Why Libertarianism is Unique

Honesty, Integrity, Policy, Principle

Let’s face it: Donald Trump did something great. In a Libertarian’s view, Donald Trump just made one of the biggest accomplishments of his political career when he met with and struck a good meeting with North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.

In turn, one of former President Barack Obama’s greatest career moves came when he played a huge part in the 2015 Iranian Nuclear Deal.

Trump is a Republican us Libertarians, for the most part, love to criticize.

Obama is a Democrat, and when in office, Libertarians, for the most part, loved to criticize.

The Republican Right criticized Obama for the Iranian Nuclear Deal, and now Democrats and the Left are criticizing Trump for talking with North Korea and trying to work out a peace agreement.

Before I go any further, do I believe these Presidents deserve or deserved Nobel Peace Prizes?

Of course not.

Obama dropped over 100,000 bombs on the Middle East.

Trump is between 40,000 and 50,000.

These two have combined to kill at least a half-million civilians.

But, at least recognize them for what they do right, and Libertarians are top dogs when it comes to a President or a Congress taking action that support our policies.

More Libertarians could’ve done without Trump, Obama, or high-profile candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but at the end of the day, at the very least, hold policy, not politics, true to your heart.

People are zombified by their political party.

I think, if it ever happened, your hardcore Democrats and Republicans would go to war with one another. I truly think this. The cultural, racial, ethnic, and social class divide in America has been run on a message of hate.

Either the rich take from the poor or the poor take from the rich, whichever party you tend to follow.

From a Libertarian standpoint, the rich take from everyone, but who are the rich elites?

The government, made up of both Republicans and Democrats. Whether the Republican or Democratic Party takes control of Congress come the 2018 mid-terms, one thing is clear:

1) The bombs will continue to drop.

2) Huge spending bills, like the 2018 omnibus bill, will continue to pass and drive up national debt.

3) The dollar, the reserve currency of the world, will continue to weaken.

4) The military-industrial complex, big oil, and big pharma, will continue to thrive.

5) The warfare-welfare state will expand.


Yet, who are the champions of small government?

During the Obama administration, the Republican Party criticized Obama’s big government policies like universal healthcare and common core, yet when the Republicans gained control of the House, Senate, and White House, they pass one of the largest bills the United States of America has ever seen.

As Senator Rand Paul said a few months back, “The Republicans spend more than the Democrats.”

Where are these champions of small government in the Republican Party today?

Donald Trump’s tax cuts mean absolutely nothing if government continues to expand on the path of destruction it’s currently on. To carry out big government policies in a low-tax society, government must either print money out of thin air via the Fed or borrow money.

Oftentimes, the government will print money from the Fed to cover their debt. How much debt does the government run up per minute?

Per Ron Paul of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, he believes $52,000 per second.

However, and a simple Google search will do, other sources state the government spends almost $7 million per minute, which more than doubles Paul’s estimate at $116,000 per second. Multiply this by the number of seconds in a day, (116,000 x 86,400), and you get over $10 billion dollars per day, $3.65 trillion dollars per year.

This is on top of the $21.1 trillion dollars of debt already accumulated.

Thanks for reading.


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