From Fitness Trainer to Writer to (in September) Author

I’ve done an exercise such as this way back when, as in last year, on an old blog during my fitness days, or I should say the tail end of my days where fitness was my number one thing. This article is going to be a conversation with one individual, me interviewing myself.

Last time I did this, people had a lot of fun with it, so without further ado, meet Todd the Interviewer (A), and Todd the Interviewee (B).

Q: Thank you for sitting down and taking the time to conduct this interview.

A: Thanks for having me.

Q: So tell me, when did you start getting back into writing?

A: It’d been off and on for years, like almost a decade. I’d start, lose interest in my story, stop, erase everything I wrote, and started again.

Q: What did those first stories look like?

A: (laughs) You know, they were the basis for Lord of Columbia, which will be out in September, though I didn’t yet realize it at the time.

Q: Has the story remained largely intact?

A: Heck no. When I started penning this it was late-2010. I was a fully-fledged Obama apologist who saw zero wrong in the Democratic Congress’ eyes. I figured the Republican Party wasn’t giving them a fair shake, and since I grew up in a Republican-dominated area, I turned a blind eye.

Q: So, politically, the landscape has changed?

A: Most definite. I came across the Austrian School of Economics, Ludwig von Mises, and Murray Rothbard, among others a year later in 2011, after which I decided to open my mind to my pro-free marketeer teacher. He didn’t just say how the Democratic and Republican Parties were systemically killing the economy, he showed it through their means of big government spending.

Q: Seeing that the Trump administration has already added 1.5 trillion to the deficit before his announcing a sixth military branch to claim a US military base in space, I’m guessing the Republicans spend just as much.

A: They spend more! And looking around at everyone, conservative, liberal, it made to me zero difference. If the individual in the Oval Office had a ‘D’ following their name, the liberals would’ve praised each move. Ditto for Trump, if he had a ‘D’ following his name, and for Obama, if he had an ‘R’ following his. It’s all about Party, and never about Principle. Senator Rand Paul got it right when he said Republicans spend more than Democrats.

Q: And politics, principle, I should say, runs rampant in Lord of Columbia.

A: It’s an entertaining contemporary fantasy with many influences, but politics is most definitely one of those. If one loves a good, entertaining read, and wishes to learn the principles of liberty, it’ll be worth a look come September.

Q: And you decided to self-publish Lord of Columbia?

A: After seeking through publishers, I concluded I wanted to do my own thing. It’d be like having my own business. I sought advice from many writers and authors, and the common denominator is publishing companies are going to make you change elements, or their editors will recommend it. But I wrote my trilogy with plotlines, themes, and characters for a reason, and to synchronize this work won’t do it justice.

Q: Is it a vanity thing?

A: Of course not. I’m not going into this with the goal of writing the next bestseller. Far from it. Lord of Columbia will anger both the Right and Left, cop apologists, nationalists, militarists, Trump and Obama apologists, certain religions, and die-hard conservative evangelicals, because there is some magic involved. More people aren’t going to like this book than those who’ll love it.

Q: Why does it have a chance?

A: It’s a complex storyline with numerous character arcs, not just the main character. It’s fantastical, perhaps familiar settings to fans of certain works, some twists and turns, some entertaining and others emotional, but one powerful message: Liberty.

Q: Why now? Why not become an author later? Or even a writer?

A: Why not now? If there’s one thing I’ve seen the last fifteen or so years, since I was in, eh, sixth or seventh grade, it’s the way people just give up on their dreams. The children we once were resides within our souls, in their deepest depths, and those dreams never die.

Q: It’s like someone who takes what someone else gives them?

A: An employer, or a government entity. Work forty hours a week, or fifty even, and I’ll give you a salary and benefits package. Boom, you’re set for retirement. You work all your life in something you never wanted, but they pay well, and they take care of you and your family. And as a society, it’s like it’s a win-win, because we’re conditioned by our parents, teachers, and peers to think this way. Then, thirty or forty years fly by, and you wonder what could’ve been. What could’ve happened had I just taken the first step?

Q: Why not just stick with fitness?

A: It’s become way too corporate-based. When I first entered back in 2012, it was trending that way, but during my time in Weirton, we were able to avoid the corporate hammer, or at least I was. I was a trainer, and nothing else. These days? I’ve become disillusioned. It’s always upgrade your clients, sell to this individual, sell to that individual, raise the training draft this high, your people are seeing results, why aren’t they upgrading? It’s all a numbers game to these people, and you’re going to make them a lot of money. They don’t know good training, only client-Stockholm Syndrome. The mark of a great trainer is to work one’s way out of a job. We, as a society have been conditioned to be dependent. Well, why not make people independent in their fitness lives? These gym corporations don’t see that. They only see numbers. It’s a numbers game, and when the numbers game got too great, I had zero interest in continuing.

Q: Is this why the time is right?

A: It is. And I understand the time it takes to become a great writer. It takes time, so is a side job necessary? Of course!

Q: Would you want to become a Pepsi Guy?

A: (laughs) I don’t know about Pepsi, but if I make a living, a brief living for a time, selling products I see as beneficial to people instead of poisoning them, I’ll do it.

Q: Like a GNC?

A: Sign me up! I’ll be a…Health Enthusiast, or whatever they want to call me.

Q: What other avenues are you looking at for your writing career?

A: Many. I wrote a recent post on the subject on My Freedom Flame. It entails numerous cash flows one can take, but the truth in the matter is we need to dedicate full-time hours to this. Many think they can do this part-time. Sure, for a side-income. But if you want to make a living off it, build your brand, put in the hours, I don’t care if it’s 70-80/wk. Do you want it or not? It’s that simple.

Q: Is there an ulterior motive to your writing?

A: It’s a passion, but I think what stopped me from pursuing it before now was fear. Let me tell you, you’re going to make enemies when you spill your thoughts onto a screen. People will look at and think of you different. When you read, research, and take notes regarding sensitive issues, like how Donald Trump was once and still is part of the Rothschild Network, how John McCain is a CIA asset, and how both their campaign bosses, Rick Davis and Paul Manafort used their lobbying firm to lobby with Russian oligarchs but against Vladimir Putin, it’s going to raise eyebrows and people you once thought as friends will talk. Family, who’ve always had your back, may turn on you. But, once you let people know who you are, a massive weight is lifted off your back. You can finally be you.

Q: So, what’s next for Todd Matthews? After September?

A: Well, my next work, Comeback Kid, the first book of an unrelated trilogy, will hit the online bookstores and print-on-demand in early December. It’s in the inspirational market, which my online posts like to utilize via my Twitter account, also called My Freedom Flame.

Q: What can we expect from you on Twitter and other social media platforms?

A: Inspiration and seeking the truth, more than anything else. Using my writing to spread ideas far and wide, to as many souls as possible, to retake liberty in all four corners of the world. I have faith we will succeed.

Q: Thank you for your time.

A: Thanks a bunch.