How I’m Pursuing to Make Writing My Primary Income

It was supposed to be my hobby. Okay, I didn’t intend to become so obsessed, so addicted with reading, writing, and politics, that my new life’s ambition since early-2016 is to become what they deem an Authorpreneur.

Basically, I want to make a primary income off writing.


Of course!


Of course not!

I’ve taken the past year to write a couple manuscripts, one of which, Lord of Columbia, is a trilogy. I want to be an indie-author simply because I don’t feel comfortable selling my rights to others, and possibly changing many aspects of the work at an editor’s recommendation.

So, what to do, since selling and making a living off independent published works can take a little time?

Well, there are plenty of ways to make money writing that I’ve discovered and am in process of starting to pursue and will be even more pursuant come the end of June.

So, what are some ways I’ve discovered in making money off writing?

1) Start doing content work. Businesses always look for content writers. Start a writing portfolio today which will help you pay dividends in the long run and seek opportunities wherever possible.

2) Become a freelancer. Sure, you may only get a few clients to begin, but in the early stages, anything you get are golden opportunities. There are numerous freelance sites from which to work.

3) Don’t just sell fiction. What are you an expert in? I have a degree in Wellness and Fitness, so naturally writing fitness-related e-books will be a great way to make supplemental income. Everyone wants to be fit these days and us fitness enthusiasts love helping people get to where we want to be.

4) Begin a YouTube Channel. I think, as writers, we all have certain perspectives that draw us to the craft, which come to life in our works. So, what do you write about, and why? My recurring themes, regardless of genre, have to do with spreading the idea of liberty, because it’s been proven to work, time and again, in favor of interventionism. When you gain a following, income will start to pour in.

5) Start a Patreon account. Perhaps you can write some short stories to monthly patrons? It’s a great way to earn some extra cash per month.

6) Oh, and have a blog and make sure there are links to all these different avenues. Ditto for social media. I keep a Facebook and a Twitter account dedicated to writing and research.


So, how am I applying this now?

Like I stated, July 1st is going to be a huge day, but more on that later. I’ve recently started looking into freelance and content work, testing the waters to see what I need to do to really break into the business.

As for fitness, it comes naturally, and I can have an e-book out by the end of summer, especially as we head toward fall in September where people want to know more about what they can do to prevent the holiday weight gain that’s sure to come.

I just started a Patreon account and again, more on that later on. I started the process of creating a few short stories, along with even a few full-length novels, for some future patrons. And, once I can swing it, I’m definitely buying some nice tech gear to use in creating informative YouTube videos, again regarding libertarianism.

So, to conclude, there are a lot of ways you can make sound money off writing. Why did it take me so long to even consider pursuing? I’ll be honest, I wanted to make absolutely sure there were good ways before even doing so.

As I pursue, I’ll provide numerous updates on how I’m doing and hopefully can be an inspiration for you to pursue, too. In addition, I’ll keep up with my posts regarding my principles and perspectives on several global topics, as they have to do with the genre in which I write, especially Lord of Columbia.

Either way, My Freedom Flame is all about pursuing and succeeding in what you find passionate. Even my political articles mean something, as they’re things I’m passionate on, and I pursue information each day.

I’d like to thank all of my readers, please come back soon.