You’re Meant to Take the Risk, and Get Rewarded

It’s a path many are reluctant to take. Some flat-out refuse taking the risk, stating they’re already getting a good deal leaning on a corporation’s or government’s shoulder, or in some cases, unions.

Do you know what angers me so much about the Left?

They’ve taken our patriarch, cavalier class of men, and dwindled us down to these emotional, overly needy individuals who take jobs with a large benefits package. I mean, think about it; since the 1920’s, or the 1910’s, government has grown in scope with each decade, the cost of goods have skyrocketed, and the standard of living in many places has gone down, especially in the inner-city.


And corporations have come to own us.

And us men have become dependent. We’re no longer the patriarchs that serve and defend our families, and in other cases, our friends, our homes, and our land. We’ve become dependent to the arm of corporations and governments, allowing them to take care of us and our families. Allowing the state to steal from us at gunpoint and allowing the state to tell us what they think is best for our children with he threat of jail time if such orders aren’t carried out.

We’ve become a society of dependents and to be completely honest, myself and others like me wish to break the cycle.

But, how do we do so?


We must spread our wings, bite the bullet, and take risks.

Why do you think I’m intent on leaving this corporate umbrella I find myself under?
Because it’s not worth being owned by someone else with a dream that I’m required to work to help them see it through, and at a larger scale, an entire corporation.

It’s so not worth it, despite the possibility of a decent pay of $50,000 per year at forty hours, vacation time, and benefits. It’s so not worth giving up my own life and desires to represent a brand, a business, a company to get rid of my dreams, and live the normal life of dependency more and more males find themselves living.

Take the risk, get rewarded.

Let me repeat. Take the risk, get rewarded.

What’s stopping you from taking the risk to make a living doing what you find purpose in?

It’s a variety of things, but let’s make a list:

1) Societal norms have changed from men running their own operations to working under some giant umbrella for the sake of survival.

2) Many are talked out of pursuing their passion by their parents, stating in order to be an adult, a mature adult, you must get a full-time job with full-time benefits, regardless if it’s something you wish to do.

3) You’re expected to work your tail off for someone else, making a lot of money for someone else (they don’t tell you this in state-controlled public schools), upholding company values over personal values, and paying into this publicly-funded retirement plan called social security which won’t even be there when you retire, therefore unless you find another way to pay for retirement, you’re going to work until death does its part.


Oh, speaking of good-old social security, something our great-grandparents would’ve loved, our pre-baby booming grandparents are living off, and our baby-booming parents and grandparents will live off.

Oh, but what about you?

I love it when the older crowd, typically baby-boomers, accuse those of us in the younger generations, X, Y, and Z, of wanting to live off the government. Well, at this moment, I’m working full-time while pushing my space shuttle on its launch-pad in preparation to take the fully-fledged risk of being the Authorpreneur I’ve been dreaming of becoming since the beginning of the year.

Been saving some money for the inevitable temporary plunge, mind you.

But, let’s have some fun and crunch some numbers.

Will the baby-boomers, and your pre-baby booming parents, mom and dad, “screw” us out of obtaining social security, something they’ve been oh, so insistent we collect because they’ve all become oh, so dependent on government.

Well, being that the government, as noted by “President” Nixon in the 1970’s, stated “We’re all Keynesians now,” the cost of living has skyrocketed, manufacturing jobs have left, the dollar has been in a sharp decline, the budget is at an all-time high, and, well, social security probably won’t be there by the time we retire.

Dear grandparents, thanks for voting for all these government programs! You guys really got it right and your cognitive dissonant minds are so ignorant to the fact it’s so right your just put an entire generation over $100,000 in debt, and if you count the entire population of the United States, each individual who is born inherits at least five-figures of debt.

Way to go, grandparents! Way to go!

But, let’s look at social security.

1) As of 2018, the number of births in the United States have hit a record low, at 60.2 births per 1,000 women between 2016 and 2017, a downward trend of 2% per year.

2) Since 1970, the fertility rate in the United States has dropped from 90 births per 1,000 women to just over 60 in 2018. A 33% decrease.

3) The rate of births given by women in their 20’s has decreased in this timespan while births given by women between ages 30 and 45 have increased. Since 1990, the birthrate seen by women in their 20’s has decreased from 280 births per 1,000 to roughly 180 in 2017, an overall decrease of 36%.

4) Meanwhile, the birthrate per 1,000 women between age 40 and 44 have increased from 7 to 17, still a small number, while women 35 to 39 have increased from roughly 40 to 52, and 30 to 34 from just under 90 to just over 100.

5) The decrease in this timespan of women in their 20’s, on average is 100 births, while the increase in birthrates have been seen for women between age 30 to 44, the increase, overall is between 32 and 35, definitely not enough to pay into a socialized retirement program.



Why are these numbers significant?

It shows that dependency is leading to the inevitable. Dependency on government programs, supposedly designed to help the poor, have become a means of living, because where’s the motivation to work if you’re just going to handed a bunch of free stuff?

Well, it’s not free, as the burden falls on hardworking taxpayers who’re being compensated with vacations, retirement packages called 401(k)’s which only help you to save for retirement yourself, but with a government issued, dying fiat currency getting weaker by the year. You’re getting your nice benefits and even some other nice perks, but like I said, you’re delaying the inevitable.

So, what can you do to put an end to this?

Take the risk and reap the rewards.

Create your own benefits, your own contingency plan, in case the dollar happens to collapse, perhaps investing in cryptocurrency, gold, or another product of value. Do what you love, work for yourself, sustain for yourself, be the cavalier you were meant to be.