Let’s Investigate

One Element Which Makes Writing So Much Fun

Investigative journalism from an independent standpoint has peaked my interest for some time, and for those of us who write for truth-seeking, investigative journalism can be used as a means of justification.


A few avenues I’m burning on

1) Military-industrial complex- I’ve touched up on the subject in the past, but what is America’s military really doing in all these countries around the world? Is it really for freedom and liberation, or something sinister?

2) Monetary policy- This one has grown on me over the past few months. To see the destruction of the dollar play out before our eyes at the expense of the middle and lower classes, it’s worth looking into.

3) Medical-industrial complex- This one might be more controversial than discussing the above, but with so many drugs and vaccinations out there, do they really work, or is there an ulterior motive for an industry and special interests?

4) Corporate-industrial complex- Like the medical-industrial, do corporate interest groups influence government on policy-making as much as I suspect them as such?

5) Corporate greed- After working in an enfranchised corporate-based small business for six years, I’ve seen an unfortunate trend toward corporatism. Is this trend going to continue, and if so, why?

6) Fitness industry- Like my corporate greed example today, what defines a good personal trainer today is a little different than what defines a good personal trainer yesterday. Get ready to discuss some controversial issues.


Teaching Lessons


What makes independent investigation fun is by being independent, and therefore not subject to a corporate or government agenda (let’s be honest here), you have the ability to expose potential corruption in various fields.

This six fields I’m burning on will take me to places and discover things all the characters involved aren’t going to want me, or you to know. But, and a big thank you to those who’ve embarked on the journey before me, if something is paid for by our tax dollars, and if we spend out hard-earned money somewhere and give them support, as individuals, we have every right to know what they’re doing with our money.

My goal is to show the public the truth on perpetual war, what really causes the welfare state, why so many people are left sicker even after getting a prescription, and so much more. Sure, I could just sit back and collect a paycheck as I did once upon a time in Weirton, West Virginia, but by refusing to find, and speak out against a lie, even if the masses believe in a lie, doesn’t do humanity any good.

And at the end of the day, reteaching others the principles of liberty, and that anyone in this country can succeed in what they’re good at, when not subject to sedative medication, in-school military recruiting, and forced at gunpoint to pay for another person’s expenses, and six to seven figures in debt, when all assets are added up, thanks to our baby-booming and pre-baby-booming ancestors.

For more information on my investigative work, please see my recent articles regarding the Deep State, and as always, if you find these articles helpful, please get the word out.

Thanks for reading.

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