Passion Comes at A Young Age, and Never Lets Go

Passion comes at a young age and never lets go. It’s what we’ve always wanted, but at times, we don’t realize it. We get sidetracked in life, and sometimes, I’m afraid, for good.



Nonetheless, no matter how hard we try to push it away, passion comes back.

Passion comes back, and we would be much better off pursuing. I know, some of us have kids and need to make ends meet for several souls in a household, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t pursue. We need to pursue, and best yet, it doesn’t always need to be at a young age.

Stefan Molyneux said in a recent video on Free Domain Radio that we only have so long to have kids and start a family (I’m single and childless, but many others I know are not), and a lifetime to work toward our goals.

Isn’t that amazing?

A lifetime to work toward our goals.

Passion comes at a young age, but it remains persistent, especially when you have a few souls watching you. Souls that look up to you, and it gives us a reason to work toward our goals.

So many have this mixed up, believing they need to be taken care of by a company or government entity to continually make ends meet.

Look, you have two choices in life:

1) You can work really hard for a good paycheck and salary while helping someone else, be it a single proprietor, small business, or corporation see their goals, while in the process working to make someone else a lot of money at the expense of your time, or,

2) You can take ownership of your life, realize you’re the CEO of it and your family, and pursue something you find meaningful, working really hard to fuel and see your own dream come to life.

It’s why I’m so intent on making this writing thing work, along with numerous other cash flows as outlined in a previous article. I could work as a trainer at a corporate health club, which is where the business is headed these days and work under a corporate umbrella, but in reality, whose dream am I fueling?

1) The owner’s.

2) The corporation’s.

3) All at the expense of my own time, energy, and even pay, as corporate health centers take a nice little cut from you.

Could I start my own training business?


But, you’re still dealing with owners and giving them cuts.

Personal training studio?

Yes! But I’m still competing with corporate giants.

So, why writing?

I find it more rewarding. It was my first love, and it’s the key to spreading ideas from one to another, and these days, ideas must be spread, especially when we live in times where war is peace and truth is treason.

Passion comes at a young age and never lets go, because someday, perhaps even years from when we abandoned our initial loves and first passions, they’ll come roaring back, with a greater demand than ever before.

We need to seek them out. If you’re feeling less passionate about your day job, perhaps it’s time to make a change. If you’d rather be pursuing and working toward building your own empire, your own dynasty, perhaps it’s time you started.

Will it pay off?

Anything will pay off, if you let it. If you don’t let it, it won’t.

I’m in the early stages of building the pay, hopefully to the point I can start doing this writing gig full time, and never have to spend ten to twelve hours in a gym ever again. Writing spreads ideas and ideas are what truly change people, even if not immediately.

Hey, in mid-2015, my passion came roaring back. I was twenty-four and had not the slightest idea why this suppressed passion started challenging my love for being in the gym sometimes as long as sixteen hours a day.

But now, I know.

Passion comes at a young age and never lets go. It’ll never, ever, ever let go. And if you don’t pursue it, and spend a career doing something else and making a lot of money for someone else, you’ll live a life of regret.

Don’t live a life of regret. Pursue your passion.

I’d like to thank all of my readers for coming across this article and if you’ve found it helpful, please share it and help spread the idea of pursuing passion. We all live once in this lifetime, so we must make the most of it.

Don’t toil for someone else or something that doesn’t have your name on the front, please come back soon.