Write for Entertainment Purposes, but Inform and Educate

Each of my upcoming works are for entertainment purposes, but it doesn’t mean I wrote them only for entertainment purposes. If one looks at Lord of Columbia and Comeback Kid, once they’re out into the public, and if read carefully, they’re going to find a deeper message, a reason, a why.


Why am I writing?


Sure, entertainment purposes are priority number one, because in any field I’ve studied, if I wasn’t entertained within the first few moments, I put the book aside. Be informative, be persuasive, and be educational, but don’t expect an audience unless you’re writing for Ivy League Ph.D. graduates.

The first rule of writing is to not put your readers to sleep. If you succeeded in doing so, you might want to keep selling insurance or working your corporate job, which if you’ve read my work from the get-go, I can’t stand.

Instead, entertain your readers.

Hey, Lord of Columbia is going to be very informative on issues like the Deep State, globalism, taxation, the Bill of Rights, etc., but I’m not about to give a history lesson on the subject because again, most people aren’t going to want to hear it.

They don’t want a textbook stating America intervenes in other nations for the sake of the military-industrial complex and exploiting resources. They want to believe the media, who states Bashar Assad, the “evil” Syrian dictator who they claim gasses his own people, must go and that we’re over there fighting Assad, the Russian, and Iranian forces that support his regime.

But what if Assad, who’s even said on mass media not shown in the United States, he’s fighting Al-Qaeda and ISIS?

Enter the author, who wants to expose this but knows only a small portion of the population will listen. However, to create an entertaining story based off real life events? Now, we’re talking, and I’ll keep milking.

Through entertainment purposes.


Why entertainment?


Doesn’t Hollywood do this to spread globalist agendas?

Perhaps the entertainment industry operates as a tool for the corporate giants that own it?

Look, what if I told you the Co-Chairman and President of Disney, Ben Sherwood, is also on the board for the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)? Sherwood is also a key individual in the American Broadcasting Company (ABC).

Did you know Rupert Murdoch, whose company owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal owned 20th Century Fox until 2013 only because he rolled it over into his new company, 21st Century Fox?

Rupert Murdoch also happens to be on the Board of Advisors for a company called Genie Energy, which I often refer to as Genie Oil, who have contractual rights to drill in Syria’s Golan Heights, which are illegally occupied by Israel.

Talk about colluding with corporate giants with the goal of spreading globalist agendas.
Guys, there are a lot of shady figures over here, and it’s something that makes investigating this kind of stuff so much fun, and in some cases, borderline consequential.



In any capacity, it shows a correlation between public policy, news media, and entertainment.

Is this a conspiracy theory?

Let me tell you, if one follows the money, it’s a conspiracy fact.


Thanks for reading.