations under.

Talk of having creativity squashed out of you in favor of indoctrination. It doesn’t begin when we reach adulthood and we’re best off taking what we’re given.


It starts in public schools.


Pursue Your Passion

Shake of the Stockholm Syndrome of corporations, fueled by government schools. Shake off every little aspect of it.

Remember your first love back when you were a kid. Remember how elated, and how excited you were to write, or sing, or dance, or whatever you loved, and continue to love it. Continue to work toward it, and don’t succumb to modern-day slave masters like government and corporations.

Stand and fight. Fight the corruption, the indoctrination, and the slavery put forth by such institutions.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across My Freedom Flame, and if you found my article helpful, please share this article with your friends. Together, we can find our passion once more, fight the uniformed, corrupt systems in government and in Corporate America.

Please, come back soon.