Why I’m Writing Comeback Kid

Comeback Kid identifies with the inspirational market. It’s a work I started a few years back before I learned how to write. Sure, it may’ve been a good story, but I had to remove the omniscient viewpoint, get deeper into the mind of my point-of-view character, and craft a realistic storyline.

In other words, I wanted to write something so believable any reader can pick up the book and relate to my point-of-view character.

And so began the great rewrite, which is where I am today, with a release date set this December, Comeback Kid focuses on the life of one individual, who is down to his last nerve in life.

A twenty-seven-year-old down on his luck individual, things turn for the worse when Brock Patrick is forced to take a job working for his successful relative. Driving a car that barely works and living in his parents’ basement, Brock’s situation turns further upside down when his cousin colludes with a former high school bully to strike a deal which will derail Brock’s lifestyle at his inconvenience.

It’s a rather basic, micro-plotline that speaks wonders to many millennials living in the world today, especially if they routinely struggle to make ends meet.

But, Comeback Kid takes this to a whole new level.

What if an individual blew each opportunity that came their way?

What if some people admit defeat before the game even began?

What if environments play an important role in the confidence of others?

Comeback Kid touches up on all this.